Prescott, Arizona
Stan Frazier {funnel-glass-RX} Apothecary Shop Prescott Arizona {Red ACL} {T9} Trade Available
Prescott, Arkansas
Nevada County Drug Store Free Delivery. {spoon} Trade Available
Hot Springs, Arkansas                       
E. C. Hart Druggist 610 Central Avenue {large} C  Trade Available
Hot Springs, Arkansas
Smiley's Pharmacy Hot Springs Ark {small} W.T. Co. AL U.S.A. Trade Available
Little Rock, Arkansas           
Compliments Of A.C. Read Druggist Little Rock {small} W.T. Co. AM U.S.A. Trade Available
Fresno, California
Smith Bros. Druggists Fresno Cal {small} nothing Trade Available
Garden Grove, California  
Get It At Darling”s Pharmacy Garden Grove California  {etched}  {T1} Trade Available
Los Angeles, California
C.F. Heinzeman Druggist 222 N. Main St. Los Angeles {small} W.T. & Co. AH U.S.A. Trade Available
San Francisco, California
Lengfeld's 202 Stockton St. S.F. Pharmacy {small} C Trade Available
Waterbury, Connecticut                              
Apothecaries Hall Co. Waterbury Ct. {small} Trade Available
Waterbury, Connecticut
Bring Your Prescriptions To Cannon & Jones 354 W. Main Cor. N. Willow St. Waterbury Conn. {etched} {T3} Trade Available
Groveland, Florida                     
Kurfiss Rexall Pharmacy Phone 429-3192 Groveland Fla. {ACL} {T9} Trade Available
"Leesburg, Florida"
B & W Rexall Prescription Centers 801 W. Main 787-3333 100 E. Dixie 787-3801 {ACL}{T9} Trade Available
Peoria, Ilinois
Grimson's Prescription Phrmacy 1415 S. Adams St. Peoria Ill {small} C  Trade Available
Springfield, Illinois
Phillips Drug Store N.E. Corner 6th. And Monroe A Good Place To Trade Springfield Ill. Phone M315  {etched} {HA} Trade Available
Chicago, Illinois
Dr. O. W.F.  Snyder McVickers  Theatre Chicago  {small} nothing Trade Available
Chicago, Illinois
L.N. Merz & Sons Drugs And Prescriptions Only 2921 Lincoln Ave. Chicago {etched}  {T1} Trade Available
Chicago, Illinois        
Salamander Medicine Glass {large}  Trade Available
Elgin, Illinois
Juby's Pharmacy Robert C. Juby R. Ph. Cor. State And Walnut Avenue ACL} {T9} Trade Available
Havana, Illinois
W.H. Allen Druggist Havana Ill {small}  W.T. & Co.AF U.S.A. Trade Available
Litchfield, Illinois
Compliments Of Frank R. Milner The Corner Drug Store {Small} Trade Available
Peoria, Illinois                        
Herman L. Ziegler East Bluff Knoxville Ave. Peoria Ill. {large} C Trade Available
Quincy, Illinois  
Newcomb Pharmacy Quincy Il. {conical} Trade Available
Quincy, Illinois                                
Newcomb Pharmacy Quincy Ill {small} W.T. & Co. AH U.S.A. W.T. & Co. AK U.S.A. Trade Available
Springfield, Illinois                   
Chas. Ryan {monogram} Druggist {small} Trade Available
Indianapoplis, Indiana
Dr. J.J. Kerr's Family Medicines Iidianapolis Ind. {large} Trade Available
Davenport, Iowa   
Buy Your Drugs At Klenze's Pharmacy They Treat Everybody Right {small}W.T. Co. AL U.S.A. Trade Available
Des Moines, Iowa
Waterbury's New York Des Moines Toronto New Orleans Cod Liver Oil Comp. {small} nothing Trade Available
Eldon, Iowa
Phelps & Shore  (mortar and pestle) Who's Your Pill Roller  Druggists Eldon IA. {large} Trade Available
Red Oak, Iowa
Red Cross Drug Store The Store Of Quality Red Oak Iowa Phone 623-3370 1904-1974 Pharmacists R. Killion 3836 G Killion 2297 D. Killion 4669.
