Ohio, Cincinnati
Dr. Burkharts Vegetable Compound 224 Main St.
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Dr. Wm. S. Burkhart had his business
located on Main Street in Cincinnati,
however he lived in Reading, Ohio.  He was
a purveyor of patent medicine, and he
reportedly made a fortune selling it.  
According to the American Druggist and
Pharmaceutical record, his stock on Main
Street was damaged by fire in 1897.  In
1916, he registered his Vegetable
Compound under the Patents Ordinance.   
The following information is from the
Smithsonian collection:  
I am Dr Burkhart's great grandson and am
looking for a mother's day gift,  My mother,
now 84, is Dr Burkhart's grand daughter
and she still has fond memories of
spending her summers at Dr Burkhart's
Cincinnati home.  While Dr Burkhart's
product couldn't live up to all its claims, my
mother did say that it was a potent laxative.
One time her small dog got into a package
of the Vegetable Compound and the dog
couldn't come into the house for a week as
a result!  
Thanks, Robert Burkhart Ogilvie