Nostrums Cures and Remedies
Adlerika Natural Bowel Cleanser

A Little Cuban Bitters Please

Alter Bismarck Magen Bitters For All Complaints Of The {bust Of A Man}
Stomach Liver And Kidneys Berdie & Zien Milwaukee {etched}

Apollo Bitter Wine Hollander Drug Co. Braddock PA. {etched}

Ask Druggists For Bassetts Native Herbs Guaranteed Cure in three Months

A Wonderful Tonic For The Stomach Drink Vandenburg's Iron And Wine Tonic {etched}--->

B.E. Reeves Treats Diseases Of  Stock Lincoln Neb.

Breitenbach's Measure For  9 1895 Cough Mixture

Cas-Car-Ria  cures Nervousness Liver and Kidney Diseases

Castmeyer Miown Pulmonic Syrup Druggist Brooklyn------------------------------------------------>

Chaul=Moo=Gra  Address  Dr. Goerss Box 544  East Saginaw Mich.

Cohen's B.C.B. For Coughs And Colds Waxahachie Tex.

Cohosh & Tar Gilman & Dorsey For Cough

DR. B.F. Ulmer’s  Liver Corrector Savannah GA.

Dr. Burkhart's Vegetable {pic portrait} Compound 224 Main St.

Dr.Capias Herb Bitters

Dr. C. Bouvier's Buchu Gin For The Kidneys Rosenbaum Bros. Louisville

Dr. Fox's Sarsaparilla For The Blood    --------------------------------------------------------------------->
Dr. Graydon's Compound Inhaler Cincinnati Ohio

Dr. Grams Medicine Grandmothers

Dr. Green's Blood Purifier And Nerve Tonic

Dr. Harter's embossed crescent moon & bottle

Dr. Olmstead Dentist Peru, Ill

Dr. Jobs Solidago For The Blood ----------------------------------------------------------------------------->

Dr. Petzold's German Bitters

Dr. Turner’s Shaker Medicines

Enjoy Life  Bismark  Bitters Once A Day


For Health Use Root-Tea-Na

Fowler's Herbalis Compound  

Garten Gold Cure Lincoln Neb.

Given With Fenner’s Sarsaparilla 365 High St.

Groves Tasteless Chill Tonic

Gun Wa's  Chinese  Herb and Vegetable Remedies {Denver CO} -------------------------------->

Heart Cure Co. Hallowel ME.

Helm's Pectoral Balsam Cures Coughs & Colds {be}

Herkules Magenbitter ist der beste Heiltrank

Herrick's Dentalra A Superior Tooth Powder {be}

Jamaica Ginger Cordial C.D. Dows & Co. Boston

Kein Husten Adamick & Co. For Coughs & Colds {be}

Link’s Sarsaparilla And Dandelion Paris IL.

Liquid Salito Quinine  Bass & Bro. Terrell Tex.

Magill’s Chill Cure Louisville Ky.

Man's Ideal Tonic F.P. Howland M.D. Cortland N.Y  --------------------------------------------------->

Mendenhall Chill and Fever Tonic

Merson's Made In U.S.A. Wonder Cure For Epilepsy {Australia}    ------------------------------>
Morrisons Lowell Mass. Pepsin Bitters

Neoferrum The Maltine Company New York


O.W. Wiggin’s Beef Wine & IRON 213 Lisbon St. Lewiston Me.

Oko Cordial Is Very Refreshing {back} Drink Oko It Enriches The Blood

Our Native Herbs The Alonzo O. Bliss Co. Washington Kansas City  

Padres Wine Bitters Tonic Vino Chinato

Perkins National Herbs {Monogram P in circle} The National Herbs Co.  Washington  DC

Pura Blood  Hot Springs Arkansas  Blood Purifier  Trademark Registered  ------------------->
Quina Laroche

Raffan's Catarrah Lotion----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

Reade's California Gold Paint 20c A Box 638 Washington Ave  Philla. {be}

Shallenbercer fever & ague antidote

Smith Bros. Trade S.B. Mark Catarrah Cure  

Smith's Green Mountain Renovator  

Sodiphene  Alkaline Germicide

Sparks Perfect Health For Kidney And Liver Diseases

Spencer's  Indian  Tea ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

Take Lindley's Sarsaparilla

The  Dr. Perkins  Medical Co.  Washington  D.C.

The Great American Herb Company Washington D.C. USA  Proprietors of  Indian Herbs

The Headache Cephaline Remedy

The Progrss Medicine Co. Dr. J.J. Kerrs Remedies Ft. Wayne Ind.

Try Rhymes  {picture of lungs or leaves}  Cough  Balsam

Try Riepe's Maple Cough Cure Can't Be Beat


Uncle Sams Herbs

Use  Burnhams  Beef  Wine & Iron

Use Atwood’s Sarsaparilla

Use Dollams  Great German Medicine

Valentine's Meat Juice  Will Nourish  When  Other Foods Fail

Victor's Liver Syrup

Waterbury's  Metabalized Tastless  Cod Liver Oil Comp.

Waterbury's New Medical Association { Dr. Pierce}  {Buffalo, N.Y.}

Wetherall’s For The Blood  Sarsaparilla

When You Need A Cough Cure Try Stanley's Fine Balm
Mfg. By The New Era Mfg. Co. {Cookshire, Quebec. Canada}  "Below"   ------------------- ---->
When You Need A Cough Cure
Try Stanley's Pine Balm
M'F'D By The New Era MFC Co.
{W T & Co. AK U.S.A. }
Canadian medicine with
instructions in English and
{Cookshire Quebec Canada}
Cookshire, Quebec. Canada