Riker Drug Stores
In 1914, the Riker-Hegeman Corporation of New York was a drug store chain with 105 stores It was growing at the rate of more than
three stores per month. The average druggist turned over their inventory three or four times per year, while the Riker-Hegeman chain
claimed twelve.
New York City
Riker's Drug Store 6th Ave. Cor.
22nd st.
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Liggett's Boston, Massachusetts
In 1902, Louis K. Liggett persuaded 40 druggists to invest in a drug company that would manufacture and distribute products in
franchised stores. In 1903, the United Drug Company (UDC) began operations at 43 Leon Street, now known Meserve Hall at
Northeastern University {Boston, Mass.} The stores and products were known by the name "Rexall," for "king of all." By 1929,
had 21 manufacturing plants throughout the United States. It employed over 25,000 workers, supplied 10,000 Rexall Drug Stores,
operated a chain of over 500 Liggett Drug Stores in the United States. In 1944, Liggett stepped down. Justin Dart, the new
renamed UDC the Rexall Drug Co. and moved the headquarters to Los Angeles. In the 1930s, UDC built six buildings on its Boston
campus that housed its corporate offices and manufacturing and research facilities. Northeastern University purchased the
from United Realty in 1961. One of the six buildings is now divided into four sections: Lake Hall, Meserve Hall, Nightingale Hall, and
Holmes Hall. Three other buildings on the block were eventually demolished.

The Owl Drug Company put out several products in milk glass bottles and jars. Richard E. Miller established the company in 1892,
1128 Market St. in San Francisco. It was at 80 and 82 Geary St. after the 1906 earthquake, and also in Los Angeles, Sacramento,
Oakland. Eventually the company went nationwide, and in 1919, affiliated with Rexall. The Owl Drug Co. went out of business in the
early 1930's

Organize New Liggett Co.
Will Take Over 152 Drug Stores, Including Riker-Hegerman.
Organization of the new L.K. Liggett Co., operating the Riker-Hrgerman, Riker-Jaynes and the Liggett Drug stores in the United
States and Canada, has been completed with these officers.
George M. Gales, President; John S. Alley, Vice President; William C, Watt, Vice President; R.B. Wattley, Treasurer; Henry R.
Andrews, Secretary; R.H. Haas, Auditor; Directors, L.K. Liggett, F.L. Tompkins, R.B. Wattley, W.J. Rush, H.R. Andrews, J.A. Crane,
George H. Gales, John S.Alley, William C. Watt.
The new L.K. Liggett Company will operate stores in New York, Boston, and all other leading cities from Bangor to Detroit. The
Riker-Hrgeman and Riker Jaynes stores number 107 and the Liggett stores forty-five; the total of 152 stores making it the largest
retail drug association in America. The Liggett Compamy is owned by the United Drug Company of Boston, at the head of which is
Louis K. Liggett. The United Drug Company in turn is owned and controlled by 7,000 retail druggists throughout the United States
and Canada, now operating the “ Rexall Stores”              The New York Times: Published February 17, 1916
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