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West Virginia
West Virginia
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1-Canada-NB-St. John        E. Clinton Brown-Prescription Specialist-St. John. N.B.
1-Canada-Nova Scotia-Lawrenceville        F.W. Young M.D. Lawrencetown N.S. {etched} {T3}
1-Can-Alberta-Okotoks        F.R. Brown Duggist & Sationer Okotoks Alta.
1-Can-Alberta-Winnipeg        The Gordon Mitchell Drug co. Winnipeg. Man. {small}
1-Can-BC-Victoria        C.H. Bowes Victoria B.C. {small}
1-Can-BC-Victoria        D.E. Campbell Chemist Drugs etc Victoria B.C. {small}
1-Can-Manitoba-Brandon        McCullough's Drug Store Brandon   {conical}
1-Can-Manitoba-winiipeg        Public Drug Co. Winnipeg {small}
1-Can-NB-Moncton        Keirstead Pharmacy Moncton New Brunswick {conical}
1-Can-NB-St. John        Short's Pharmacy 63 Garden street Phone 3-3460 We deliver {etched}
1-Can-NB-St. John        Wade's Pharmacy Wall St. St. John N.B {small}
1-Can-Nova Scotia-Halifax        Hattie and Mylus Pharmacist's Halifax N.S. {spoon}
1-Can-NS-Amhearst        W.L. Ormond Chemist Amhearst
1-Can-NS-Halifax        T.M. Power & Son Railway Drugstore Halifax N.S {small}
1-Can-Ontario        Medical Hall Chemists Ontario {small}
1-Can-Ontario-Berlin        A.J. Roos Druggist & Chemist Berlin Ont. {Conical}
1-Can-Ontario-Brockville        John Boyer & Co. Dispensing Chemists Brockville Ont {small}
1-Can-Ontario-Brockville        Kincaid's Drug Store Brockville Ont.{small}
1-Can-Ontario-Brockville        Try Curry's Brockville For Your Needs {etched} {T3}
1-Can-Ontario-Burlington        Campbell's Pharmacies {etc.} {etched}
1-Can-Ontario-Galt        L.H. Gant Drugs Galt   {small}
1-Can-Ontario-Hamilton        A.E. Drewery PHM.B. Chemist Cor. James & Hunter Hamilton Ont.
1-Can-Ontario-Hamilton        Garland & Rutherford Chemists Hamilton {small}
1-Can-Ontario-Lindsay        Philip Morgan Druggist Nearly Opp. Post Office Lindsay Ont {small}
1-Can-Ontario-London        Cairncross & Lawrence Druggists London Ont {small}
1-Can-Ontario-Napanee        T.B. Wallace Phm.B. Prescription Druggist Napanee Ont. (Small)  
1-Can-Ontario-Oshawa        W.G. Lanchland Druggist Oshawa Ont {small}
1-Can-Ontario-Ottawa        Abbott & Wooton Ottawa {small}
1-Can-Ontario-Owen Sound        J.Herb Brownlee Druggist Owen Sound Ont. {small}
1-Can-Ontario-Paris        Apps Drug Store Prescriptions Optics Phone 12 Paris Ont. {small}
1-Can-Ontario-Perth        Magnolox {Wampole Inc., Perth Ontario, Canada} {ACL red}
1-Can-Ontario-Peterboro        MacDonalds Peterboro Pharmacy  {small}
1-Can-Ontario-Peterbourough        Jas Lynch Druggist 168 Hunter St. Peterborough {small}
1-Can-Ontario-Port Colborne         Walter M. McKay Chemist & Druggist Port Colborne Ont {small}
1-Can-Ontario-Sherbrooke        D.J. McManamy Druggist Sherbrooke {small}
1-Can-Ontario-Smiths Falls        Apothecaries Hall Wm. Johnston Druggis Smiths Falls Ontario {white ACL}
1-Can-Ontario-Stratford        E.A. Robertson {pic monogram} Stratford Ont.
1-Can-Ontario-Strathroy        W.H. Stepler Chemist & Druggist Strathroy Ont {small}
1-Can-Ontario-Strathroy        W.T. Rapley & Co. Drug & Book Store Strathroy Ont. {small}
1-Can-Ontario-Toronto        The T. Eaton And Co. Limited Drug Dep't Toronto {large}
1-Can-Ontario-Toronto        The T. Eaton And Co. Limited Drug Dep't Toronto {small}
1-Can-Ontario-Woodstock        Frank Hyde The Rexall Store Woodstock Ont. {Large}
1-Can-Ont-Brockville        John Boyer & Co. Dispensing Chemists Brockville Ont {small}
1-Can-Ont-Galt        Fred C. Bond Druggist Galt Ont. {small}
1-Can-Ont-St. Marys        Frank H. Smith Chemists & Druggists St. Marys Ont. {small}
1-Can-Ont-Stratford        H.M. Myers City Druggist 39 Downie St. Stratford Ont {small}
1-Can-PEI-Summerside        Percy N. Enman Pharmacist Summerside P.E.I.  
