1896 -The Pharmaceutical era:
Volume 16

"I have some doubt whether the
Cincinnati College of Pharmacy will
open next fall," was the somewhat
surprising statement of a
well-known ... Druggist JH Koenig,
of Brighton, has married, and is
spending his honeymoon in
Ohio, Brighton
J.H. Koenig
Brighton Pharmacy
{small} W.T. & Co. H
Ohio State Pharmaceutical Association
J.H. Koenig 1881

1904: The Pharmaceutical era: Volume 31 -
Page 518
JH Koenig, Cincinnati, has a new soda
Joseph Koenig pharmacist 2175 Central
ave Cincinnati Ohio committed suicide
recently while in charge of a sanitarium
attendant by throwing himself beneath a
street car being instantly killed Mr Koenig
had been mentally deranged for some time
and was under close care and observation
but his act was so sudden and unexpected
that there was no chance to stop him He
was 42 years of age and was well known in
drug circles His father had been in the drug
business before him at the same location
Letter only before 1891
"Tarif Act became law in 1891"
W.T. & Co. 1857-1901
1891-1901 W.T. & Co. U.S.A.
W.T. Co. after 1901

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