New York, Niagra Falls
C. O'Loughlin Niagra Falls NY
{small} W.T. & Co. R
1900 Census: Cyrus O'Laughlin age:45 born August 1854 in Canada.
Occupation: Druggist
Wife: Sara O'Laughlin Age: 43
Son: Walter O'Laughlin Age: 21
Son: Cyrus O'Laughlin Age: 15
Son: Harry O'Laughlin Age: 13
Daughter: Jennie O'Laughlin Age: 10

1892: Western Druggist - Volume 14 - Page 80.
C. O'Loughlin, Niagara Falls, opened a branch store on Third street.

1899: Practical Druggist and Pharmaceutical Review of Reviews.
Cyrus O'Loughlin of Long Branch, N.Y., has opened a new store in Niagara

1904: American Druggist and Pharmaceutical Record - Volume 44 - Page 347.
The Butler Grocery Company, of Niagara Falls, are putting in an elegant drug department, with all
appointments of the best. It is to be managed by C. O'Laughlin, who has till now been In the drug
department of the grocery of Faxon, Williams & Faxon.