W.T. & Co. AI U.S.A. small
1891 Harwood O Fleming
with Laing & Fleming located
at 57 Sandwich St W  lives on
west side of Ouellette Ave 6
houses south of Anne
1894 Laing and Fleming listed
separately  Fleming south
west corner of Ouellette Ave
& Chatham house at 183
Ouellette ave
1897 sw corner of Ouellette
& Chatham (called the
Fleming Building) branch
store at corner of Sandwich
& Glengarry
and he lives in Sandwich (a
community which is now part
of the city of Windsor which
was to the west of the
city at this time period)
this is the same through to
1909 we have no 1910
Windsor, Ontario
Subject: dose cups
Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2007 10:28:40 -0800

Hello Donald. The only information I can give
you at this time is the fact H.O. Fleming was
in business from 1894-1926. My dad has a
conical from him On the base of the funnel
glass it states:
Fleming's Drug Store-
. I hope this is of some help to you,
Hello Don. My dad says it's Windsor
Ontario.  We have never seen a dose glass
from the British Isles.
H.O.Flemming Druggist Windsor  
{Windsor, Berkshire, England}

Kazzy Gash
Maidstone Kent me15 9pg United

This is where I was told it was from
when I bought it.