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MN-St. Paul-Compliments Of Morris Fink Family Liguor Store 306 E. 7th. St.Paul  {etched} {1910} C9991  
SCotland-Shot Glas Just A Thimble Full Frae Bonnie Scotland SF17.5   
Political Shot GlassPolitical Shot Glass Happy Days Are Here Again [Franklin Delano Roosevelt] SF17.5   
Shot Glass Only A Thimble Full SF35   
OH-Cincinnati Shot Glass- Consolidated Hopewell Co. High Grade Wines And Fruit Brandies Eastern Depot. 30 Main St. Cincinnati O. C1463L2  
MO-St Louis Shot Glass The Hayner Distilling Co. Dayton, O. & St. Louis, Mo. C994SF12.5
MO-Kansas City Shot Glass  Kellerstrass Pure Rye Distilling Co. Kansas City, Mo. C1552S35
#10 Walkers Canadian Club whiskey C5211  
#11 Fort Smith, Arkansas Phone 7822 No. 17 North Tenth H & H Joe and Paul Herrring Retail Liquors Fort Smith, Arkansas C1301   
#12 Carlos, MInnesota Compliments Carlos Liquor Store Carlos, Minnesota  C158    
#13 Memphis,, Tennessee A. Schwab Established 1876 Beale Street Memphis, TN    
#14 Cornell, Wisconsin The Ranch Frank & Adeline Krall On Hwy. 178 3 MI. So. Of Cornell Wisconsin Phone 239-6822 {ACL} {Shotglass}
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#15 Towson, Maryland Robinson's Liquor Store 510 York Road Towson 4 Maryland Delivery Service Valley 3-3322 / The Home Of Dulaney Valley Brands And
Royal Kentucky Straight Bourbon {ACL} {Shotglass} 3 1/8" tall C1081
#16 Seattle, Washington The Saratoga Liquor House 812 Second Ave. Seattle U.S.A. C7252  
#17 Portland, Oregon Chas. Tilton   C1002   
OR-Portland  Blumauer & Hoch Cylander Whiskey Bottle Portland Oregon C2992   
OR Portland-Coblentz & Levy  {monogram} 164 & 166 2nd. St. Portland Oregon C1057 Pint Cylander Whiskey Bottle  
OR-Portland Cylander Whiskey Bottle H. Varwig & Son  C5952     
BBB Whiskeys
#19 Jos. Blumberg 519 S. Adams St. Peoria ILL C526
#20 A. L. Wilson Fine Wines & Liquors Bayard Nebr. C6141   
#21 Genuine Alaska Size Shot Glass Jack's Liquor Ph.895-9694 Delta Junction Alaska.
#22 Knickerbocker Rye  Portland, Oregon
#23 J.H. Cutter San Francisco
#24 J.H. Cutter San Francisco
#25 Orange County Wine Co. Anaheim, Cal. C5971SF25
#26 The Old Maid Co. C15329SF45
#27 Detrick Distilling Co. Offices Shipping Depots Dayton O. & Chatanooga Tenn. C99219SF35
CA J.F. Cutter Trade {Shield & Star} Mark E. Martin & Co. San Francisco Cal. C1033SF65  
CA Roth & Co. Cylander Whiskey Bottle San Francisco C4632SF65    
CA-San Francisco Cylander Whiskey Bottle McLEOD-HATJE CO. Whiskey        C5003   
#18 OH-Cincinnati        Consolidated Hopewell Co. High Grade Wines And Fruit Brandies Eastern Depot 30 Main St. Cincinnati rim of the cup it is stamped
Exquisite Pure Wines For The Home And Physician {metal cup}         C1463-Wcase