1-Can-Quebec-Montrea        J.H. Nault Druggist & Optician Montreal {small}
1-Can-Quebec-Montreal        A.J. Laurence Pharmacien Montreal {small}
1-Can-Quebec-Montreal        F.E. Morgan Druggist Montreal {small}
1-Can-Quebec-Montreal        J.E. Tremble Chemist Montreal {small}
1-Can-Quebec-Montreal        J.H. Nault Druggist & Optician Montreal  {small}
1-Can-Quebec-Montreal        Robert H. Byson Montreal {conical}
1-Can-Quebec-Sherbrooke        J.R.McBain Chemist Sherbrooke {small}
1-Can-Quebec-Toronto        J. D. Matheson Opposite Rossin House Toronto {small}
1-Can-Quebec-Westmount        W.S. Stone {monogram} Dispensing Chemist Westmount. {small}
1-Can-Sask-Moose Jaw        F.W. Marlatt Druggist Moose Jaw Sask {small}
1-Can-Sask-Moose Jaw        J.E.S.McClung Moose Jaw Sask {conical}
2-Argentina        Subeiran Chobet   {amber} {small}
2-Australia-Brisbane        Elliot Bros. {pic monogramed} {small}
2-Brazil-Rio De Janerio        Agua Ingleza De Grenado 12-Rua 10 De Marco-12 Rio De Janeiro
2-Bulgaria        Bulgarian Red Cross Relief
2-England        Meritor Dose Cup In Leather Case {etched}
2-England-Notingham        Boots  Cash Chemists "embossed" 2 1/2"
2-FRance-Paris         Quina Laroche var. ART dECO
2-Germany        For Breath Odol Breath And Teeth {etched}
AL-Anniston        Elam Drug Co.  Wholesale Druggists  Anniston ALA. {small}
AL-Birmingham        Nabers & Morrow {pic mortar & pestle r} Birmingham {small}
AL-Ensley        Lilly Drug Co. Ensley Ala (Small)
AL-Evergreen        Evergreen pharmacy phone 885-3497 deliveries a pleasure {T9}
AL-Florence        C.M. Southall  Druggist Florence Ala.  {small}
AL-Headland        For Purest Drugs Fairest Prices And Courteous Service Have your Prescription Filled At Cash Drug Store Headland
Ala. phone 81 {etched}
AL-Headland        For Purest Drugs Fairest Prices And Courteous Service Have your Prescription Filled At Cash Drug Store Headland
Ala. phone 91 {etched}
AL-Mobile        Bienville Pharmacy 164 St. Francis St. Mobil  Ala. {small}  
AL-Mobile        J.C. Hulsbush Druggist Mobile Ala. {small}
AL-Troy        Goldthwaite & Son Druggists Troy Ala {small}
AL-Woodlawn        Bain's Drug Company A.T. Odom Mgr. Ask Your Doctor 5500 First Ave. Woodlawn Ala. {Etched} {T3}
AR-Arkadelphia        Phillips Drugs The Rexall Store Phone CH 6 5818 Arkadelphia Ark. {blue ACL] {T9}
AR-Brinkley        We’re in business for your health Douglass Drug Co.  Brinkley Ark. {etched} {T3)
AR-Fort Smith        J.M. Sparks Druggist Ft. Smith Ark {small}
AR-Heber Springs        Bob Dashiell Druggist Heber Springs Ark {small}
AR-Hot Spring        Jackson's Pharmacy 844 Central Ave.
AR-Hot Springs        Arlington Pharmacy Hot Springs {conical}
AR-Hot Springs        Bancroft Weber & Co. Druggists Hot Springs Ark. {lsmall}
AR-Hot Springs        Compliments Of  Klein's Pharmacy  218  Central Ave  Hot Springs Ark. {large}
AR-Hot Springs        Compliments Of  Klein's Pharmacy Hot Springs Ark  {large}
AR-Hot Springs        E. C. Hart Druggist 610 Central Avenue {large}
AR-Hot Springs        Eisele Hunt {pic mortar & pestle r} Hot Springs Ark. {small}
AR-Hot Springs        F. J. Mobbs & Co. Druggist 522 Central Ave. Hot Springs Ark {large}
AR-Hot Springs        Henry Weimer Hot Springs Ark. {conical}
AR-Hot Springs        J.W. Angle Druggist Hot Springs {large}
AR-Hot Springs        Jackson's Pharmacy 218 Central Hot Springs
AR-Hot Springs        Jackson's Pharmacy 344 Central Ave. Hot Springs {small}
AR-Hot Springs        R.G. Morris Drug Co. 802 Central Ave. Hot Springs Ark. {small}
AR-Hot Springs        Schneck Drug Co. Ben Here Always 626 Central Ave. Cor. Prospect Hot Springs Ark {etched} {T3}
AR-Hot Springs        Smiley's Pharmacy Hot Springs Ark {small}
AR-Hot Springs        Sorrell's Drug Co. Hot Springs Ark. {large}  
AR-Hot Springs        St. Louis Drug Co. Hot Springs Ark. {small}
AR-Hot Springs-        R.G. Morris Drug Co Hot Springs Ark {Large}
AR-Hotsprings        Eisele & Hunt Drug Co. Arlington Pharmacy 810 Central Ave. Opp Arlington Hotel Hot Springs {etched}
AR-Litle Rock        Read Pharmacist Little Rock Ark
AR-Little Rock        Compliments Of A.C. Read Druggist Little Rock Ark. {small}
AR-Little Rock        Snodgrass And Brady Drug Co. 120 Main St. Little Rock Ark. {small}
AR-Malvern        Miller's Drug Store {small}
AR-Nashville        Rector Drug Store Nashville Ark {conical}
AR-Paris        Compliments Of Eagle Drug Co. Paris Arkansas {white etched} {HA}
AR-Pine Bluff        D. I. Mills & Co. Druggists Pine Bluff Ark. {small}
AR-Pine Bluff        L.B. Coon Druggist Pine Bluff Ark {small}
AR-Prescott        Nevada County Drug Store Free Delivery {spoon}
AR-Texarcana        V. T. Hannon Camp Ground All Modern Equipment Right on the Highway Right on the Price. 1700 Texas Ave. Phone
844 TEXARKANA U.S.A. Everything for the Automobile Pep Power Gasoline
AZ-Nogales        American Drug Store {conical}  {seller Colorado Springs CO.} {New Orleans LA has American Drug Store}
