1916 Druggists circular - Volume 60 - Page
At a meeting of the Minnesota Board of
Pharmacy held July 17th at the Minnesota
College of Pharmacy, Minneapolis, ...
William B. Jorgensen, Miss Vivian Kampff,
A. J. Kohls, A. Walter Lawson, Eugene Nice,
Jacob A. Poiszak, and Marciss ...
Minnesota, Melrose
Kohls' Drug Store A.J. Kohls' Prop. Prescription Druggist Melrose Minnesota
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1930 Census: Albert J. Kohl age: 43 born about 1887 in Minnesota.
Occupation: Druggist
Wife: Evelyn C. Kohl Age: 42
Son: Donald G. Kohl Age: 10
Son: Kennith C. Kohl Age: 5
Son: Robert P. Kohl Age: 3 & 11 months
Daughter: Mary P. Kohl Age: 3 & 11 months