Size 18 Conical
2 Table 8 Tea      
2 7/8"
Arizona, Nogales
American Drug Store {conical} C1051
Arkansas, Hot Springs        
Arlington Pharmacy Hot Springs   {conical} C7805
Arkansas, Hot Springs
Henry Weimer Hot Springs Ark. {conical} C1618
Arkansas, Nashville
Rector Drug Store Nashville Ark {conical} C5964
California, San Francisco
The Eagle Pharmacy San Francisco  {conical}  C9923             
Colorado, Colorado Springs
Dr. L.N. Depeyre Colo. Spgs.Colo.  {conical}   C17131    SOLD
Colorado, Cripple Creek
From The Palace Pharmacy {conical C6107
Colorado, Denver
Hoffman's Pharmacy {conical} C2691
Colorado, Greeley
The Clark & Faulkner Drug Co. {conical} C94921  SOLD
Connecticut, Bridgeport
W.I Nichols 1244 Stratford Ave. {conical} C898
Connecticut, Hartford
Rapelye Drug Co. Hartford Conn. {conical} C6351
Connecticut, New Haven        
C.G. Spalding New Heven Conn. {conical}  C4431
Connecticut, Willimantic
S. Chesbro Willimantic Conn {conical} C9941
Connecticut, Bridgeport                              
F.J. Ostropsky's Pharmacy  {conical} C9271
District of Columbia
People Pharmacy Wash. D.C. {conical}    C1574
Florida, Orlando
B.C. Abernethy Orlando  Fla   {conical} C1005
Georga, Atlanta        
Todd's Drug Store Atlanta {conical}    C1557    
Illinois, Belleville
Nold's Pharmacy Bellvile ILL  {conical} C1052
Illinois, Bloomington        
Illinois Pharmacy Bloomington Ill {conical}        C6653
Illinois, Chicago
Alexian Bros. Hospital Pharmacy {Conical} C5651
Illinois, Chicago
Crescent Pharmacy 5900 Halsted St. {conical} 1906 New Era Druggists Directory  C838
Illinois, Chicago
Michael Reese Hospital Chicago  {conical}    C1031  
Illinois, Moline
Sohrbeck Bros. Moline Ill. {conical}  C2482
Illinois, Oregon
Charter's Drug Store Oregon ILL. {conical} C1551
Illinois, Ottawa        
Wm. D. Duncan Ottawa Ill.  {conical}        
Illinois, Pontiac        
McGregor's Pharmacy Pontiac ILL. {conical}  C9481      
Illinois. Quincy  
Newcomb Pharmacy Quincy Il.   {conical} C4241
Indiana, Evansville
Schlaepfer Evansville Ind. {conical}    C1021
Indiana, Idaville      
Compliments  Bryan's  Drug House {conical}  C9472      
Indiana, Madison
J.E.C.F. Harper & Co. Madison Ind. {conical} C9951
Indiana, South Bend
Coonley Drug Co. South Bend Ind {conical}  C358
Indiana, Warsaw
D. Webb Druggist Warsaw Ind. {conical} {minor flaw on edge} C216
Iowa, Mount Pleasant
J.H. Jericho & Co. Mt. Pleasant {conical}
Kansas, Emporia
Ryder & Protheroe Druggists Emporia Kan.   {conical} Circa:1896-1908  C5522
Kansas, Iola
W.L. Crabb Iola Kan. {conical} C5064
Carlin's Pharmacy Salina Kans. {conical}  Circa:1898-1915   C6681
Petro & Woodford Druggists  {conical}  C6681
Kentucky. Covington
Pieck's Drug Store Covington Ky. {conical} C3362
Kentucky, Lexington
Lee Cassell Lexington KY {conical}    Listed in 1916 Directory.  C1391
Kentucky, Louisvile        
Newman Drug Co. Louisville KY  Conical C137
Kentucky, Louisvile        
O E Mueller Highland & Baxter Aves  Conical  C137
Kentucky, Louisvile        
Renz Drug Co. Louisville Ky Conical  C137
Kentucky, Louisvile        
T.P.Taylor & Co. Louisville KY Conical  C137
Kentucky, Louisvile        
Wm. Votteler Shelby & Oak Sts. {conical}  C137
Louisiana, New Orleans
Otto's Pharmacy  New Orleans La. {conical}
Maine, Augusta