AZ-Phoenix        AZ-Phoenix        Get it right and take it right A. L. Boehmer”s Drug Store New Phones 24004 – 24005 Phoenix  {etched}
AZ-Phoenix        RX Zarrow's Apothecary 2013 W Bethany Home Rd Free Delivery AM 5-3920 {ACL} {T9}
AZ-Prescott        Stan Frazier {pic mortar & pestle L} Apothecary Shop Prescott Arizona {blue ACL} {T9}
AZ-Prescott        Stan Frazier {pic mortar & pestle} Apothecary Shop Prescott Arizona {red ACL} {T9}
AZ-Tempe        Laird & Dines Tempe {small}
AZ-Tucson        Santa Rita Drug Store C. Schwarzwaelder Ethical Prescription Druggists Broadway & Scott Tucson Arizona Phone 552
AZ-Yuma        Compliments Of Yuma Drug Co.{small
CA-Alameda        F.Binder's 1362 Park Strt. Alameda Pharmacy {small}
CA-Alameda        Sutherland Pharmacy F.A. Butter Proprietor Morton Station Alameda Calif. Phone Alameda 0336 {etched} {T1}
CA-Arcadia        Colonial Pharmacy 1326 S. Baldwin West Arcadia 447-3591 {black ACL} {T9}
CA-Auburn        McLaughlin Of Auburn {small}
CA-Bakersfield        From Hughes The Druggist Bakersfield {small}
CA-Berkeley        The American Pharmacy- R.L. Reid And H.L. Reid-Prescription Specialists- Store No. 1 Telegraph At Dwight- Phone:
Berkeley 95-Store No. 2 Shattuck At Bancroft-Phone: Berkeley 7725  {etched} {HA}
CA-Covina        CA-Covina-Celebrating Our 15th Anniversary Rose Professional Pharmacy Covina California ED 1-6328 {ACL red} {T9}
CA-Cucamonga        Padres Wine Bitters Tonic Vino Chinato {Cucamonga, CA}
CA-Escondido        The Medicine Dropper  {pic car} Stan's Drug 746-2426 {night} 745-4897 {green ACL} {T9}
CA-Exeter        Mixter The Druggist Exeter Cal {small}
CA-Fresno        Smith Bros. Druggists Fresno Cal {small}
CA-Fresno        Smith Bros. Trade S.B. Mark Catarrah Cure {small}
CA-Fresno        Uncle Sam's Herbs
CA-Garden Grove        Get It At Darling´s Pharmacy Garden Grove California  {etched}  {T1}
CA-Gilroy        Weaver & Wentz Prescription Druggists Gilroy Cal.  {small}
CA-Grass Valley        W.Loutzenheiser & Son Apothecaries Grass Valley Cal. {small}
CA-Hermosa Beach        Coast Drug Co. Frontier 2-6644 Hermosa Beach Calif {ACL} {T9}
CA-Hollister        Pond The Druggist Hollister Cal. {small}
CA-Lomita        Lomita Rexall Drug Corner Narbonne & Lomita HI 326-1485 {ACL Green} {T9}
CA-Long Beach        Oakford Of Long Beach {small}
CA-Los Angeles        Augustus Lang 12 th & Maple Los Angeles Druggist {small}
CA-Los Angeles        Axminster Pharmacy AX 4-71253 {black ACL} {T9}
CA-Los Angeles        C.F. Heinzeman Druggist 222 N. Main St. Los Angeles {small}
CA-Los Angeles        H.M. Sale & Son Druggists Los Angeles {small}
CA-Los Angeles        Henry J. Martin Prescriptions Los Angeles {small}
CA-Los Angeles        Littleboy's Pharmacy Los Angeles Cal. {small}
CA-Los Angeles        Nina Edmiston Jefferson & Vermont Telephone Blue 4701 {orange} {T3}
CA-Los Angeles        Sontag Drug Stores {metal Dose Indicator Spoon}
CA-Los Angeles        Watters Drug Store 5th & Wall {small}
CA-Los Angeles        Wolf & Chilson 2nd & Broadway Los Angeles {small}
CA-Marysville        J.A. Woodward Druggist Marysville {small}
CA-Maxwell        From Fouch's  {small}
CA-Monrovia        Thos. Neville The Rexall Store Monrovia {Small}
CA-Needles MO-St. Charles        Presented By Henry D. Meyer {small}
CA-Oxnard        Marvins Drug Store Prescription Experts Oxnard Calif. {white etched} {T1}
CA-Palo Alto        Compliments Of Hall's Pharmacy Palo Alto {small}
CA-Palos Verdes        Skinners Pharmacy Prescriptions 936-4244 {ACL] {T9}
CA-Pasadena        Caltech Pharmacy Prescriptions 882 E. california Pasadena Calif. Sycamore 2-2101  {etched} {T1}
CA-Paso Robles        W.C. Bennett Prescription Druggist Paso Robles {small}
CA-Pleasant Hill        Rexall Drugs Prescription Delivery Contra Costa Hwy. Pleasant Hill Calif 685-5133 {blue ACL} {T9}
CA-Quartz Hill        Eddies Quartz Hill Pharmacy WH 3-3224 {ACL T9}
CA-Red Bluff        Chas. H. Darrough Pharmacist Red Bluff Cal. {small}
CA-Redding        Presented By Redding Drug And Book Store Redding Cal.
CA-Riverside        Chas. E. Weck {Oranges At Center}The Prescription Druggist {large}
CA-Riverside        J.D. Sibrell Druggist Riverside CAl. {small}
CA-Sacramento        Made For The Ing & Allec Co. Druggists 719 K Street Sacramento Cal. {white etched} {2t-8t}
CA-Sacramento        Willis &  Martin Co. Pharmacists 212J St. And Cor.10 & K Sacramento {small}
CCA-Salinas        J.B. Scott's Pharmacy Salinas Cal {small}
CA-San Francisco        A.H. Smith & Co. {pic monogram} Polk & Bush Sts {small}
CA-San Francisco        Abrahams Pharmacy 1198 McAllister Street Cor. Fillmore San Francisco Calif. Telephone Park 241-242-243  
{red ACL}
CA-San Francisco        Boyson's 21st. & Valencia Pharmacy {small}
CA-San Francisco        C.C. Schaffle {Monogram} Druggist {small}
CA-San Francisco        D.H. Wulzen Druggist 17th & Castro Sts. San Francisco {small}
CA-San Francisco        E.B. Jorgensen Pharmacy 644 Kearny St.