{ACL} {T9} Trade Available
Arkansas City, Kansas
City Drug Store W.H. Lightstone Prop. Arkansas City Kan. {etched} {T3} Trade Available
Des Moines, Iowa
Waterbury's New York Des Moines Toronto New Orleans Cod Liver Oil Comp. {small} nothing Trade Available
T. Stevens Druggist Hiawatha Kan. {small} W.T. CO. AJ U.S.A. Trade Available
Leavenworth, Kansas
Mehl & Schott Druggists & Chemists Leavenworth, Kan. {small} W.T. Co. AM U.S.A. Trade Available
Parsons, Kansas    
Stanley Tinder Druggist And Pharmacist Parsons Kan. W.T. & Co.AF U.S.A. Trade Available
Topeka. Kansas
Holmes & Waggoner {pic mortar & pestle} Topeka {small} Trade Available
Topeka, Kansas
W.W. Gavitt's Medical Co. Topeka Kan. U.S.S. {large} Trade Available
Augusta, Kentucky
L.P. Knoedler {mortar & pestle} Augusta Ky. {small} W.T. & Co.T U.S.A Trade Available
Louisville, Kentucky
John D. Jansing Pharmacist Louisville Ky {spoon} Trade Available
Jena Pharmacy Prescription Specialists Phone 2-5565
Jena La. {ACL} {T9} Trade Available
Old Town, Maine
W. Clement Mutty P.D. Druggist Old Town. {small} W.T. Co. AN U.S.A. Trade Available
Auburn. Maine
Complimernts Of Smith & Cook Auburn Maine {large} W. T. & Co. Trade Available
Old Town, Maine
Ph. 827-3554 Burnham Drug Your Rexall Store Wilfred King Reg. Pharm. Old Town Maine  {Blue ACL} {T9} Trade Available
South Paris, Maine
Ernest P. Parlin Pharmacist So. Paris Me. {small} C Trade Available
Waterville, Maine
Allen's Drug Store Where Quality Counts 116 Main St. Waterville Maine {Etched} Trade Available
Baltimore, Maryland
M. L. Stefanski Baltimore Md. {spoon} Trade Available
Baltimore, Maryland
Swiss Pharmacy 3001 E. Monument St. Phone Wolfe 3387We Deliver {etched} {T3}Trade Available
Baltimore, Maryland                              
J.F.C. Klepper Fischer's Pharmacy Fayette & Wolfe Sts. Baltimore MD  {etched} Trade Available
Baltimore. Maryland
Muehlause Parkwood Pharmacy 4943 Belair Road Phone Hamilton 3026 {blue etched} {t3}      Trade Available
Baltimore, Maryland        
Moser's Pharmacy 2401 E. Federal St. Corner Woolford Ave. {white etched} {HA} Trade Available
Cumberland, Maryland
Lichtenstein's Pharmacies Cumberland Md. {small} W.T. Co. AM U.S.A. Trade Available
Frederick, Maryland
Steiner Bros. Druggists Frederick MD. {small} W.T. & Co. R Trade Available
South Paris, Maine
Ernest P. Parlin Pharmacist So. Paris Me. {small} C Trade Available
Hagerstown, Maryland        
Compliments Of Claire's Diamond Apothecary Hagerstown Md. {small} C Trade Available
Baltimore, Maryland        
Moser's Pharmacy 2401 E. Federal St. Corner Woolford Ave. {white etched} {HA} Trade Available
Boston, Massachusetts
J.H. Lakin & Co. Pharmacists Hotel Pelham Boston  {small} nothing Trade Available
Boston, Massachusetts
S.A.D. Sheppard  & Co. Pharmacists C5951{Spoon} Trade Available
A.P. Morgan PH. G. Druggist Malden. Mass. {spoon} Trade Available
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Eaton Drug Co. 565 Cherry St. Grand Rapids Mich. {spoon} Trade Available
Minneapolis, Minnersota          
Compliments Of J.R. Hofflin & Co. Druggists Minneapolis Minn {small} W.T. & Co. T U.S.A. Trade Available
Minneapolis, Minnesota        
Compliments Of Andrus Building Pharmacy Frank W. Peterson Druggist Suite 833-834 Minneapolis {etched}Trade Available
St. Paul, Minnesota                 
Adlerika Natural Bowel Cleanser {large}
Trade Available
St. Paul, Minnesota    
Noyes Bros, & Cuttler  St. Paul {large} nothing Trade Available
St. Peter, Minnesota          
The Old Reliable Drug Store J.A. Poetz St. Peter Minn {small} W.T. Co. AN U.S.A. Trade Available
Winona, Minnesota              
Eagle Drug Store Lauer & Anding Winona Mn {small} nothing Trade Available
Winona. Minnesota                 
J.W. Lauer Pharmacist Winona {small} W.T & CO AD U.S.A Trade Available
Jackson, Mississippi
