Size 40 Spoon
2 Table
8 Tea
2 1/4"
Arkansas, Prescott
Nevada County Drug Store Free Delivery. {spoon}  
California, San Francisco
P. Stein Mission Drug Store  {spoon}         SOLD
Connecticut, Glennbrook
Phillips Milk Of Magnesia {spoon}
Georga, Atlanta        
Sol Grondheim Druggist Atlanta GA {spoon}  
Indiana, Fort Wayne
A.J. Keller Pharmacist Ft. Wayne Ind {spoon}
Indiana,  Indianapolis
C.G. Mueller Druggist 667 Virginia Ave  {spoon}
Indiana, Indianapolis
J. N. Hurty Druggist Indianapolis {spoon}
Indiana, Indianapolis        
Jos M Dwyer Druggist Madison Ave & Morris  spoon}
Indiana, Indianapolis        
L.S. Stockman Druggist 251 NO. Illinois St. Indianapolis    Spoon}
Indiana, Terre Haute
New Central Pharmacy S.W. Cor. 6th & Wabask Ave. Terre Haute Ind. {spoon}
Indiana, Wabash
Bradley Bros. Druggists Wabash Ind. {spoon}  
Kentucky, Cynthia  
Colliers & Boyd Cynthiana, Ky  {spoon}  
Kentucky, Dayton
A.F. Goetz Druggist Dayton Ky.  {spoon}
Kentucky, Louisville
C.L. Woodbury Druggist 1142 First    Spoon
Kentucky, Louisville
John D. Jansing Pharmacist Louisville Ky    {spoon}  C9114
Kentucky, Louisville
Henry H. Nachand Druggist 1337 Story Ave.   {spoon}  
Kentucky, Somerset
C.S. Porter Druggist Somerset Ky. {spoon}
Maryland, Baltimore
M. L. Stefanski Baltimore Md. {spoon} Catalogue- Page 189 University Notre Dame - 1902 Stefanski, Michael L Maryland.  
Massachusetts, Boston
Lady Grey Perf'y Co.    {spoon}
Massdachusetts, Boston
Metcalf's Water White Vanilla & Lemon {spoon}  
Massachusetts, Boston
S.A.D. Sheppard  & Co. Pharmacists Spoon
Massachusetts, Danvers
F.P. Hayes Druggist Danvers Mass. {spoon}
Massachusetts, Dorchester
J. F. Bourne Apothecary 90 Bird St Dorchester    {spoon}
Massachusetts, Dorchester        
F.H. Talbott Druggist Dorchester Mass {spoon}
Massachusetts, Framingham        
C.L. Curtis Druggist 9 Hollis St. So. Framingham  {spoon}
Massachusetts, Lawrence
John H. Greer PH.G. Druggist Lawrence Mass    {spoon}
Massachusetts, Lowell
Carleton & Hovey Estb. 1827 Lowell Mass.    {spoon}  
Massachusetts, Malden                
A.P. Morgan PH. G. Druggist Malden. Mass.    {spoon}  C7423
Michigan, Grand Rapids
Eaton Drug Co. 565 Cherry St. Grand Rapids Mich. {spoon}  
Missouri, Carthage
Frank Edel Druggist Carthage MO {spoon}  
Missouri, St. Louis
A.A. Kleinschmidt Apothecary Under Southern Hotel St. Louis, Mo.     {spoon}
Missouri, St. Louis
Alf. W. Pauley 14th & Madison Sts. {spoon}  
Missouri, St. Louis
Judge & Dolph Pharmaceutical Co. St. Louis MO     {Spoon}  
Misouri, St. Louis
Francis Sum Druggist2847 Clark Ave. {spoon}  
Missouri, St. Louis        
Wm .K. Ilhardt Druggist ST. Louis {spoon}     
New Jersey, Camden            
Pechin Apothecary Camden   {spoon}  
New Jersey, East Orange
Nisselson's Drug Shop East Orange NJ     {spoon}
New Jersey, Millville             
Graduated NO {W.T. & Co.} 40  {spoon}  
New Jersey, Newark  
Hemmendinger Druggist 210 Bank Street   Max Hemmendinger  b: 1882  d: 1959
New Jersey, Passaic
Compliments Of W.E. Shuit Passaic N.J.   {spoon}  
New Jersey, Newark
William Henry Sayer Druggist Newark N.J.    {spoon}
New Jersey, Salem        
Frank  Luerssen Apothecary Salem NJ   {spoon}    
New York, Brooklyn