CA-San Francisco        From Shaw's Pharmacy
CA-San Francisco        G.G. Burnett B Apothecary San Francisco {small}
CA-San Francisco        Gay Drug Co. 54 Third St. San Francisco {orange etched} {T3}
CA-San Francisco        Golden Rule Pharmacy 1799 McAllister St. San FRancisco Cal {large}
CA-San Francisco        J.A. Boyken Druggist San Francisco {small}
CA-San Francisco        J.J. McDonnell Apothecary San Francisco {small}
CA-San Francisco        Keck's Prescription Pharmacy's 454 Post St. Phone Kearney 7456 San Francisco {Red etched} {T1)
CA-San Francisco        Keck's Prescription Pharmacy's 454 Post St. Phone Kearney 7456 San Francisco {white etched} {T1)
CA-San Francisco        Laura Goodman Druggist Post & Buchanan  {small}
CA-San Francisco        Lengfeld's 202 Stockton St. S.F. Pharmacy {small}
CA-San Francisco        Lengfeld's 803 Sutter Street S.F. Pharmacy {small}
CA-San Francisco        Lengfeld's Pharmacy Ceary & Stockton SF {small}
CA-San Francisco        Lengfeld's Pharmacy San Francisco {small}
CA-San Francisco        Neon Drugs Prescription Experts 2901 Van Ness Cor. Chestnut Phone Ordway 5656 {white etched} {T1}
CA-San Francisco        P. Stein Mission Drug Store {spoon}
CA-San FRancisco        Pencovic Harris Co. Druggists 10 & 12 Taylor St. {small}
CA-San Francisco        REmember Dr. Currier's When In Need Of Medicine
CA-San Francisco        Remember Dr. Currier'sWhen In Need Of Medicine {etched} {T3}
CA-San Francisco        Shumate's 7 Stores
CA-San Francisco        Shumate's 7 Stores {small}
CA-San Francisco        Shumate's Prescription Pharmacy San Francisco {small}
CA-San Francisco        T.O.D.CO. 1 Wing Owl {small}
CA-San Francisco        T.O.D.CO.2 Wing Owl {small}
CA-San FRancisco        The Eagle Pharmacy San Francisco  {conical}
CA-San Francisco        The Owl Drug Co. {etched}
CA-San Francisco        Wakelee & Co. Druggists San Francisco {large}
CA-San Jacinto        James W. Buckley The Quality Grocer San Jacinto Cal. {etched}
CA-San Jose        L. Callisch Drugist 93 S. First St.  {small}
CA-San Jose        S.H. Wagener 89 N. First St. San Jose Cal. {small}
CA-San Jose        Wagener´s Drug Store Prescriptions a Specialty 75 N. First Street San Jose Cal. {etched}
CA-San Marcos        MacDonald Rexall Pharmacy phone 729-2308 San Marcos Pharmacy 744-5959 {large} {ACL red} {T9}
CA-San MArino        San Marino Pharmacy 2575 Mission DSt San Marino Calif 799-7199 MU-2-124 {ACL black} {T9}
CA-San Marino        The Huntington Pharmacy San Marino AT 7-9921 CU 2-4038 {red ACL} {T9}
CA-Santa Ana        White Cross Drug Co. Santa Ana {small]
CA-Santa Cruz        Hamilton Fay Pharmacist Santa Cruz Cal {small}
CA-Santa Rosa        Golden Eagle Drug Store Santa Rosa {large}
CA-Santa Rosa        J.W. Warboys Druggist Santa Rosa {large}
CA-Stockton        Clayes No Percentage Drug Store Stockton Cal {large
CA-Stockton        Patterson's Prescription Pharmacy Stockton
CA-Torrance        Del Amo Pharmacy Free Prescription Delivery Frontier 1-1211 {ACL black} {T9}
CA-Tulare        From Ryan's Drug Store Tulare. {small}
CA-Tulare        Test The Druggist {small}
CA-Turlock        The Yosemite {red etched} {T5}
CA-Victorville        Ghio & Co's Drug Store 5th & Forrest Ave
CA-Visalia        Kibler's Reliable Drug Store Visalia Cal. {small}
CO-Colorado Springs        Colorado Springs Drug Co. {spoon}
CO-Colorado Springs        Dr. L.N. Depeyre Colo. Spgs.Colo.  {conical}
CO-Colorado Springs        Prompt Pharmacy {metal Dose Indicator spoon}
CO-Cripple CReek        From The Palace Pharmacy {Conical}
CO-Denver        5 Points Drug Store 2701 Welton St Denver Colo {small}
CO-Denver        A.G. Clarke & Co. {morter & pestle} Denver Colo {small}
CO-Denver        C.S. Prowitt Druggist Denver Colo {small}
CO-Denver        Ed. F. Trunk Cor. 16th. & Tremont Sts. Denver Colo. {small}
CO-Denver        G.F. Hatch Druggist 1401 Broadway Denver Colo. {small}
CO-Denver        Hoffman's Pharmacy {conical}
CO-Denver        Kilbride Pharmacists Denver Colorado
CO-Denver        Parlor Drug Store  Cor. 15th & Curtis  Denver {Large}
CO-Denver        Trunk Bros. Druggists 400 16th. St. Denver {small}
CO-Denver        Ward's Pharmacy Denver 8th. Ave. & Broadway {small}
CO-Fort Collins        Scotts Pharmacy {monogram} Fort Collins {large}
CO-Greeley        The Clark & Faulkner Drug Co. {conical}
CO-Montrose        Compliments Chas. J. Getz Druggist Montrose Colo. {large}
CT-Bridgeport        F.J. Ostropsky's Pharmacy  {conical}
CT-Bridgeport        W.I Nichols 1244 Stratford Ave. {conical}
CT-Danielson        CT-Danielson-L.J. Morin Ph.D. Prescription Pharmacist Cyr. Nuilding Danielson Conn. {etched} {T3}
CT-East Hampton        Chatham Pharmacy Hitchcock”s 78 Main Street East Hampton Conn. Phone 16 {white etched} {T1}
CT-Glennbrook        Phillips Milk Of Magnesia spoon {Milk of Magnesia The Chas. H. Phillips Chemical Company Glennbrook Conn.}
CT-Guiilford        Guilford S.A. Richards Druggist Guilford Conn. {small}
CT-Hartford        Rapely Drug Co. Hartford Conn. {conical}
CT-Hartford        Union Bitters
CT-Meriden        Marvin Apothecary Meriden {small}
CT-New Britain        City Hall Pharmacy Inc.  M. A. Axelrod Reg. Pharm. Mgr. City Hall Bldg.  New Britain Conn.  Free Dilivery - Telephone
434 (etched} {T1-2}
CT-New Hartford        R.G. Foster Pharmacist New Hartford CT
CT-New Haven        C.G. Spaulding New Haven CT. {conical}
CT-New Haven        Prescriptions By Wm. M. Dick Pharmacist 80 Collegee St. Roger Sherman Bldg. Phone 7-1271 New Haven Conn
{white etched} {T1}
CT-New London        Starr Bros. Inc. Druggists. New London Conn. The Rexall Store {HA}
CT-Norwich        Steiner's {pic monogram} Pharmacy
CT-Stamford        Jones Drug Stores Stamford Conn. Phones 3-2684 4-0444 3-0612 {etched} {T1-2}
CT-Stonington        Burtch's Drug Store Stonington Conn. {small}
CT-Stonington        Dr. C.E. Brayton & Co. Pharmacists Stonington {small}
CT-Torrington        Nolans Drug Store 46 & 48 Water Street Torrington Conn {etched T3}
CT-Waterbury        Apothecaries Hall Co. Waterbury Ct. {small}
CT-Waterbury        Bring Your Prescriptions To Cannon & Jones 354 W. Main Cor. N. Willow St. Waterbury Conn. {etched}{T3}
CT-Willamantic        Apothecaries Hall Willimantic {small}
CT-Willamantic        S. Chesbro Willamantic Conn {conical}
CT-Winstead        L.P. Case Prescription Druggist 74 Main St. Winsted Conn. {etched} {T3)
DC        Augustus  C. Taylor Pharmacist Washington DC {small}
DC        Bliss Native Herbs Manufactured By The Alonzo O. Bliss Co. Washington D.C.
