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MIssouri, St Charles
Henry D. Meyer #2
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Amant Brakeman Needles
C. E, Burge Brakeman Needles
W. E. Owens Conductor Needles
J. R. Rousey Clerk Needles
D. J. Dailey Switchman Needles
Orton E. Wilber Engineer Needles
Henry D. Meyer Druggist Needles #3
A. C. Gronewald Needles
1930 United States Federal Census about
Henry D Meyer
Name:        Henry D Meyer
Gender:        Male
Birth Year:        abt 1895
Birthplace:        Missouri
Race:        White
Home in 1930:        Needles, San Bernardino,
Map of Home:        View Map
Marital status:        Married
Relation to Head of House:        Head
Spouse's Name:         Sadie S Meyer
Father's Birthplace:        Missouri
Mother's Birthplace:        Missouri
Occupation: Druggist

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Household Members:        
Name        Age
Henry D Meyer        35
Sadie S Meyer        30
Alma J Meyer        8
Henry D Meyer        6
New Era Druggist Directory
Needles, San Bernadino Cty.
1906: Population 1,200
Needles Drug Co.
reese, D.W.
1911: Population 1,200
Collins, O.D.
Reed, D.W.
1912: Population 1,200
Needles Drug & Jewelry Co. Inc.
Richards, H.L.
1916: Population 1,395
Needles Drug & Jewelry Co
Silvernal, A.K.
1921: Population 1,3.95
Needles Drug & Jewelry Co. Inc. {O.D.
Collins Pres.
#1 B:1830  Henry D. Meyer
#2 B:1865 Henry D. Meyer
#3 B:1895 Henry D.  Meyer
#4 B:1924 Henry D. Meyer
The glass was made before 1890 For
Henry D. Meyer B:1865
It could have been presented by
either father or son to their customers
Minimum Order was 2 Gross= 288 Glasses
<------ Ordered by Henry D. Meyer B:1865
Tarif Act
W.T. & Co.
W.T. Co.
after 1901
W.T. & Co. U.S.A.
Letter only
before 1891
not W.T & Co.