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My Canadian Dose Cups.
North-West Territories
Newfoundland & Labrador----->
Nunavut Territory- was separated officially
from the Northwest Territories on April 1, 1999
Yukon Territory
Port Colborne
Ontario ----->
British Columbia----->
New Brunswick----->
Nova Scotia----->
Prince Edward Island----->
To ----> Towns I have
All Canadian Dose Cups
Ease of finding
1 very common
2 common
3 scarce
4 very scarce
5 hard to come by
6 Hardest to find
5 Alberta
3 British Columbia
4 Manitoba
5 New Brunswick
0 New Foundland & Labrador
4 Nova Scotia
1 Ontario
6 Prince Edward Island
2 Quebec
6 Saskatchewan
St. John
Need for my collection
Need for my collection
Smiths Falls
Alberta-Okotoks        F.R. Brown Druggist & Stationer Okotoks Alta.  S9-70
Alberta-Winnipeg        The Gordon Mitchell Drug co. Winnipeg. Man. {small}

British Columbia-Victoria        C.H. Bowes Victoria B.C. {small} S9-67
British Columbi-Victoria        D.E. Campbell Chemist Drugs etc Victoria B.C. {small}

Manitoba-Brandon        McCullough's Drug Store Brandon   {conical}
Manitoba-Winiipeg        Public Drug Co. Winnipeg {small} S9-69

New Brunswuck-Moncton        Keirstead Pharmacy Moncton New Brunswick {conical}
New Brunswuck-St. John        E. Clinton Brown-Prescription Specialist-St. John. N.B.
New Brunswuck-St. John        Short's Pharmacy 63 Garden street Phone 3-3460 We deliver {etched}
New Brunswuck-St. John        Wade's Pharmacy Wall St. St. John N.B {small}

Nova Scotia-Halifax        T.M. Power & Son Railway Drug Store Halifax NS S9-64
Nova Scotia-Halifax         Hattie and Mylus Pharmacist's Halifax N.S. {spoon} 80.57 spoon  11
Nova Scotia-Lawrenceville        F.W. Young M.D. Lawrencetown N.S. {etched} {T3}
Nova Scotia-Amhearst        W.L. Ormond Chemist Amhearst
Nova Scotia-Halifax         Irwin & Sons Prescription Druggists Halifax NS {small}C3714-S9-63
Nova Scotia-Halifax        T.M. Power & Son Railway Drugstore Halifax N.S {small}

Ontario        Medical Hall Chemists Ontario {small}
Ontario-Berlin        A.J. Roos Druggist & Chemist Berlin Ont. {Conical}
Ontario-Brockville        John Boyer & Co. Dispensing Chemists Brockville Ont {small}
Ontario-Brockville        Kincaid's Drug Store Brockville Ont.{small}
Ontario-Brockville        Try Curry's Brockville For Your Needs {etched} {T3}
Ontario-Burlington        Campbell's Pharmacies {etc.} {etched}
Ontario Galt        Fred G. bond Druggist Galt Ont  S9-68
Ontario-Galt        L.H. Gant Drugs Galt   {small}
Ontario-Hamilton        A.E. Drewery PHM.B. Chemist Cor. James & Hunter Hamilton Ont.
Ontario-Hamilton        Garland & Rutherford Chemists Hamilton {small}
Ontario-Lindsay        Philip Morgan Druggist Nearly Opp. Post Office Lindsay Ont {small}
Ontario-London        Cairncross & Lawrence Druggists London Ont {small}
Ontario-Napanee        T.B. Wallace Phm.B. Prescription Druggist Napanee Ont. (Small)  
Ontario-Oshawa        W.G. Lanchland Druggist Oshawa Ont {small}
Ontario-Ottawa        Abbott & Wooton Ottawa {small}
Ontario-Owen Sound        J.Herb Brownlee Druggist Owen Sound Ont. {small}
Ontario-Paris        Apps Drug Store Prescriptions Optics Phone 12 Paris, Ont  {small}
Ontario-Perth        Magnolox {Wampole Inc., Perth Ontario, Canada} {ACL red}
Ontario-Peterboro        MacDonalds Peterboro Pharmacy  {small}
Ontario-Peterbourough        Jas Lynch Druggist 168 Hunter St. Peterborough {small}
Ontario-Port Colborne         Walter M. McKay Chemist & Druggist Port Colborne Ont {small}
Ontario-Smiths Falls        Apothecaries Hall Wm. Johnston Druggis Smiths Falls Ontario {white ACL}
Ontario-Stratford         H.M. Meyers City Druggist 39 Downie St. Stratford Ont  
Ontario-Stratford        E.A. Robertson {pic monogram} Stratford Ont.
Ontario-Strathroy        W.H. Stepler Chemist & Druggist Strathroy Ont {small}
Ontario-Strathroy        W.T. Rapley & C0. Drug & Book Store Strathroy Ont {small}
Ontario-Toronto        J.D. Matheson Opposite Rossin House Toronto  {small}
Ontario-Toronto        The T. Eaton And Co. Limited Drug Dep't Toronto {large}
Ontario-Toronto        The T. Eaton And Co. Limited Drug Dep't Toronto {small}
Ontario-Woodstock        Frank Hyde The Rexall Store Woodstock Ont. {Large}
Ontario-Brockville        John Boyer & Co. Dispensing Chemists Brockville Ont {small}
Ontario-Brockville        Kincaid's Drug Store Brockville Ont S9-65
Ontario-Galt        Fred C. Bond Druggist Galt Ont. {small}
Ontario-St. Marys        Frank H. Smith Chemists & Druggists St. Marys Ont. {small}
Ontario-Stratford        H.M. Myers City Druggist 39 Downie St. Stratford Ont {small}

Quebec-Montrea        J.H. Nault Druggist & Optician Montreal {small}
Quebec-Montreal        A.J. Laurence Pharmacien Montreal {small}
Quebec-Montreal        F.E. Morgan Druggist Montreal {small}
Quebec-Montreal        J.E. Tremble Chemist Montreal {small}
Quebec-Montreal        J.H. Nault Druggist & Optician Montreal  {small}
Quebec-Montreal        Robert H. Byson Montreal {conical}
Quebec-Sherbrooke        J.R. McBain Chemist Sherbrooke {small} S9-66
Quebec-Toronto        J. D. Matheson Opposite Rossin House Toronto {small}
Quebec-Westmount        W.S. Stone {monogram} Dispensing Chemist Westmount. {small}

Sask-Moose Jaw        J.E.S.McClung Moose Jaw Sask {conical}

Argentina        Subeiran Chobet   {amber} {small}-Australia-Brisbane        Elliot Bros {EB) Bee Hive
Brazil-Rio De Janerio        Agua Ingleza De Grenado 12-Rua 10 De Marco-12 Rio De Janeiro
Bulgaria        Bulgarian Red Cross Relief
England        Meritor Dose Cup In Leather Case {etched}
England-Notingham        Boots  Cash Chemists "embossed" 2 1/2"
FRance-Paris         Quina Laroche var. ART dECO
Germany        For Breath Odol Breath And Teeth {etched}
Germany        Lamprecht's T. K  {amber}
Need for my collection