IOwa, Eldon
Phelps & Shore
(pic mortar and pestle)
Who's Your Pill Roller  Druggists
Eldon IA.
{large} C
American Druggist and
Pharmaceutical Record- Volume 30
1897 Frank Shore suceeds Phelps
& Shore, druggists at Eldon, Iowa.

Western Druggist.
March 1897 Wayne Phelps has sold
his interest in the drug firm of
Phelps & Shore at Eldon

1900 Cencus.
Wayne C. Phelps age 29 Born: May
1871 in Iowa.
Home in 1900 Washington,
Wapello, Iowa
Occupation: Druggist
Spouse: Emma Phelps age 31
married 2 years