New York, Warsaw        
Frank Wilson Druggist Warsaw NY
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FRANK WILSON a stationer and druggist in
the town Warsaw Wyoming County NY born
in Geneseo Livingston County July 28 1846
His father William J Wilson was born in
Pennsylvania where he was born 1808 He
died in Geneseo in 1891 He was in early life
a farmer but became a grocer in Geneseo
He was a stanch Democrat always and held
the office of Under Sheriff in the county of
his adoption Mr William J Wilson married
Miss Mary Garvin of Vermont whose father
was a participant in the famous battle of
Lake Champlain They reared only two
children George B and Frank whose name
is the text of the present sketch The former
who was in his youth a of the Geneseo
Academy went to when he was but
eighteen years old a teacher He afterward
was engaged as dealer in general
merchandise and won friends during his
long commercial career the South A short
time before his death he with his wife and
daughter went to Springs NY hoping that
the waters climatic change together with
complete rest would restore his health It
was a quest for on the 30th of May 1894 he
died aged fifty six years The resolutions up
by the bank officers and the general
sincere regret that was manifested by
those who had been his business
associates as well as the sorrow of a large
circle of friends attested the profound
respect and esteem in which he was held
The other son whose career is chronicled
herein began his business life when a lad of
seventeen as a drug clerk In 1867 he came
to Warsaw where he has since remained
and entered the apothecary shop as a
salesman Two years later he was
employed by James O McClure in the same
capacity and in 1871 formed a partnership
with Dr Smith This firm was dissolved eight
years after by the death of its senior
member and Mr Wilson has conducted the
business from that time alone On
September 5 1871 Mr Frank Wilson was
married to Miss Frances Julia Buxton a
daughter of Mr Timothy H Buxton The
wedded life of Mr and Mrs Wilson has not
been altogether free from the shadow and
thorn of life for they have lost one child
Mary a little girl of ten years who after three
days of acute suffering with that fatal
scourge diphtheria died October 30 1885
Another daughter was sent to gladden the
desolated hearts of the parents and is now
a bright merry little girl of eleven Mr has
held the offices of village and Treasurer
and is a stockholder in Electric Light
Company and the Dairy Salt Company He is
a Master and politically a Democrat Their
home on North Main Street was built 1887
and Mr and Mrs Wilson are the popular
householders of the town Warsaw