Notice of Judgment ... Food and Drugs Act United States. Dept. of Agriculture - 1919
Wisconsin, Redgranite
M.W. Marshal's
Lung Syrup
{small} E
On April 21 1919, the United States attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin,
acting upon a report by the Secretary of Agriculture, filed in the District Court of
the United States for said district an information against Irving J. Carter, trading
as the M.W. Marshall Medicine Co Redgranite, Wis. alleging shipment by the said
defendant in violation of the Food and Drugs Act as amended on or about August
24 1917 from the State of Wisconsin into the State of Illinois of quantities of
articles labeled in part Marshall's Unequaled Pain Drops, Marshall's Lung Syrup

Marshall's Unequaled Pain Drops consist essentially of capsicum opium ammonia
alcohol and water flavored with volatile oils chiefly rosemary

Marshall s Lung Syrup consists essentially of morphine sulphate, ammonium
chloride vegetable extract, glycerin syrup and flavoring material

Marshall s Blood and Liver Pills consist essentially of aloes and other plant
material calcium carbonate sugar and starch
Marshall's Accurate Medicine Glass
{Not in my collection}