C. B. MURPHY DRUGGIST {conical}  C109
Maine, Gardiner
Beane's Drug Store Gardiner Me. {conical} C9384
Maine, Oakland
Samuel J. Foster Oakland ME. {conical} C5941
Marylamd, Baltimore        
Broch's Pharmacy 398 Central Ave. {conical} C546
Maryland, Baltimore        
Frank H. Packard Your Druggist  {conical}  C546
Maryland, Baltimore        
M.S. Fealy 11th & Penn Ave. S.E. {conical} C546
Maryland, Salisbury
White & Leonard Salisbury Md. {conical} C1571
Massachusets, Greenfield
The Hovey Pharmacy {conical} C5751
Massachusets, Hopkinton        
Day”s Drug Store Hopkinton {conical}  C1271
Michigan, Detroit
Hogg The Druggist Detroit Mich. {conical}  C1051
Michigan, Detroit
Lambert & Lowman Chemists Detroit  {conical} C1571
Michigan, Detroit
Katus Duggist Detroit Mich.  {conical}  C216
Michigan, Detroit
Standard Drug Store Detroit  {conical}  C8951
Michigan, Sebewaing
Leiphart & Co. Druggist   {Conical} C1051
Minnesota, Bemidji        
Barker's Drug Store Bemidji Minn. {conical}  C3803
Minnesota, Minneapolis        
F.W.Peterson Andrus Building {conical}  C597
Minnesota, Minneapolis        
Gregg's Pharmacy 4313 1-2 Upton Ave  S  {conical} C4482
Minnesota, Minneapolis        
John F. Danek Minneapolis {conical} C1033
Minnesota, Minneapolis        
Syndicate Building Pharmacy {conical} C1573
Minnesota, Minneapolis        
Synicate Block Pharmacy {conical}  C1573
Minnesota, St. Paul       
W.A. Frost & Co. Pharmacists {conical  C899
Mississippi, Tupelo
St. Clair Wylie Drug Co.  {conical}  C5761
Mississippi, West Point        
Walker Ellis West Point Miss {conical}  C8591
Missouri, Bolivar                   
Dan G. Farrar Druggist Bolivar Mo. {conical} C4731
Missouri, Nevada
From Ballach's Drug Store  {conical}  C1003
Missouri, St. Louis
Alf. W. Pauley Drug Co. 14th & Madison Sts.  {conical} C1051
Missouri, St. Louis
John H. Hanneke St. Louis Mo. {conical}  C9541
Missouri, St. Louis
H.A. Kattelman 1720 Franklin Ave. St. Louis Mo  {conical}  C999
Nebraska, Lincoln        
Riggs Pharmacy Lincoln {conical}  C1562
Nebraska, Wakefield
Long's Drug Store Wakefield Neb. {Conical}  C1574
New Hampshire, Dover
Lothrops & Pinkham Co. Dover N.H. {conical}  C5721
New Hampshire. Manchester                       
Dunnington The Druggist  {conical}  C1052
New Hampshire, Manchester        
Chas R Leckie W. Manchester N.H. {conical}  C1553
New Hampshire, Manchester                             
The Precourt Drug Stores {conical} C9981
New Jersey, Bernardsville  
Hemmendinger Pharmacies {conical} Max Hemmendinger  b: 1882  d: 1959  C1002
New Jersey, East Orange
Clinton Pharmacy East Orange {conical}  C4502
New Jersey, Dover
W. H. Goodale Co. Glass Dover NJ {conical}  C1003
New Jersey, Keyport  
W.E.Warn Keyport N.J.  {conical}  C1821
New Jersey, New Egypt  
Wm.C. Hall Ph.G. New Egypt N.J. {conical}   C1571
New Jersey, Newark
Henry A. Hotz Pure Drugs  {conical}  C1002
New Jersey, Patterson
Chas. T. Walters Patterson N.J. {conical}  C3452
New Jersey, South Orange
Feindt's Pharmacy So. Orange N.J.  {conical}  C5271
New York, Brooklyn
M. Goldberg Ph.G. 757 Dekalb Ave. Bklyn. N.Y.  {conical}  C1571
New York, Brooklyn
Nevens Pharmacy Brooklyn N.Y. {conical}  C216
New York, Buffalo
Compliments W.J. Johnson  {conical}  C9911
New York, Buffalo                 Erie Canal Town
