Compliments Of Jacobs
Atlanta, GA.
Jacobs Pharmacy
Atlanta, Ga.
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Pharmacy Company
Stores All Over Atlanta
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Jacobs Pharmacy Co.
Atlanta Ga.
The William Breman Jewish Heritage & Holocaust Museum.
Joseph Jacobs was born in Jefferson, Georgia the son of Gabriel
and Ernestine Heyman Jacobs. Gabriel Jacobs joined the 116th
Georgia Infantry and fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War.
Joseph Jacobs attended the University of Georgia in 1877 and
received a degree from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy in
1879. In the fall of 1879 Joseph Jacobs opened the Athens
Pharmaceutical Company in Athens, Georgia [the town where UGA is
located]. In 1884, he bought out the drug store of the competition
located at Five Points in Atlanta, and moved his parents, brothers
and sisters to the city where he would remain for the rest of his life.
Coca-Cola™ would later be served for the first time as a fountain
drink at the Five Points location of Jacob's Pharmacy."
Coca Cola
Jacobs Pharmacy Co. Prescription
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