Harmon Drug Store Prescriptions. Free delivery FL. 5-2309 Jackson. Miss {T9} {ACL} Trade Available
Carthage, Missouri
Frank Edel Druggist Carthage MO {spoon} Trade Available
Manchester, Missouri
Parkway Prescription Shop Prescriptions Exclusively 201 Manchester Road {T9} Trade Available
Kansas City, Missouri
E.S. Marshall Bonaventure Druggist {small}  C Trade Available
Savannah, Missouri               
J.P.Cooper Druggist Savannah Mo {small} Trade Available
St. Louis, Missouri
Wolff-Wilson Drug Company St Louis Mo. {etched} Trade Available
East Helena, Montana
East Helena Drug Phone 227-6611 East Helena Montana {T9} Trade Available
Alliance, Nebraska
Fred. E. Holsten Druggist Alliance {small} Trade Available
Grand Island, Nebraska
Henry D. Boyden Pharmacist Grand Island Neb {small} I        Y Trade Available
Globe Pharmacy {small} Trade Available
Neligh, Nebraska
M.C. Remington & Co. Druggists Neligh Neb. {small} W.T. & Co. AL U.S.A. Trade Available
Omaha, Nebnraska                
Cladish Pharmacy 12th & Dodge Omaha Neb. {small} W.T. Co. AM U.S.A. Trade Available
Frankli, New Hampshire
C.L. Eddy Prescription Druggist Franklin N.H. Over 21 years experience {etched} {T3} Trade Available
Concord, New Hampshire                            
C.H. Martin & Co. Pharmacists Concord N.H. {small} C  Trade Available
Franklin, New Hampshire
C.L. Eddy Druggist 26 Years Experiance Franklin NH {etched} {T3} Trade Available
Manchester, New Hampshire
Tebbets & Soules Drug Store Manchester N.H. {small} W.T. & Co. O Trade Available
Jersey City, New Jersey
R.E. Wilhelm Ph.G. Pharmacist & Chemist 310 Pacific Ave. Jersey City N.J. {small} W.T. Co. Am U.S.A. Trade Available
Millville, New Jersey             
Graduated NO {W.T. & Co.} 40  {spoon}  Trade Available
Princeton, New Jersey                    
Marsh, Burke & Cox Druggists Princeton  N.J. {small} B Trade Available
Rutherford, New Jersey
Your Prescription Has Been Filled Right Your Doctor Wants You To Take it Right Harry W. Foeler 55 Park Ave. Opp. Franklin Pl. Rutherford N.J. Phone-2247 We
Deliver Trade Available
Deming, New Mexico
Specializing In Prescriptions Fred Seely Drugs Inc. 208 So. Gold Deming New Mexico PH. 546 8811 {black ACL} {T9}
Trade Available
Brooklyn, New York           
Wald Pharmacy Prescriptions Knickerbocker Ave.  Brooklyn NY Trade Available
Buffalo, New York  Erie Canal Town  
Worlds Dispensary Medical Trade Available
Corning, New York
Compliments Of R.W. Terbell {small}
Cortland, New York  
C.H. Adams New Drug StoreCortland House Block Traded Off
NY-College Point       
J.D.A. Hartz {morter & Pestle} Apothecary {small}
C.H. Adams New Drug StoreCortland House Block Traded Off
East Branch, New York       
J.W. Hall & Co. Druggists East Branch N.Y {small} W.T. &. Co. AB U.S.A. Trade Available
Little Falls, New York              Erie Canal Town
Compliments H.G. Babcock Druggist Little Falls {small} Trade Available
New York City, New York
Use Burnham's Beef Iron & Wine {small} Burnham's Trade Available
Rochester, New York                       
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey   Trade Available
Salamanca, New York
The Krieger Drug Co. Salamanca NY. {conical} Trade Available
Sea Cliff, New York        
Schmitt's Reliable Prescription Pharmacy Aea Cliff NY {white etched} {T1} Trade Available
Wilmington, North Carolina
Carter's Pharmacy Prescription Specialists 2001 Princess Place Dr. Ro 3-4656 {green ACL} {T9} Trade Available
Grand Forks, North Dakota      
Vold's  Drug Store  Grand Forks N.D. {etched} Trade Available
Cincinnatti, Ohio
M.M. Yorston {m & p & monogram} W.T. & Co. AI U.S.A. } Trade Available
Cleveland, Ohio
Meyer & Gleim Druggists  Cleveland OH {spoon} } Trade Available
Akron, Ohio
Dr. Grams Medicine Grandmother's {large} Trade Available
Akron, Ohio
For Health Use Root Tea Na-Root Te Na Herb Co. Akron {large} nothing Trade Available
Ada, Ohio
Kemp's Drug & Book Store Ada Ohio {conical} Trade Available
