Louisiana, New Orleans       
Williams Pharmacy {mortar & pestle
& monogram} Open All Night Canal
& Bourbon Sts
{small} W.T.Co. AM U.S.A.
Letter only before 1891
"Tarif Act became law in 1891"
W.T. & Co. 1857-1901
1891-1901 W.T. & Co. U.S.A.
W.T. Co. after 1901

Druggists Directory Listings
1906 "New Era Directory"
Williams Pharmacy  801 Canal St.
1911 "New Era Directory"
Williams Pharmacy, George A.  801 Canal St
1912 "New Era Directory"
Williams Pharmacy, George A.  801 Canal St
1916 "New Era Directory"
Williams not listed
1910 Federal Census:

Name: George A Williams

Age in 1910: 68

Birth Year: abt 1842

Birthplace: Virginia

Home in 1910:
New Orleans Ward 12, Orleans,

Relation to Head of House: Head

Spouse's Name: Hella K Williams

Father's Birthplace: Virginia

Mother's Birthplace: Virginia

Occupation: Merchant

Industry: Retail Drug

Household Members:
George A Williams  68
Hella K Williams  52
George A Williams Jr  18
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