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The Huntington Pharmacy San
Marino AT 7-9921 CU 2-4038
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Jonelle B.
San Gabriel, CA

Classic old fashioned pharmacy!  A throw
back to yesteryear when you walked in to
the pharmacy and they knew your name
and knew what customer service was.  
Huntington Pharmacy is all that and more!!!!
Quality pharmacists and a staff that is
there to help.  If you don't find it on the shelf
they will order it for you.  If you can't get to
the pharmacy they will deliver your
perscriptions and sundry items to you.

They have some of the best gift unique
ideas around!  All that you expect from a
pharmacy and more.
Brad F.
Los Angeles, CA

This pharmacy is owned by a suspected
The primary pharmacy involved in the case,
Huntington Pharmacy in San Marino, saw a
huge spike in claims to Medi-Cal -- going
from just under $45,000 in 2009 to nearly
$1.5 million in 2010 -- and the vast majority
of claims were the result of prescriptions
written by Manor's in-house doctor,
according to the criminal complaint.

Prosecutors allege that the owners of
Huntington Pharmacy were receiving
kickbacks and "structuring" cash deposits
totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars
into their personal and business accounts.
California, San Marino
San Marino Pharmacy 2575
DSt San Marino Calif 799-7199
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