Fontanelle  R H Barr & Co Druggist Fontanelle IA {etched} {T3} C1541S5-4
Fort Madison  J.H. Axt & Co. Druggists Ft. Madison Iowa  {small} W.T. & Co. W  U.S.A. C9422S4-4
Shenandoah  George Jay Drug Co. Dependable Druggists Shenandoah Iowa One Of Iowa's Fine Drug Stores Since 1888 {ACL} {T9} C427L6-11
Mt. Pleasant      J.H. Jericho & Co. Druggists Mt. Pleasant Iowa  {small} W.T. & Co. AC U.S.A.
West Union Fred W. White City Drug Store West Union Iowa {small} W.T. & Co. AH U.S.A. C5722S5-1
Davenport  A. Riepe Optician Davenport Ia. {small} nothing  C6681S5-66
Davenport  Buy Your Drugs At Klenze's Pharmacy They Treat Everybody Right {small}W.T. Co. AL U.S.A.  C3523S8-25
Des Moines  Drs. Copeland & McLean Des Moines IA.  {small} W.T. & Co. AI U.S.A. C1222S2-92
Winterset  Smith Winterset Iowa  {small} W.T. & Co.AI U.S.A. C1101S6-27
Shenandoah   75th Anniversary George Jay Drug Shenandoah Iowa One Of Iowa's Fine Drug Stores  {T9} C499L5-9 C947L5-12
Shenandoah    Uncle Sam's Herbs C1541  C9571
Eldon Phelps & Shore  (mortar and pestle) Who's Your Pill Roller  Druggists Eldon IA. {large} C10052-
Fairfield  Bradshaw & Thoma Druggists West Side Fairfield Iowa  {small}  C1992S14-23
Fort Madison  Axt Drug Co. {small} C1493S15-11
Knoxville  The Rexall Store J. H. Power Knoxville Iowa  {etched} {T1-2t-8t-18}  C5852
      Bellevue   Ahlers & Son Pharmacists Bellevue Iowa {small} C9931-S6-21
Des Moines  Schmucker & Loper Cor.E.5th. & Locust Sts. Des Moines Iowa  {small} E  C195S6-63
Dubuque     Always The Best Red Cross Drug Store 784 Main St. Dubuque Iowa {red acl} Circa: 1907-1910  2" C1052
Des Moines  Waterbury's New York Des Moines Toronto New Orleans Cod Liver Oil Comp. {small} nothing C1542S6-72 C1341S6-76 C1571S11-11
Des Moines  Harlan Bros. Druggists Des Moines IA  {small} W.T. & Co. AA U.S.A.  C1341S6-77
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West Union  Fred W. Schneider City Drug Store West Union Ia  {small} W.T. & Co. AM U.S.A.  C5203S1-42
Mount Pleasant J.H. Jericho & Co. Mt. Pleasant {conical} C5791C-68    
Iowa City  Henry Lewis Druggist Iowa City Iowa  {etched} {T1}  C6003L4-24
Sioux City  A Remembrance From Johnson Drug Store 606 Fifth St. Phone 55903 Sioux City Iowa {etched} {HA} C1571HA2-2
Red Oak  Red Cross Drug Store The Store Of Quality Red Oak Iowa Phone 623-3370 1904-1974 Pharmacists D Kollion G Killion. {ACL} {T9} C1542L6-17
Decorah  Decorah IA. C7841L10-1
Red OAK  Red Cross Drug Store The Store Of Quality Red Oak Iowa Phone 623-3370 1904-1974 Pharmacists R. Killion 3836 G Killion 2297
                D. Killion 4669. {ACL} {T9} C1523L-10-8
Humboldt   J.F. Koontz Druggist Humboldt Iowa   {small} C1024L9-14
      Centerville   Red Cross Drug Co. Centerville Iowa  {etched} {T1} C1022-T1-2
Sicourney  North West Corner Drug Store Sicourney Iowa {small} C1542-S7-15  OK
      Burlington {Mortar & Pestle Mono. C D C} Service With Courtesy. {small}  C1002-S5-26
Wellman     The Rexall Store Wellman Iowa white etched} {T3}  C2571E5-9
Iowa City      Universaty Hospital State University Of Iowa lowa City Iowa {large}  W.T. Co. B U.S.A.    C1561L11-12
Waterloo  Wood & Wyant Co. Druggists Waterloo Iowa  {small}        C5272S13-20
Manchester  Compliments H.C.Smith Druggist Manchester Ia.  (small}  C6673S5-26
Webster City   Buster Brown Drug On The Corner Webster City Ia.  {small}      C8531S14-15
Seymore  Pure Drugs At McCoys Pharmacy Seymore Iowa  {etched} {T3}       C3074E5-17
Mo. Valley   Shiley Bros. Druggists Mo. Valley Iowa (small} S8-3  OK
Odebolt, Iowa Boardman & Arthur Druggists Odebolt Iowa  {small} C3463-S8-90                 $80.00  OK
      Atlantic        Vic. Emmert & Co Druggist  Atlantic Iowa {small}     C8212-S3-68        OK
Des Moines      A. H. Miles Expert Pharmacist Des Moines Iowa  {small}         C1578-S3-97           
Malvern     Brothers & Reid Pharmacists Malvern Iowa {small}        C1578-S7-879        OK
Mason City   C.D.V McKinley The Rexall Druggist Mason City Ill {Etched} {HA}        C1531-HA-3-23        
Mt. Pleasant    From Van Cise & Co.Druggists Mt. Pleasant Iowa {small}        10        S2-71        OK
Mt. Ayer    John Horne {monogram} Mt. Ayr Iowa  {small}        44.05        S8-97        OK
West Liberty      G.B. McClun & Co. Take Your Prescriptions To West Liberty Ia. {small}        C5573-S8-67 OK
West UNion    C.W. Douglass Druggist West Union IA {small}        C1572-S8-72 OK S2-86        OK
     Bedford         Bibbins Pharmacy Bedford IA {small} C7243-S8-81
Red Oak  D Artz Druggist Red Oak Iowa {small} C2592
      Cuba J.B. Smith Pharmacist Cuba ILL  {small} C6238-S8-80
Emmetsburg  J.T. Stemets Druggist   Emmetsburg IA {small} C9264-S8-77  OK