Oklahoma, Guthrie
Wallace & Muller {pic mortar & pestle} Guthrie OK.
1910 Census: John Wallace Age: 49 Born: about 1861 in Missouri "Peter Muller"
Occupation: Druggist-Wife: Ella Wallace: Age: 43-Son: Oswald Wallace Age: 18

OK-Territory-Guthrie- Wallace & Muller The National Druggist 1898
Guthri Guthrie
Guthrie, Oklahoma The de facto name for Oklahoma Territory, and it was officially approved in 1890
The Territory of Oklahoma was an organized incorporated territory of the United States that existed from May 2, 1890, until November 16, 1907, when it
was joined with the Indian territory and admitted to the Union as the State of Oklahoma.         Admission to Union         November 16, 1907 (46th)
The Indian Territory, also known as the Indian Territories and the Indian Country, was land set aside within the United States for the use of American
Indians. The general borders were set by the Indian Intercourse Act of 1834.
The name Oklahoma comes from the Choctaw phrase okla humma, literally meaning red people. Choctaw Chief Allen Wright suggested the name in
1866 during treaty negotiations with the federal government regarding the use of Indian Territory, in which he envisioned an all-Indian state controlled
by the United States Superintendent of Indian Affairs. Equivalent to the English word Indian, okla humma was a phrase in the Choctaw language used
to describe the Native American race as a whole. Oklahoma later became the de facto name for Oklahoma Territory, and it was officially approved in
1890, two years after the area was opened to white settler.