DC        Ebitt HousePharmacy Washington D.C. {Large}
DC        G.M.C. Nerve And Stomach Tonic Washington Homeopathic Pharmacy 1007 H St. N.W. Wash. D.C. W.B. Furr Prop {etched}
DC        J.E. Gessfords cor 9th & U Sts N Washington DC {small}
DC        Nature's Cure Manufactured By The National Drug Co. Washington DC USA  {large}
DC        One Of The 9 Best 14th At V Drug Stores Save Money At Hurlebaus {small}
DC        Our Native Herbs The Alonzo O.Bliss Co. Washington D.C. Proprietors {large}
DC        Our Native HerbsThe Alonzo O.Bliss Co. Washington Kansas CitySan Francisco & Chicago Montreal London {large}
DC        People Pharmacy Wash. D.C. {conical}
DC        Perkins American Herbs {pic monogram} The National Herb. Co. Washington {large}
DC        Quigley's 21st & G Sts NW One Of The 9 Best Drug Stores {small}
DC        Robt. P. Stone Pharmacist N.W. Cor. 7th & L Sts. N.W. Washington D.C. {small}
DC        The American Drug Co. Washington D.C. U.S.A. {large}
DC        The American Drug Co. Washington D.C. U.S.A. Proprietors Of Natures Herb Remedy
DC        The Dr. Perkins Medical Co. Washjington D.C. {large}
DC        The Dr. Perkins Medical Co. Washjington D.C. {large} {All the N's are backwards}
DC        The Great American Herb Company Washington D.C. USA Proprietors of Herbs {large}
DE-Dover        Cowgill & Green {pic monogram}  Dover Del. {small}
DE-Willmington        T.H. Cappeau Pharmacist Opp. B & O Station Phone 8537- 8538 We Deliver {Etched} {T1}
DE-Wilmington        Herbert K. Watson {pic mono} Wilmington
DE-Wilmington        T.H. Cappeau Pharmacist Opp. B & O Station Phone 8537- 8538 We Deliver {Etched}
FL-Daytona Beach        Bogart Pharmacy The Beach’s Pioneer Druggist 720 Main Phone 14 {white etched} {2t-8t}
FL-Deltona        Deltona Rexall Phone 668-448- Deltona Fla. {black ACL} {T9}
FL-Fort Lauderdale        Beck's Drug Store Accuracy For Your Prescriptions Fort Lauderdale Fla {etched} {HA}
FL-Groveland        Kurfiss Rexall Pharmacy Phone 429-3192 Groveland Fla. {ACL} {T9}
FL-Jacksonville        From THe Everett Pharmacy Jacksonville FL {Large}
FL-Jacksonville        J.K Attwood Pharmacist 1024 Park Street At Five Points Jacksonville Fla. Telephones 7-2133 7-2135 Quality
Accuracy Service Free Motor Delivery {etched} {T1}
FL-Key West        Gardner's Pharmacy Fine Prescription Service Phone 177 Key West {etched} {T1}
FL-Lakeland        Lewis Rexall Drugs Lakeland Hills Blvd. At Crawford Phone MU 6-2101 Lakeland {blacl ACL} {T9}
FL-Leesburg        B & W Rexall Prescription Centers 401 W. Main 787-3333 100 E. Dixie 787-3801 {ACL}{T9}
FL-Leesburg        Crescent Drug Store Leesburg, Fla. {etched} T3}
FL-Madison        Your Prescription Is Filled Right Why Not Take It Right Coggoins Drug Store Phone 8 Madison Florida {T1-2}
FL-Miami        ARTS Rexall Drug Secundum ARTum Phone OX 5-671 {Blue ACL T9}
FL-Orlando        B.C. Abernathy Orlando Fla. {conical}
FL-Orlando        South Paramore Pharmacy Phone GA 2-6216  Where Quality Excels Cor. Paramore & South Orlando Fla {red ACL} {T9}
FL-St. Petersburg        Your Prescription Is Filled Right-Why Not Take It Right THe McKinnon Drug Co. St. Petersburg Fla. {white etched}
FL-Tallahasee        Burdine's Drug Store Inc. Tallahasee Fla  {ACL} {T9}
FL-Tampa        Compliments of Wiliams Pharmacy
FL-Tampa        Hale Only The Best Tampa FL {small}
FL-Tampa        Hiram J. Hampton Physician & Surgeon Tampa Fla  {small}
FL-Tampa        Nilo's Pharmacy Rexall Pharmacy Serving You For Over 16 Years 1377 78th St. South Phone 626-8175 Tampa Fla
{blueACL} {T9}
FL-Tarpon Springs   Your Prescription Is Filled Right Why Not Take It Right The Old Reliable Drug Store Tarpon Springs FL
{etched-T1- 2 1-4)
FL-West Hollywood         For your protection only the finest drugs Jackson's Rexall Drugs 10th anniversary Zone -840 {etched} 3 1/2"
GA-Athens        Moon-Winn Drug Co. {Metal Dose Indicator Spoon}
GA-Atlanta        From Avary's Pharmacy Atlanta GA {large}
GA-Atlanta        Jacob's Pharmacy Atlanta Ga.  {large}
GA-Atlanta        Jacobs Pharmacy Co. Prescription Department {etched}  {T3}
GA-Atlanta        Sol Grondheim Druggist Atloanta GA {spoon}
GA-Atlanta        The Surgical Selling Co. Atlanta GA {Large}
GA-Atlanta        Todds Drug Store Atlanta {conical}
GA-Comelia        Our Sincere Desire Is To Keep You Healthy Hooper's Drug Store Cornelia's Dependable Prescription Store The Right
Service Right Quick Phone 64 {etched} {HA}
GA-Fayetteville        Fayetteville Drugs Rexall Don Scarbrough R. PH Pescription Specialists Phone 461-7685 {ACL} {T9}
GA-Jefferson        Jefferson Drug Co. Phone 367-5221 127 Lee St.
