1891 Western Druggist
Vol.13 Page 70
Wisconsin Board of Pharmacy At the
meeting held January 15 at Milwaukee
certificates as licentiates by registration
were granted to the following .
Assistant or second grade certificates
were granted to P. D. DeSwarte Milwaukee,
H.A. Stiles Sparta, W.W. Taylor Sparta, L.H.
Soik Berlin, Felix Schmidt Milwaukee, A.
McGorey Juneau, J.T. Kanters Milwaukee,
W.E Teich Milwaukee, G.F. Hamp
Milwaukee, Twenty one were rejected their
papers not coming up to the standard EB
IIeimsteert Sec y J II
Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Teich & Freischmidt Pharmacists
New Era Druggist Directory
1906: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Teich & Co., W.E.H.