Criterion Drug Co. Buffalo N.Y. {conical}  C1001
New York, Elmira
Van Nort Pharmacy Elmira N.Y. {conical}  C1571
New York, Fredonia
F.C.F. Sievert Fredonia N.Y.  Conical}  C9911
New  York, Johnstown
Frank J. Palmer Johnstown N.Y.   Conical  C157
New York, Liberty
Milspaugh & Co. Liberty, N.Y.   {conical}  C1571
New York, Mongaup Valley                    
W.G. Steele M.D. Mongaup Valley N.Y.  Conical  C1001
New York, New Brighton
William D. Hill New Brighton NY {conical}  C1372
New York, Pulaski
E.J. Brownell Pharmacist Pulaski Conical  C1571
New York, Salamanca
The Krieger Drug Co. Salamanca NY. {conical}  C1242  C1341
Ohio, Ada
Kemp's Drug & Book Store Ada Ohio {conical} C216 C749
Ohio, Cincinatti
F.L. Crotre Pharmacist Cincinatti O  {conical}  C1901
Ohio, Cincinnati
Sofge's Pharmacy Linn & Findlay Sts  {conical}  C128
Ohio, Cleveland
M. Albl's Pharmacy Cleveland O. {conical} C1571
Ohio, Cleveland
Standard Drug Co.Cleveland Ohio {conical}
Ohio, Cleveland
The H.W. Dicker Drug Co. 2802 Lorain Ave {conical}  C5121
Ohio, Columbus
Grant Hospital  {conical}  C105
Ohio, East Liverpool
C.G. Anderson Druggist  {conical} C1341
Ohio, Elyra
The Temple Drug Store Elyria Ohio {conical}  C1571
Ohio, Toledo
Goldbach's Pharmacy Toledo, O.  Conical  C1571
Oregon, Eugene  
Sherwin Moore Drug Co. Eugene Ore. {conical}  C9635
Pennsylvania, Ambler
Roberts Apothecary Ambler Pa. {conical}  C1571
Pennsylvania, Chambersburg
Cressler Drug Store Chamr'g Pa. {conical}  C216
Pennsylvania, Centralia              
Gwinners Pharmacy.  {conical}  C1002
Pennsylvania, Harrisburg
Chas. T. George Harrisburg Pa. {conical}    C4371
Pennsylvania, Honesdale
Chamber's Pharmacy Honesdale, Conical  C1571
Pennsylvania, Meadville
P.Henry Utech Ph.G. Meadville Pa. {conical}  C1571
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Charles T. Norris Phila.  {conical}  C9431
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Gracey Drugs Philadelphia Pa. {conical}  C1001
Pennsylvania, Pittsburg
Eble's Pharmacy  E.E. Pittsburg {conical}  C1571
Pennsylvania, Pittsburg
Klavon Pharmacy Hygienic Dispensaries {conical}  C5963
Rhode Island, Natick
J.A. Bernard Cathedral Sq. {conical}  1916 Natick, Rhode Island Kent Cty., 3,500 pop. Bernard, J.A. {Part of West Warwick, R.I.} Warick  C8041
Rhode Island, Newport
David J. Byrne 128 Broadway Newport. {conical} C5502 C9951 C1041
Rhode Island, Pawtucket
Oconnor & Wilbur Pawtucket  {conical}  C1962
Rhode Island, Providence
Anthony Pharmacy 178 Angell St   {conical}  C3743
Rhode Island, Providence
Frank E. Crawford Pharmacist {conical}  C1991
Rhode Island, Valley Falls
P.J. Gaskin Valley Falles R.I.  {Conical}  C9122  Traded Off
South Dakota, Sioux Falls  
P. Bernhart Sioux Falls S. D. (conical}  C2617
Vermont, St. Albans
Colomb's Pharmacy St. Albans Vt {conical}  C115
Washington, Tacoma
The Bonney Pharmacy Tacoma {conical}  C9635
Grant Graham Belington W. WA .
Wisconsin, Oshkosh
N.C. Werbke Druggist  {conical}  C9061
Wisconsin, Neenah
M.E. Barnett & Co. Neenah {conical}  C3236
New Hampshire, Greenville
DR. C. E. HALL DRUGGIST GREENVILLE  N.H {conical} C1191-C-74  C129-C4-1 C129-C4-7
Missouri, St. Joseph         
Long's Pharmacy 19th & Olive {conical} C7981-C4-7
Ohio, Tiffin
From Hadens Drug Store Tiffin Ohio  {conical} $16.80 C4-9