Fort Towson, Oklahoma
FortTowson, Oklahoma Choctaw County-Post Office established Sept.7 1832. Name changed to Doaksville on November
11th. 1847, and then back to Fort Towson on June 12th. 1903.
The Herb-O-Tone Medicine Company Fort Towson, Oklahoma
The Great Indian Laxative Herb Tonic
Herb-O-Tone Family Linament
Herb-O-Tone Catarrh Snuff
Herb-O-Tone Cherry Bark Cough Syrup
Herb-O-Tone Pyr-O-Tone Dentine Tooth Powder
Herb-O-Tone Medicated Soap
Compound Syrup Sarsaparilla
Herb-O-Tone  In Liquid Form
Herb-O-Tone In Tablet Form
Herb-O-Tone In Herb Form
Herb-O-Tone For Men
Herb-O-Tone For Women
Herb-O-Tone  Healing Salve

W.M. 'Doc' Hightower Dies Late Tuesday
Heart Disease is Cause of Death
The Hugo Daily News June 28, 1939 - transcribed by Ron Henson
W.M. "Doc" Hightower, of Fort Towson, one of the county's most colorful
figures for the past quarter of a century, died in the Hugo Hospital a few
hours after being brought here late Tuesday. Cause of death was said to
be heart disease.
Mr. Hightower was known far and wide as the manufacturer of
Herbotone herb medicine. Until his advanced age prevented his making
long trips, he used to tour the country with a medicine show troup,
selling his Herbotone remedy.
He is survived by a son, jerry Hightower of Tulsa and three daughters,
whose names could not be learned today. Two of them reside in
California and the other in Houston, Texas.
Funeral arrangements are pending the arrival of his son from Tulsa this
afternoon. Coffey-Baker funeral directors are in charge.
Dr. Hightower came to Fort Towson in 1910

{letter of introduction} -------------------------------------->
Formula-For-Choctaw Indian Native Herbs: ------>
Natures Perfect Medicine.
Powdered {#70 to 80} Gentian #4
Powdered Cascara Seg. Bark #4
Powdered Sehna Leaves          #3        
Powdered Echinacia                  #2
Powdered Sweet Aniose Seed #4
Powdered Cinchona                   #3

Half to one teaspoonful in half glass water at bed time as a laxative; or 1/3  to half
teaspoonful in half glass water 15 minutes before meals.

{From a letter dated April 5th. 1925 Hugo, Okla. to The Herb-O-Tone Medicine Company Fort
Towson, Oklahoma}
Female Regulator:
One quart of whiskey or the same in alcohol diluted of course, ad one tble spoon full of
White ash powders and then ad one table spoon full of rhubarb in liquid form of course.
This was Doctor R.T. Reid's great female regulator.
Med. Co.
FT. Towson, Okla.
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1930 Federal Cencus
Name:        William Hightower
Gender:        Male
Birth Year:        abt 1872
Birthplace:        Kentucky
Race:        White
Home in 1930:     Fort Towson, Choctaw,
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Marital Status:        Married
Relation to Head of House:        Head
Spouse's Name:         Cadell Hightower
Father's Birthplace:        Kentucky
Mother's Birthplace:        Kentucky