GA-Savannah        Dr Ulmers Liver Regulater Savannaa GA
GA-Savannah        Solomons Co. Druggists Savannah GA {small}
GA-Thomasville        S.J. Cassels Druggist Thomasville GA {small}
GA-Thomson        Branan's Drug Store {Metal dose indicator spoon}
IA-Atlantic        Vic. Emmert & Co Druggist  Atlantic Iowa {small}
IA-Bellevue        Ahlers & Son Pharmacists Bellevue Iowa {small}
IA-Burlington        Service with Courtesy {pic mortar & pestle r Monogramed-C.D.Co.} {small}
IA-Centerville        Red Cross Drug Co. Centerville Iowa {etched} {T1}
IA-Charles City        Miles Bros. Druggist Charles City IA
IA-Clarinda        J.H. Luers Drug Co. Clarinda Ia. {large}
{etched {T1}
IA-Creston        J. W. Cherry Summit House Druggist Creston Iowa {small}
IA-Davenport        A. Riepe Optician Davenport Ia. {small}
IA-Davenport        Dr. Con-Naughton Specialist Davenport Iowa  {small}
IA-Davenport        H. A. Emeis Druggist Davenport Iowa {small}
IA-Davenport        Klenzes We Are In Bussiness Pharmacy Davenport IOwa For Your Health {small}
IA-Davenport        Try Riepe's Maple Cough Cure Can't Be Beat {small}
IA-Davenport        Your Health Is Our Business Hanson Drug Co.  Davenport Ia {etched} {T3}
IA-Decorah        Rambo Pharmacy 382-2275 Decorah IA {T9}
IA-Des Moines        A. H. Miles Expert Pharmacist Des Moines Iowa  {small}
IA-Des Moines        Drs. Copeland & McLean Des Moines IA. {small}
IA-Des Moines        Harlan Bros. Druggists Des Moines Ia
IA-Des Moines        Schmucker & Loper Cor.E.5th. & Locust Sts. Des Moines Iowa {small}
IA-Des Moines        Waterbury's Cod Liver Oil Comp. New York Toronto Des Moines  {small}
IA-Dubuque        Always The Best Red Cross Drug Store 784 Main St. Dubuque Iowa {red acl}
IA-Eldon        Phelps & Shore (pic mortar and pestle) Who's Your Pill Roller  Druggists Eldon IA. {large}
IA-Fairfield        Bradshaw & Thoma Druggists West Side Fairfield Iowa {small}
IA-Fontanelle        R H Barr & Co Druggist Fontanelle Ia {etched} {T3)
IA-Fort Atkinson        E.E. Sheldon Druggist Fort Atkinson
IA-Fort Madison        J.H. Axt & Co. Druggists Ft. Madison Iowa {small}
IA-Ft. Madison        Axt Drug Co {small}
IA-Hampton        E.V. Baldwin's Pharmacy Hampton Iowa {small}
IA-Harlan        B.B. McPheeters Druggist Harlan IA {small}
IA-Humboldt        J.F. Koontz Druggist Humboldt Iowa  {large}
IA-Iowa City        Henry Lewis Druggist Iowa City Iowa {white etched} {T1}
IA-Iowa City        Universaty Hospital State University Of Iowa lowa City Iowa {large}
IA-Iowa City        W.E. Shrader Druggist Iowa City Iowa {small}
IA-Kiron        C.C. Walters Druggist of Kiron IA {conical}
IA-Knoxville        The Rexall Store J. H. Power Knoxville Iowa {etched} {T1}
IA-Malvern        Brothers & Reid Pharmacists Malvern Iowa {small}
IA-Manchester        Compliments H.C.Smith Druggist Manchester Ia. {small}
IA-Mason City        C.D.V McKinley The Rexall Druggist Mason City Ill {Etched} {HA}
IA-Mt. Pleasant        From Van Cise & Co.Druggists Mt. Pleasant Iowa {small}
IA-Mt. PLeasant        J.H. Jericho & Co. Druggists Mt. Pleasant Iowa {small}
IA-Mt. Pleasant        J.H. Jericho & Co. Mt. Pleasant {conical}
IA-Muscatine        City Drug Store McBride & Cope Muscatine Iowa {small}
IA-Newton        Newton Manufacturing Co. T9- set
IA-Red Oak        Red Cross Drug Store The Store Of Quality Red Oak Iowa Phone 623-3370 1904-1974 Pharmacists D Kollion G Killion
{ACL} {T9}
IA-Red Oak        Red Cross Drug Store The Store Of Quality Red Oak Iowa Phone 623-3370 1904-1974 Pharmacists R. Killion 3836 G
Killion 2297 D. Killion 4669 {ACL} {T9}
IA-Sac City        R.H. Lamoreux Druggist Sac City Iowa  {small}
IA-Seymore        Pure Drugs At McCoys Pharmacy Seymore Iowa {tched} {T3}
IA-Shenandoa        75th Anniversary George Jay Drug Co. Dependable Druggists Shenandoah Iowa One Of Iowa's Fine Drug Stores
{blue ACL}. {T9}
IA-Shenandoah        George Jay Drug Co. Dependable Druggists Shenandoah Iowa One Of Iowa's Fine Drug Stores Since 1888 {T9}
IA-Shenandoah In-Munch        Uncle Sam's Herbs
IA-Sicourney        North West Corner Drug Store Sicourney Iowa {small}
IA-Sioux City        A Remembrance From Johnson Drug Store 606 Fifth St. Phone 55903 Sioux City Iowa {etched} {HA}
IA-Villiska        Dr.L.J. Lynch Druggist Villisca IA  {small}
IA-Waterloo        Wood & Wyant Co. Druggists Waterloo Iowa {small}
IA-Webster City        Buster Brown Drug On The Corner Webster City Ia. {small}
IA-Wellman        The Rexall Store Wellman Iowa white etched} {T3}
IA-West UNion        C.W. Douglass Druggist West Union IA {small}
IA-West Union        Fred W. White City Drug Store West Union Iowa {small}
IA-Winterset        Smith Winterset Iowa {small}
ID-Lewiston        The Owl Drug Store Lewiston Idaho {large}
ID-Moscow        Best Drugs Money Can Buy Hodgkins Druggist Moscow Idaho {white etched} {T3}
ID-Wallace        Compliments Of Steward Bros. Wallace
IL- Bear Grove        BEARGROVE {footed}
IL-Aledo        T.H. Cobb Druggist 103 E 7th St  Aledo Illinois Both Phones  No 7 {etched 2t 8t ]
IL-Arcola        The Wide Awake Drug Store Arcola Ill {large}