Garrett Fogle Established 1869 Alliance O {small} Alliance O {small} Trade Available
Sabina, Ohio
Ton Jon The 1-2-3 Way To Health. Trade Available
Norman, OKlahoma   
Sooner Discount Pharmacy 225 W. Lindsey-Ph. 329-6001 Norman Okla. {ACL} {T9} Trade Available
El Reno, Oklahoma
Sombart's Drug Store El Reno Okla. {small} C  Trade Available
Portland, Oregon  
Woodard Clarke & Co {mono woodlark} Portland {small}  Trade Available
Wilmington, North Carolina
Carter's Pharmacy Prescription Specialists 2001 Princess Place Dr. Ro 3-4656 {green ACL} {T9} Trade Available
Portland, Oregon        
Laue Davis Drug Co Reliable Druggists Portland Or. {small} W.T. & Co. AJ U.S.A. Trade Available
Portland, Oregon                    
John O. Golden Inc.  Goldens Products Portland Ore. {footed} Trade Available
Portland, Oregon           
Woodard Clarke and Co. Chemists Wood-Lark Bldg. Alder St. At West Park Portland Ore. {red acl} {T5} Trade Available
Harleysville, Pennsylvania
Drs.Groff & Keeler {monogram} Harleysville Pa. {small} W.T. Co.AM U.S.A. Trade Available
Allentown, Pennsdylvania
Aug. Weber Eagle Drug Store Allentown PA. {large} Nothing        Trade Available
Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
Compliments Of J.H. Mercer Druggist Bloomsburg PA. {small} C    Trade Available
Carbondale, Pennsylvania
A.W. Reynolds Druggist Carbondale PA   {small} W.T. & Co. AA U.S.A.   Trade Available
Erie, Pennsylvania
Mackintosh's Prescription Drug Store Erie Pa. {spoon}  Trade Available
Meadville, Pennsylvania         
J.G. Lindeman Druggist Meadville Pa. {small} W.T. & Co. Y U.S.A  (small} W.T. & Co. J  Trade Available
York, Pennsylvania
Compliments Of Hodnett The Druggist York PA. {small} Trade Available
Newport, Rhode Island
David J. Byrne 128 Broadway Newport. {conical} Trade Available
Memphis, Tennessee
Robinson Apothecary Memphis {small} W.T. & Co. AJ U.S.A. Trade Available
Marble Falls, Texas
Dr. Michels All Herb Tonic Purifing And Invigorating {white etched} {T3} Trade Available
Sweetwater, Texas
Davis Drug Co The Careful Druggist Phone 711Sweetwater Texas {white etched} {T3} {HA} Trade Available
Sherman, Texas
The Boss Pill A.C.S.  Trade Available
Tyler, Texas              
Warren's Pharmacy Phone 478 Tyler Texas {etched} {T1} Trade Available
St. Albans, Vermont
Smith's Green Mountain Renovator {small} W.T. & Co. AK U.S.A. Trade Available
Stauton, Virginia   
Dr. N. Wayt & Bro. Staunton. {small} W.T. & Co. AA U.S.A. Trade Available
Seattle, Washington
The Quaker Drug Co. Incorporated 1013-1015 First Ave.Seattle Wash. {Small} Trade Available
New Martinsville, WEst Virginia
Hornbrooks Drug Store Hornbrook & Black Props. New-Martinsville-W.VA {etched} {T1)   Trade Available
Wheeling, West Virginia
John Coleman Company Druggist Wheeling W. Va {small} W.T. CO. AN U.S.A. Trade Available
Sparta, Wisconsin   
Compliments Of Gross & Schaller Sparta WI {large} C Trade Available
Neenah, Wisconsin
Elwers Drug Store Established 1861 Your Pharmacists To Serve You PA 2-2112 Neenah Wis. {black ACL} {T9} Trade Available
Dodgeville, Wisconsin  
Jas. Roberts & Son Druggist Dodgeville Wis. {small} N Trade Available
Milwaukee, Wisconsin     
Henry G. Ruenzel Pharmacist {small} W.T. & Co.AI U.S.A. Trade Available
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Max Bartel Druggist Milwaukee {small} I Trade Available
Wausau, Wisconsin  
W.W. Albers Pharmacist Wausau Wis. {small} Trade Available
Watertown, Wisconsin
H.T. Eberle Pharacist Watertown Wis {small} W.T. & Co. AH U.S.A. Trade Available
Druggists Glasses Available For Trade  If I have something you need in my States Collections we may be able to work out trades.       
I  need for my 50 states collection---> AK-HI-SC Also others I do not have in my individual states collections. I will buy singles or collections.
Chandler Druggist Kennett Square {small}