Massachusetts, Boston
Lady Grey Perf'y Co.
Corporation dissolved in 1904
Was listed in 1902 as a Manufacturer of Proprietary Medicines located at 206 Federal St.
Boston, Massachusetts   C1581
Found under the Massachusetts section of American Druggist 1893

As a result of the late exhibition the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics Association have awarded medals or
diplomas to the following:  Joseph Burnett & Co., Lady Grey Perfumery Co.; Schlotterbeck & Foss; Walter Baker & Co.;
Bovox Co.; T. Metcalf Co.; Malted Milk Co.; Low Art Tile Co.; Beef Malt Co; and R. D. Young Perfumery Co

Boston Illustrated:

On the new Huntington Avenue is the great building of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association for the
exhibition of American manufactures and mechanic arts. This association was founded in 1795, and received its
incorporation in 1806. It has been its practice for a long period to hold public exhibitions about every three years, and
for many years these were held in Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall, which were connected by a bridge for the
occasion. In 1860 the Association erected a fine building on the corner of Chauncy and Bedford Streets, at the cost of
$320,000, which is now occupied in part for business purposes, and by the Merchants’ Association. In 1878 a
temporary exhibition building was erected in Park Square, opposite the Boston and Providence station, and in 1880—
1881 the present permanent exhibition building was erected. Here, in the autumn of 1881, the largest and most
important exhibition ever held by the Association was given. The building occupies about seven acres on Huntington
Avenue and West Newton Street. It is of brick with freestone trimmings and terra-cotta ornaments. An octagonal
tower forms the easterly termination, where there are two spacious entrances, one from the carriage porch. The
latter is built of brick and stone, with open-timbered and tiled roof.
On the Huntington Avenue front are heads of Franklin, typifying electricity, and of Oakes Ames, typifying railroading.
Spandrels of palm, oak, and olive branches, in which appear the arm and hammer of the seal of the Association,
surround these. The “administration building,” in which are the offices of the Association, is at the easterly end of the
structure; and across the west end is the general hall. Between this hall and the administration building is the great
exhibition ball, surrounded by broad galleries; and below is an ample basement. The general hall, the largest in the
city, is frequently let for musical and other entertainments. It has a fine entrance from Huntington Avenue. The first
object of the Charitable Mechanic Association was the application of its annual income to the relief of unfortunate
mechanics and those who are dependent on them. It has also loaned money to young mechanics and assisted in
establishing schools and libraries for the use of apprentices.

Lady Gray Bouquet Lady Grey Perfumery 1880 Discontinued (date unknown)
Lady Gray Cologne Lady Grey Perfumery 1880 Discontinued (date unknown)
Lady Gray Florida Water Lady Grey Perfumery 1880 Discontinued (date unknown)
Lady Grey Lady Grey Perfumery 1888 Discontinued (date unknown)