IL-Arrowsmith        Geo. F. Lester Druggist Arrowsmith Il {large}
IL-Belleville        Feickert's Pharmacy Public Square Belleville Ill {small}
IL-Belleville        Kempff's Pharmacy Belleville Ill. {small}
IL-Belleville        Nold's Pharmacy Belelvile ILL {conical}
IL-Belvidere        Dr. G.C. Tallerday  Belvidere Ill {large}
IL-Bloomington        Chriss Carver Pharmacist Bloomington Ill {small}
IL-Bloomington        Illinois Pharmacy Bloomington Ill {conical}
IL-Blue Island        John M. Hart Druggist Western Ave. & New St. Blue Island Phone E. 141 & 70 {HA}
IL-Bushnell        H.W. Harpster Druggist Bushnell Ill {large}
IL-Cairo        H.W. Schuh Druggist Cairo, Ills {Large}
IL-Canton        H. B. Gustine Druggist Canton ILL  {small}
IL-Carlinville        Theo. C. Loehr Druggist Carlinville Ill {small}
IL-Chandlerville        John C. Morse Druggist Chandlerville ILL {small}
IL-Chicago        A. Arend Chicago {small}
IL-Chicago        A. Stamm 203 Blue Island Ave. Chicago {small}
IL-Chicago        A.D. MacGregor 6239 So. Kedzie Ave. Chicago Ill {white etched} {T1}
IL-Chicago        A.M. Rothschild Druggist Chicago Ill {large}
IL-Chicago        A.P. Freund Pharmacist Chicago {large}
IL-Chicago        Alexian Bros. Hospital Pharmacy {Conical}
IL-Chicago        Alexian Hospital Pharmacy Argadius Voiss Druggist Briden & Reine Aves. Chicago Ill {small}
IL-Chicago        Buck & Rayner Chmists & Perfumers Chicago {small}
IL-Chicago        C.S.  Allen Pharmacist 4300 Cottage Grove Ave {spoon}
IL-Chicago        Crescent Pharmacy 5900 Halsted St. {conical} 1906 New Era Druggists DirectoryC838C1-29
IL-Chicago        Dr. O. F. Snyder Chicago New York Boston {small}
IL-Chicago        Dr. O. W. Snyder McVickers  Theatre Chicago {small}
IL-Chicago        E.W. Bothe Ptrescription Druggist Tel Canal 1 Chicago {white etched} {T3}
IL-Chicago        George Karg Druggist 952 Milwaukee Ave. {large}
IL-Chicago        Hahneman Pharmacy Chicago
IL-Chicago        Heidbreder Bros. Druggists 802 State Street {small}
IL-Chicago        Hugo F. Baur Druggist  120 W. Madison {small}
IL-Chicago        John Conrad Druggist 239 State St. Chicago (Small)  
IL-Chicago        Kim Rexall Pharmacy 15401 Cottage Grove VI. 1-0900 {etched} {T9}
IL-Chicago        L.N. Merz & Sons Drugs And Prescriptions Only 2921 Lincoln Ave. Chicago {etched}  {T1-2} {8t-2tbl}
IL-Chicago        Lax-Well Cures Costipation {black etched} {T1}
IL-Chicago        Martin M. Prince Druggist Chicago Ill. {spoon}
IL-Chicago        Michael Reese Hospital Chicago  {conical}
IL-Chicago        One Dose Kiowa Tonic
IL-Chicago        R.E. Rhode Pharmacist Chicago {small}
IL-Chicago        S.H. Jackson Cor. Van Buren And Leavitt {small}
IL-Chicago        Salamander Medicine Glass {large}
IL-Chicago        Sharp & Smith Chicago {large}
IL-Chicago        Sharp & Smith Chicago Ill. {etched} {T3}
IL-Chicago        S-M-S- Herb Nu Tonic 1869 N. Damen Ave. Chicago Ill {embossed on The inside} {large}
IL-Chicago        State Adams & Dearborn Sts. The Fair Chicago  {large}
IL-Chicago        The Stevens Hotel Pharmacy Chicago [white etched} {T1}
IL-Chicago        Thompson”s Phosphate Co. Chicago {small cup}
IL-Chicago        Thompson's Phosphate Co. Chicago Wild Cherry {small cup}
IL-Chicago        Uncle Sam's Herbs {stemmed}
IL-Chicago        Wabash Avenue Pharmacy-4311 Wabash Ave. Chicago {small}
IL-Chicago        Walgreen Co. Drugs With A Reputation {etched}
IL-Colchester        Colchester R.W. Hendel Druggist Colchester IL {large}
IL-Danville        Arthur Esslinger The Druggist Danville ILL {large}
IL-Danville        Oetzel & Torrance Prescription Druggists 20 N. Vermilion St. Danville {Large}
IL-Decature        Compliments Of A.J. Blaine Decature Ill. (Small)
IL-Downers Grove        V. Simonson Pharmacist Downers Grove Ill {small}
IL-East Moline        Siebke's Drug Store Rexall Store East Moline Ill {small}
IL-East St. Louis        A. Mootz's Aesculap Apothecary Shop East St. Louis Il
IL-East St. Louis        G. A. Hartnagel Druggist East St. Louis ILL  {small}
IL-East St. Louis        G.A. Hartnagel {mortar & pestle L} R.P.H. -Good Luck {white etched}
IL-East St. Louis        Henry F. Bader Pharmacists East St. Louis Ills {small}
IL-East St. Louis        Jacob W. Gain Druggist 523 Collinsville East St. Louis Il
IL-East St. Louis        M. Sondag Druggist 228 Collinsville Ave East St. Louis Ill {small}
IL-East St. Louis        P.L. Gain Druggist 9th. St. & Baugh Ave. East St. Louis Il
IL-East St. Louis        Thos. Knoebel Druggist East St. Louis  {small}
IL-Effingham        Cornwell-s Drug Store Effingham Ill {small}
IL-Effingham        L.H. Broom & Co. Druggists Effingham Ill {small}
IL-El Paso        Compliments Of John B. Michels Druggist El Paso Ill {etched}
IL-Elgin        Juby's Pharmacy Robert C. Juby R. Ph. Cor. State And Walnut Avenue Phone 741-0273 Elgin Illinois {blue ACL} {T9}
IL-Elgin        Munch Pharmacy Free Prescription Delivery Phone 741-1940 {black ACL} {T9}
IL-Evanston        Central Pharmacy For Prescriptions 1900 Central St. Evanston Two Phones 1213-1953 {etched} {T1-2t-8t}
