Pennsilvania, Wilkes Barre
Nat Wolfe & Co. Wilkesbarre Pa
{small} W T & CO. R
1910 Census: Nathaniel Wolfe age: 61 born about 1849 in Delaware.
Occupation: Chemist Drug House
Wife: Mary E. Wolfe Age: 58
1880Proceedings of the American Pharmaceutical Association at the ...: Volume 27 - Page 24
American Pharmaceutical Association. Meeting - 1880 - Free Google eBook - Read
Henry S. Wellcome, New York, NY J JD WelU, Cincinnati, Ohio. ! Otto S. WeusthofT, Dayton, Ohio. Thomas Whitfield,
Chicago, 111. | FT Whiting, Grt. Barrington, Mass. BO Wilson, Boston, Mass. I N. Wolfe, Wilkesbarre, Pa.

Nat Wolfe moved to a hotel in 1889 Lizzie Malley Wolfe does not appear in 1900 census.
Luzerne Cty. records riopr to 1893 destroyed by fire.

1893 Sam S. Jones & Co., successors to Nat Wolfe & Co., Wilkes-Barre

SAMUEL S JONES Was born in Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania Educated in the public schools Entered the store of TH Jones of
Scranton Pennsylvania and later the drug store of Millard Cyphers of Wilkes Barre Graduated in 1886 from the
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy Is at the present time partner of Nat Wolf in the only wholesale drug house in this section

1915 FJ Brellocks has purchased the store of the late Nat Wolfe, at Fifteenth and Louden streets
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