Merck Report - Volume 5 - Page 23
Theodore Weicker - 1896 - ‎Read - ‎More
Daniel W. Elss, druggist, at 38th and State
streets, Chicago, 111., has assigned to
Charles R. Fowler. ... Mr. Charles E. Weck,
late of Weck & Wood, of Pasadena, Cal.,
has purchased the Opera Drugstore at
Riverside, that State, Mr. Weck is an ...
"Riverside-CA and later Reno-NV"
Chas. E. Weck
{Oranges At Center}
The Prescription Druggist
Large C        C1ML9-6
Time LIne:
1893: Weck, Charles E. Pasadena, CA
1895: Weck & Wood Pasadena, CA
1895: Opera Drug Store Charles E. Weck
Riverside, CA
1898: Weck, Charles E. Riverside, CA
1910: Weck, Charles E. Reno, NV
1912: Weck, Charles E. Reno. NV
1916:  Weck Drug Co. Reno, NV
Weck had this glass made when he lived in
Riverside, California
"the Oranges pictured on the glass"  and
used them also in Reno, Nevada where his
new Drug Store was located.
Chas E. Weck The Prescription Druggist

$300.00 Cornelius Beukma Pharmacist Denver  {small} C5344
$121.74 Trunk Bros. Druggists 400 16th. St. Denver {small} C15721
$350.00 S.J. Cassels Druggist Thomasville GA {small} C10852
$350.00 Lion Drug Store John H. Vold Prop Grand Forks {small} C10581
$121.74 {NE} Globe Pharmacy {small} C4452
$350.00 Dr. Talcott Pharmacist Elk Point So. Dak. {small} C1005
$225.00 Phil Blumauer Trade Mark {pic mono} Portland Ore. {large} C5283
$1,818.48 Your cost that I sold to you.   C45827
"Riverside, California & Reno, Nevada"
1900 United States Federal Census about
Charles E Week
Name:        Charles E Week
[Charles E Weck]
Age:        36
Birth Date:        Aug 1863
Birthplace:        Iowa
Home in 1900:        Riverside Precinct 7,
Riverside, California
Race:        White
Gender:        Male
Relation to Head of House:        Head
Marital status:        Married
Spouse's Name:        Emma Week
Marriage Year:        1893
Years Married:        7
Father's Birthplace:        New York
Mother's Birthplace:        New York
Neighbors:         View others on page
Household Members:        
Name        Age
Charles E Week        36
Emma Week        30
Marion Week        4
1910 United States Federal Census about
Charles E Weck
Name:        Charles E Weck
Age in 1910:        46
Birth Year:        abt 1864
Birthplace:        Iowa
Home in 1910:        Reno Ward 1, Washoe,
Race:        White
Gender:        Male
Relation to Head of House:        Head
Marital status:        Married
Drug Store
Spouse's Name:        Emma Weck
Father's Birthplace:        Italy
Mother's Birthplace:        New York

Household Members:        
Name        Age
Charles E Weck        46
Emma Weck        41
Marion K Weck        15
Beverly D Weck        8