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The Krieger Drug Co. Salamanca
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The Krieger Dug Co. Drugs Books And Stationary  C4992M2983
Country of Manufacture: United States  Original/Reproduction: Original  Brand: Krieger Drug Store  Type of Advertising:
Goofus Glass Berry Bowl  date of Creation: 1897 - 1930

A very unusual advertising Goofus Glass berry bowl for The Krieger Drug Co.  I have research Krieger Drug Company but could find no
information, except the address.  They were located at 91-120 Main St. Salamanca, NY

Goofus glass is a collectible, pressed and unfired painted glass made in the early 1900s through 1930 by American glass companies.
It was produced in mass quantities for wholesale and marketing, and is the carnival glass made before iridescent glass more
commonly known as carnival glass. Goofus glass wasn't made to be durable; it got its name from the impression of it as a "goofy"
product, or a cheap product meant to "goof us." Goofus glass was made by Indiana, Dugan or Northwood glass companies. Any
Goofus glass made by foreign sources is not authentic.

Goofus glass found its way into homes very often as carnival prizes making it the original carnival glass. But it’s also reported that
this glassware was freely given away as premiums gas stations, cinemas, jewelers and other merchants.

The paint on Goofus glass pieces is usually gold mixed with red and/or green. An early nickname for the glass was “Mexican ware,”
possibly due to the semblance of the Mexican flag with the red and green coloration. Other color variations can be found but not
nearly as often, and gold is always prevalent. Generally, the glass beneath the cold paint is clear, but  milk glass and other colored
pieces can also be found leading to speculation that secondary decorating houses may have applied the paint rather than the original
manufacturers.    Why is it Called Goofus?

There are a number of theories on how Goofus glass got its name, according to the Goofus Glass Museum’s online resources. Many
people believe the first users of Goofus noticed how easily the painted decoration on this glass wore away and felt like they were
being “goofed” or fooled. Others think it was because it was “goofy glass” given away at carnivals. There is, however, no definitive
answer about how this collectible glass got its name. Although there isn’t much historical reference material available on this type of
glass, it’s interesting to note that Goofus glass was originally marketed by such exotic names as “Egyptian Art,” “Golden Oriental”
and “Intaglio Art,” according to an article by David Ballentine for the Glass Encyclopedia linked below.

Historians have had a hard time nailing down the exact time frame for Goofus glass production due to the lack of documentation by
the original manufacturers, but 1897 through the early 1920s seems to be a good estimate based on current research.

Goofus glass was made by a number of noteworthy glass companies, but the most prolific manufacturers were the Northwood,
Dugan, Jefferson, and Indiana glass companies. Northwood and Dugan made Goofus glass prior to beginning production of their more
well-known Carnival glass in 1908.  

The Goofus glass advertising piece offered for sale is in really good condition considering it's age and manufacturing procecess.  
There is no identifing marks as to who the particular manufacturer was.  If you like the unusual advertising piece, this is the item for
you. If you know this Drug store this piece is for you.  If you collect apothecary this would make a very interesting addition to your
Other Known Glasses: Krieger’s Drug  Store 50 Main Street  Salamanca N. Y. {small}
The Krieger Dug Co. Drugs Books
And Stationary  
"Goofus glass Berry Bowl"