D. Aisman 713 Decatur St. Brooklyn NY {spoon}
New York, Brooklyn
New York, Buffalo             Erie Canal Town
D.A. Darlington Druggist Buffalo    {error backward N's}  Died: 1908  
New York, Buffalo  Erie Canal Town
R.S. Fowler Auburn Pharmacy Buffalo {spoon}
New York, Buffalo        
Thomas Drug Store 169 Allen Str. Buffalo  {spoon}  
New York, Fredonia
Compliment's Monroe's Pharmacy {spoon}  
New York, New York City
C.O. Bigelow Apothecary 102 Sixth Ave NY     {spoon}  
New York, New York City     
Ewin McIntire & Son Chemist 922 6th Ave {spoon}  
New York, New York City
J. Jungmann 428 Colombus Ave. 1020 Third Ave N.Y.    {spoon}  
New York, New York City
Meinecke & Co. Graduated Medicine Spoon New York      {spoon}  
New York City
P. Hoykendorf Apothecary 3rd Ave Cor. 67th St     {spoon}  
New York. Rochester                       
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey      {spoon}  
New York, Rochester            Erie Canal Town
J.K. Post & Co. Druggists {spoon}
New York, Staten Island        
Edger Wiegen Druggist New
Brighton & Stapleton Staten Island {spoon}  
North Carolina, Reidsville        
Purcell & Dudley Souvenir Reidsville N.C. {spoon}  
Ohio, Cincinnati
C W Phillips Druggist  454 Eastern Ave. {spoon}
Ohio, Cincinnati                               
Edward Kipp 3000 Colerain Ave. {spoon}  C5513  
Ohio, Cleveland
Meyer & Gleim Druggists Cleveland O.  {spoon}
Ohio, East Liverpool      
W.O. Hamilton Druggist E. Liverpool O.     { spoon} rim chips  
Ohio, Youngstown                    
C.H. Krauter Druggist Youngstown Ohio {spoon}  1884 and opened the C.H. Krauter drug store from Girard in 1895  
Oregon, Salem
Capital Drug Store  Z. J. Riggs Salem Oregon.  {spoon}
Pennsylvania, Columbia
Boucher's Drug Stores Columbia PA {spoon}   
Pennsylvania, Erie
Mackintosh's Prescription Drug   Store Erie Pa.    {spoon}  
Pennsylvania, Greensburg        
Harry Thomas Druggist Grennsburg PA     {spoon}
Pennsylvania, Olyphant
J.H. Kelly Prescription Druggist Olyphant Pa.     {spoon}  
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
East Falls Pharmacy 35th. & Queen Phila.  {spoon}  
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Morrisons Pharmacy Roxboro Phila.      {spoon}  
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Jacob Bros. 1015 Chestnut Street Philadelphia      {spoon}  
Pennsylvania, Pittsburg        
Max C Linn Pittsburgh 52nd & Butler Sts    {spoon}
Pennsylvania, Quakertown
Dr.O.H. Fretz Pharmacist Quakertown Pa {spoon}  
Pennsylvania, Washington
NO HA 20 3 3/4" {Hazel Atlas}  {spoon}
Pennsylvania, Waynesboro
Forthman And Miller {monogram} Waynesboro Pa.   {spoon} Large chip center at bottom of picture small chips top right of picture
Rhode Island, Providence
Baldwin & Northup Co. Sick Room Supplies Providence R.I.   {spoon }
Vermont, Derby
Witch-Hazel Velvet Cream Alma A. Heath & Co. Derby VT. Agents Wanted (spoon}  
Wisconsin, Eau Claire
Will C. Johnson Druggist Eau Claire Wis.    {spoon}  
Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Teich & Freischmidt Pharmacists {spoon}
Massachusetts, Boston        
Theodore Metcalf Apothecaries  Boston {spoon}
New York, Rochester
Curran & Goler Druggists Powers Hotel Rochester {spoon}