Warren County History and Directory:
July 1878
EB Webb came from New York City and with
Geo H Hastings bought from WH Goodale his
stock and fixtures in the Drug Store formerly
owned by Dr Jennings At once renovating the
store inside and out and putting in double the
stock if had when he took it he set patiently to
work building up a trade By persistent
advertising in various ways he soon made the
name he had given to his business The
Warren County Drug Store well known in every
corner of the county March 1884 he bought
out the interest of Mr Hastings and has since
had sole control It is no exaggeration to say
that his stock is complete in the line of Drugs
Paints Oils Books Stationery Fishing Tackle
Pictures and Frames Everybody is invited all
are welcome to the Warren County Drug Store
New Jersey, Washington
Warren County Drugstore
Washington, New Jersey
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