Metal Dose Indicator Spoons
All Were Made After 1927
Estimated values in most cases $10-$35
Pat. # 1,612,700-1,654,520=1927 dating
Albersmeyers pharmacy        IN-Fort Wayne
Asheboro Drug Co.         NC-Asheboro
B & B Drug Store          ME-Westbrook
Berlin's Drug Store Phone 80 Berryville, VA          VA-Berryille
Boyer's Pharmacy         OH Washington Court House
Branan's Drug Store Phone 211 Thomson, GA.         GA-Thomson
Breon Drug Store         SD-Platte
C.G. Max Rexall Store        SD-Scotland
Chamberlain Chemical Co.        PA-Scranton
Compliments Of/Percy Medicine/ For Children         TX-Waco
Connor's Phrmacy         NY-Platsburgh
Cook's Pharmacy // Dial 7-2512 785 Wyoming Ave. // Kingston PA.         PA-Kingston
Edwards Drug Store        A-Leesburg
Finney's Drug Store 415 Market N.         OH-Canton
Fundala's Pharmacy         PA-Duryea
Harbert's// On both sides//Prescriptions Specialists// On the Handle Harbert's         WV-Clarksburg
Harned's Drugs // Vaughan Chicago         MD-Oakland
Heitgen's The Reall Store         SD-Yankton
Jermyn Drug Store         PA-Williamsport
John Collins // Druggist // Phone 9040         WS-Blue River
Kelly's RX Shop        AZ-Tuscon
Kenneth R. Williams Funeral Director Plymouth PA.        PA-Plymouth
Luzerne Lynn's Pharmacy          PA-Kingston
Lynn's Pharmacy // Kingston Corners        PA-Kingston
Mack's Drug Store Bamberg SC         SC-Bamberg
Magoteaux Drugs        OH-Troy
May's Union Drug Co.         NV-Reno
Michael's Pharmacy-Pal.6-9036-9015- M.M. Zarensky-5576 Hudson Boulevard Near 39th St. No. Bergen NJ          NJ-North Bergen
Moon-Winn Drug Co. // Phones 67 & 68 // Athens GA         GA-Athens
Moore's Pharmacy 1923 Tenth Anniversary 1933        CA-El Cerrito
Murdocks Pharmacy        Unknown
Nesbitt's Drug Store         TX-Columbus
O'Connors Pharmacy          MA-Brockton
Oulvey Drug Co.        IL-East St. Louis
Parker Drug        Unknown
Peabody Pharmacy Calert & 30th Sts Belmont        MD-Baltimore
Plymouth Drug Phone 587         NE-Plymouth
Prescription Department Sun Drug Store         PA-Philadelphia
Professional Pharmacy- Minneapolis- Regent 5248         MN-Minneapolis
Prompt Pharmacy-MA 1770         CO-Colorado Springs
Robert's Pharmacy         ME-Lisbon Falls
Schmidt's Drug Store           OH-Springfield
Sendrow Prescriptions         PA-Philadelphia
Senger's Prescription Pharmacy Milton & Ashland Ave's Wolfe 3790        IL-Vermillion
Singer's Pharmacy Ae. Cor. 13th St.Union 7-5568        NJ-Union City
Sontag Drug Stores RX Specialists Quality Price Service.           CA-Los Algelas
Spiro's Drug Service 501 32nd st. Union City Phone Union 7-2754          NJ-Union City
Stanley's        NC-Charlotte
Swinson Drug Store        Unknown-Winona MN  ?
Wagener Drug Co.          SC-Wagener
Whitfield Drug Co-Prescription Druggists-/Tate GA        GA-Tate
Whitlock’s Pharmacy Phone Riv.7171//Paulsen Medical Dental Bldg.        WA-Spokane
Williamson Drug Co. // Phone 168 // Harrisonburg, VA         VA-Harrisonburgh
Willow Pharmacy 904 Willow Ave. Hoboken N.J.          NJ-Hoboken
Worth's Drug Store           TN-Bulls Gap