Ohio, Cleveland
Strong Cobb And Co. 199 Superior St. Druggists & Apothecaries

Ohio, Cleveland             
Strong Cobb And Co. 410 Superior Ave, N.W. Druggists & Apothecaries Cleveland O.
{small} Traded Off
1880 Census: Thomas Strong age 35 born about 1845 in Ireland.
Occupation: Drug Salesman
Wief: Mary Strong Age: 32
Son: Charles Strong Age: 9
Daughter: Catharine Strong Age: 8
Daughter: Mary Strong Age: 6
Daughter: Agnes Strong Age: 4
Son: William Strong Age: 2

1910 Census: Leskar A. Cobb age: 60 born about 1850 in Ohio.
Occupation: Wholesale Drug House
Wife: Anna M . Cobb Age: 56
Son: Richard H. Cobb Age: 23

1880 Census: Jamus Strong age: 54 born about 1826 in New York'
Occupation: Physicion