Local Happenings for the Week - Saturday, May 11, 1901

Unto Mr. And Mrs. H. SYKES, a girl was born Monday May 6, 1901. // Mrs. M. C. HILL visited at the home of her son Burt P. HILL the first
of the week. // Mrs. NOONAN and daughter of Ashland are visiting her parents, Mr. And Mrs. E. LEIHY. // John EWALD has moved into
the rooms over the Bayfield Pharmacy lately occupied by A. L. HELLWEG. // Mrs. R. INGLIS is suffering from a stroke of partial
paralysis. It is the earnest desire of a host of friends that she may speedily recover. // F. BRIGGS who was engineer on the Barker
last season, was in town Monday calling on old friends. Mr. BRIGGS is engineer on the Jim Puller this season. // F. V. HOLSTON left
Monday afternoon for Deadwood, South Dakota, where he is interested in mining property, // John COLBROTH of Iron River has
brought suit against the Hines Lumber company for the amount of $34,851.20. The sum is claimed as damages by the plaintiff
growing out of alleged breach of contract on the part of the company with whom COLBROTH has contracted to cut timber on lands
in Bayfield County. // Arbor Day was celebrated at the school by planting eight young maple trees which the boys got Wednesday
afternoon. All the children gathered in a semi-circle on Friday afternoon and listened to an address given by Rev. Mr. BRECKENRIDGE
and Mr. INGLIS. After the planting of the trees, the children were given the rest of the day for a holiday. // The Bayfield high school
played the Washburn high school last Saturday but lost by one score. If our little pitcher had had better support we might have won
the game. He did his share of the work by fanning out eight men. Roy SOUTHMAYD’s three bagger which brought in three scores
made the grandstand jittery. // Sunday, May 12, will be the 12th anniversary of the Epworth League of the Methodist Episcopal
Church. The local chapter in Bayfield are arranging for a fine program for the evening service on that date. // Last Saturday the fire
alarm sounded its warning for the first time in almost a year; the occasion being a small blaze in A. BUSHEY’s home which was
extinguished before doing any serious damage.
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