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The company was formed in 1912 as Richards Glass Co. Ltd., a manufacturer and distributor of glass containers for the retail drug
trade and pharmaceutical industries. At a time when virtually every medicine bottle was made of glass, the company prospered and
expanded rapidly throughout central Canada.
During those early days, Richards Glass was known not just for the quantities its factories could produce, but for the quality and
selection of its goods and services. These elements were crucial when it came time to innovate and lead the way in the packaging
In the late 1970s, with a new name, new technology and a larger distribution base, Richards Packaging Inc's sales to the Canadian
and U.S. markets expanded quickly. Today, the company has grown far beyond the widest boundaries ever imagined by founder Paul
Rigo is the division of Richards Packaging Inc. servicing and marketing products to Canadian pharmacists since 1912...
Rigo offers a complete line of prescription ware such as child-resistant plastic vials, ointment jars, bottles and more.

Expanded into Tennessee
Richards Packaging, Inc., 4721 Burbank Road, Memphis, TN

Richards Packaging originated in 1912 as Richards Glass Co. LTD, manufacturing and distributing glass containers in Canada.  In the
1970s, with new owners and a new name, Richards Packaging, Inc. Expanded to both coasts of Canada and into the United States.