1910 Census:

Name: Herbert K Watson

Age in 1910: 58

Birth Year: abt 1852

Birthplace: Pennsylvania

Home in 1910:
Representative District 6, New Castle,

Relation to Head of House: Head

Spouse's Name: Alice D Watson

Father's Birthplace: Pennsylvania

Mother's Birthplace: England

Occupation: Druggist

Household Members: Name Age
Head: Herbert K Watson  58
Spouse: Alice D Watson  52
Son: Walter M Watson  33
Daughter: Alice W Fritz  27
Son In Law: George R Fritz  33
Gtand Son:  Herbert W Fritz  3
I sold you the Cowgill & Green a
few years ago. It's the only one I
have seen since. That's the first
one. This Herbert K. Watson from
Wilmington Delaware with
monogram is the second. The third
is Frank Roop Smith which is very
rare also. Those are the only
known embossed dose glasses in
small size known to me.

I have a full listing of others but I
am at work. I will get this glass out
to you tomorrow. Thank you.I think
you got a steal of a deal. I just
need the money now for other
bottles and such. The Herbert K.
WATSON I have only seen 2 in my
years of collecting. I have seen 3
of the Cowgill & green and only
one of the Frank Roop Smith on a
collection in the Delaware museum.
1910 Census:

Name: Frank R Smith

Age in 1910: 53

Birth Year: abt 1857

Birthplace: Delaware

Home in 1910:
Wilmington Ward 7, New Castle, Delaware

Relation to Head of House: Head

Spouse's Name: E FL??Ence Smith

Father's Birthplace: Delaware

Mother's Birthplace: Delaware

Occupation: Doctor

Household Members: Name Age

Head: Frank R Smith  53
Spouse: E FL??Ence Smith  47
Son: Frank R Smith  24
Daughter: Helen H Smith  19
Son: Charles B Smith  13
Brother in Law: C Wesly Williams  64
Deleware, Wilmington
Herbert K. Watson