Always The Best Red Cross Drug
Store 784 Main St. Dubuque Iowa
{red acl} Circa: 1907-1910  2"
Gustave Adolph Grimm opened
the Grimm Drug Store around
1900 at 704 Main. Mr. Grimm
manufactured and sold several
different remedies including
Hervey's Guaiac syrup and a
Russian Corn Cure. Around 1907,
Mr. Grimm moved to 784 Main and
opened the Red Cross Drug
Store. He remained at that
location into the 1920's but the
Red Cross Drug Store firm name
was dropped around 1910
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299 Vol. #1 THe Antique Bottles of
Iowa 1946-1915 by Mike Burggraaf
and Tom Southard.
Hold these  for future trade offer to Ed for hopefully one of these.
Preferably #2
1-L.P. Knoedler {morter & pestle} Augusta Ky  {small} pd 175.99
2-W.L. Gardner Druggist {mortar & pestle} Rapid City  SD {small}  pd 190.37
Letter only before 1891
"Tarif Act became law in 1891"
W.T. & Co. 1857-1901
1891-1901 W.T. & Co. U.S.A.
W.T. Co. after 1901

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