Frank H. Coblentz Druggist Springfield  
1880 Census: Isaac Coblentz Age: 61
born about 1819 in Maryland.
Occupation: Hardware Merchant
Wife: Lucinda Coblentz Age: 51
Daughter: Carrie Coblentz Age: 18
Son: Frank H. Coblentz Age: 15
V. & S. Coblentz Mfg. Chemists
Springfield O
N  C1502S3-27
1880 Census: John P. Coblentz Age: 62
born about 1818 in Maryland.
Occupation: Druggist
Wife: Susan Coblintz Age: 51
Son: Virgil coblentz Age: 18
Son: Guy Coblentz Age: 15
Son: Edward Coblentz Age: 5
Niece: Mary Hume Age: 20

My name Isaac Coblentz.  I am the
Great Grandson of Frank H.
Coblentz of Springfeild, Ohio