Waterbury's Cod Liver Oil
Waterbury's Cod Liver Oil Comp.
New York Des Moines Toronto New Orleans
Canadian journal of medicine and surgery, Volume 22 (1911)
Some ten years ago metabolized Norwegian cod liver oil was first placed on the market. We are the sole
originators of this product. This is one of the important features of our great success. Waterbury's Cod
Liver Oil Compound Metabolized is without a question the greatest builder and reconstructor known, many
times more efficient than the globular oil, and is used to-day from coast to coast as well as in many foreign
hospitals. It has stood the most rigid tests. We maintain this article exclusively as a pharmaceutical
product for the medical profession, always putting it out in a plain unlettered bottle, no printed price on
label, and only stating the formula. It is shipped in 10 oz., half gallon and gallons.
Hundreds of physicians have witnessed the process of Metabolizing the oil. We subject the dark brown or
premellowed old style oil to a ferment and use in our process of digestion pancreas, secretion of ox gall
bladder, acids and rennet, placing the oil with the fortified digestives in plain glazed containers and apply a
graduated heat for forty-eight hours. When our process is completed we hand you the product in the same
condition as you find oil in Chyle, ready to go into the blood. The stomach does not have to wrestle with the
digestion of the oily globule. Every particle of our product is completely assimilated and never disturbs the
most delicate or sensitive stomach. Our compound contains in equal proportions the following:
Metabolized cod liver oil as obtained by the action of ferments on cod liver oil, hypophosphites compound "
special unfermented malt, and lastly, cherry, eucalyptus, yerba, sauta, the aromalics. The medicinal value
of these herbs so well known, especially in such a compound, we feel we would only be taking up your
valuable time in stating their many virtues. The "special" means glycerine is used as a base of our
bypophosphites compound instead of syrup. The malt is heavy barley malt and is made after our own
formula, and contains considerable quantities of nitrogenous matter together with carbohydrates and
phosphates. The above explains Waterbury's Metabolized Cod Liver Oil Compound - Plain.
In Waterbury's Metabolized Cod Liver Oil Compound with Creosote and Guaiacol to the aromatics is added
two minims tasteless creosote and one minim of guaiacol to each tablespoonful dose. We advise in most
conditions our compound containing creosote and guaiacol. These give you the greatest red blood makers
known and is a most valuable intestinal antiseptic, with no. bad results so often found when the
beachwood is used. Is it not of little wonder that the leading physicians everywhere our preparation is
used are saying they have ceased looking further for nutrient tonics, as Waterbury Chemical Co.'s
Metabolized Cod Liver Oil Compound fills the bill ?
The Waterbury Chemical Co., Des Moines. Iowa, and Toronto, Ont.
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