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"J. Wesley Cookson"
1910 Census: Joseph W. Cookson
Age: 50 born about 1860 in Ohio.
Ocupation: Druggist
Father born in England  
Mother born in Pennsylvania
Wife: Mable E. Cookson Age: 48
Son: Ellis Cookson Age: 23
Daughter: Ethel Cookson Age: 21
Mother in Law: Hannah M. Ellis
Age: 77

National Association of Retail
Druggists (U.S.)
National Association of Retail
Druggists., 1925 -
It is with the deepest sense of
regret that the Journal announces
the death of the
first vice-president of the N.A.R.D.,
Mr. J.W. Cookson, of Wichita,
Kansas, whose earthly career
came to a peaceful close,
Saturday, June 27th, at 3 p. m.

1928 History of Kansas, State and
The Cookson Drug Company,
operating two stores in Wichita,
is a business of long and
successful standing, having
The late Joseph W. Cookson,
widely known among the druggists,
of Kansas, was born at Sandusky,
Ohio, August 26, 1859.