Roswell, New Mexico
Zipp's Pharmacy Specializing
In Prescriptions Phone
622-2521 {ACL] {T9}
Hayes druggist directory
1986 - Snippet view
Zipp's Pharmacy 4956 34th Ave. S. 17 Minneota {56524} 1,470

Notices of Judgment under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic ...: Issues 5421-6500
United States. Food and Drug Administration - 1959 - Snippet view
Minn., against Harry M. Zipperman, t/a Zipp's Pharmacy, Minneapolis, Minn, and Ashley H. Morse (pharmacist). Charge : Between
7-6-56 and 7-19-56, dextro-amphetamine sulfate tablets and amphetamine sulfate tablets were each dispensed  

Food, Drug, Cosmetic Law Reporter
Commerce Clearing House - 1960 - Snippet view
Harry M. Zipperman, t/a Zipp's Pharmacy Ashley H. Morse, pharm. Minneapolis, Minn.
ZIPPERMAN, HARRY M. was born 25 Nov 1905 in MINNESOTA (child of SNYDER (mother)) died 18 Jan 1993 in HENNEPIN COUNTY,
MINNESOTA, U.S.A.   86,211
Zipp's Drug Store
~ 4956 34th Avenue South ~
Harry M. Zipperman, owner
Zipp's Pharmacy is no longer in business, but I know many of you worked there and probably have some interesting stories to tell.  
I received these photos from Glenda (Bennett) Ballis, a Roosevelt graduate from the class of '53.  She was employed at Zipp's during
her high school days.  "I lived on 50th Street and 36th Avenue South, and worked at Zipp's Drugstore on 34th and 50th all through
high school.  My school friends all hung out there, even the popular ones.  I made malts and 'cherry' cokes.  It was fun.  Good Days!  It
was a fun place to work, got all the ice cream I could eat."
Roswell, New Mexico       Click on picture to enlarge
Owner said the woman who owned this was my aunts mother-in-law & her sister & brother in
law lived in New Mexico.
I googled Zipps pharmacy in New Mexico & found an obituary for a
man named Charles "Chuck" Zipp. He was born July 14, 1919 and died November 24, 2007.
He graduated from college with a pharmacy degree in 1947 and opened
Zipp's Pharmacy in
Roswell, New Mexico.