NY-New Yor City-Dr. Grams Medicine Grandmother's
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Hans Burch Gram of Germany landed in ME, but moved to NY, he became a pioneer of
homeopathy in America.

Dr. Grams Medicine Grandmother's
1880 Census: Smith G. Grams age: 40 born about 1840 in New York.
Occupation: Physician
Wife: Lucy L. Grams Age: 20

1910 Census Harrey L. Grams age: 44 born about 1866 in New York.
Occupation: President of Manufactory
Wife: Estella Graves Age: 45
Son: Harold Grams Age: 16
Daughter: Lillian Grams: Age: 13
Mother in Law: Nancy France Age: 80
The medicine was advertised as being the cheapest and best in the eorks and claimed to cure everything.  The FDA took
the to court they didn't show and it was Disbranded and destroyed. Unusual history behind this