IL-Freeport        Emmert & Burrell Freeport Ill {small}
IL-Freeport        H.J. Moogk Druggist Freeport {small}
IL-Galena        Holander's Drug Store Galena ILL. {conical}
IL-Galesburg        Lescher Drug CFo. Druggists Galesburg Ill {Large}
IL-Gardner        F.H. SPILLER Druggist Gardner Illinois {white etched} {T3}
IL-Gillespie        F.W. Schmidt Druggist Gillespie Ill {small}
IL-Girard        Claude B. Smith The Rexall Druggist Girard ILL {etched} {T1}
IL-Havana        W.H. Allen Druggist Havana Ill. {small}
IL-Heyworth        Hugh Robb Druggist Heyworth Ill {large}
IL-Kanakee        Roy's Pharmacy H.J. Frigon Mgr. Prescription Druggist  193 Court St. Kanakee Ill {T3}
IL-Lemont        J.G Bodenschatz Druggist Lemont ILL {large}
IL-Lewiston        Perry Standard Druggist Lewiston Ill {small}
IL-Lincoln        Chas. C. Reed M.D. Druggist Lincoln ILL {small}
IL-Litchfield        Frank R. Milner Corner Drug Store {small}
IL-Lovington        Herb-A-Parilla Blood Liver And Stomach Remedy Pompey Med. Co. Lovington Ill {large}
IL-Marshall        Green & Harlan Druggists Marshall Ill. {small}
IL-Martinsville        O.E. Fasig & Co. Druggist Martinsville {Large}
IL-Mason City        Allen Bradley Registered Pharmacist Mason City IL
IL-Maywood        Edw. H. Habersham & Co. Driuggists Maywood Ills. {large}
IL-Mendota        Dennison Drug Co. Corner Drug Store Mendita Illinois {etched} {T3}
Il-Mendota        Haass & Tesche Druggists Mendota Ill {small}
IL-Moline        Emil Heimbeck Druggist Moline Ill {small}
IL-Moline        Geo. W. Sohrbeck 514 15th St Moline ILL {small}
IL-Moline        H.Sandstrom Druggist Moline Ill {small}
IL-Moline        Sohrbeck Bos. Druggists Moline Ill {small}
IL-Moline        Sohrbeck Bros. Moline Ill. {conical}
IL-Monmouth        J.G. Dunbar Druggist Monmouth Ill {small}
IL-Monmouth        Smith & Dunbar Druggists Monmouth Ill. {small}
IL-Monmouth        Zimmer's Drug Store The Rexall Store Phone 165 Monmouth Illinois {blue etched} {T1}
IL-Morton        Compliments Of G. W. Moschel PH. G. Druggist {etched} {T3}
IL-Morton Grove        Huzzah Glass {2 7/8"} four finger shot glass
IL-Mounds        Compliments Of Crosson's Prescription Store Mounds Ill {etched}
IL-Mount Prospect        Xttrium Glass {blue etched} 2 1/4"
IL-New Athens        Dr. Franz Baeumer New Athens  Ill {small}
IL-New Boston        Compliments Of I.F. Patterson Corner Restaurant & Bakery New Boston Il {etched}
IL-Oregon        Charter's Drug Store Oregon Ill {conical}
IL-Ottawa        Duncan & Perkins Druggists Ottawa Ill {small}
IL-Ottawa        Duncan Drug Co. Inc. Phones 123 & 134 {white etched} {T1}
IL-Ottawa        Vittums China Hall {small}
IL-Ottawa        Wm. D. Duncan Ottawa Ill.  {conical}
IL-Palmer        J.F. Miller M.D. Physician and Surgeon Palmer Illinois {etched} {T3}
IL-Pekin        Ehrlicher Bros. Druggista Peoria Ill {small}
IL-Peoria        De Kroyft's Drugs 126 N. Adams St. Peoria Ills. {small}
IL-Peoria        Eug. Zimmerman Druggist Peoria Ill {small}
IL-Peoria        Grimson's Prescription Phrmacy 1415 S. Adams St. Peoria Ill {small}
IL-Peoria        Herman L. Ziegler East Bluff Pharmacy Telephone 656 624 Knoxville Ave. Peoria Ill. {large}
IL-Peoria        J.E. Durkin Druggist Peoria Ill {small}
IL-Peoria        Zimmermann & Co. Druggists Peoria Ill {small}
IL-Peoria        Zimmermann Druggist Peoria Ill {small}
IL-Perry        R Shoemaker Druggist Perry Ill
IL-Perry        Zimmerman Druggist Perry Ill {large}
IL-Pontiac        McGregor's Pharmacy Pontiac ILL. {conical}
IL-Pontiac        R.F. Bradford Druggist Pontiac ILL {small}
IL-Quincy        A. Achelpohl & Son Druggists 1005 S.Me. St. Quincy Ill {small}
IL-Quincy        A. Achelpohl & Son Druggists 1005 State St Quincy Ill {small}
IL-Quincy        Byrom Whitfield Pharmacist  8th & Hamp Sts. Quincy Ill {small}
IL-Quincy        Court House Pharmacy Chas. E. Wetzel Everything In Drugs Etc. Quincy ILL {etched} {T3}
IL-Quincy        Germann's Prescription Pharmacy Cor. 8th & State {small}
IL-Quincy        H. Schroeder Pharmacist Quincy Ill {small}
IL-Quincy        H.W. Kendall Druggist Quincy ILL {small}
IL-Quincy        Newcomb Pharmacy Quincy Il.  {conical}
IL-Quincy        Newcomb Pharmacy Quincy ILL {small}
IL-Quincy        Purity-Accuracy-Promptness Miller & Arthur Drug Co. Reliable Druggists Quincy Ill {etched} {T3}
IL-Quincy        Trade At Heidbreder's Drug Store's {small}
IL-Quincy        W.H. Heidbreder & Co. Pharmacists 12th & Broadway {small}
IL-Rock Falls        J.M. Bickford Pharmacist Rock Falls ILL {small}
IL-Rock Island        Take Your Prescriptions To The Harper House Pharmacy {small}
IL-Rockford        John R. Porter Druggist Rockford Ill {small}
IL-Springfield        Chas. Ryan {pic monogram} Druggist Springfield {small}
IL-Springfield        Dalrymple {small}
IL-Springfield        Dodd's The Druggist 5th And Monroe {small}
IL-Springfield        L.F.W. Sommer & Bro. Druggists 4th. & Washington Sts. Springfield Ill {small}
IL-Springfield        Phillips Drug Store N.E. Corner 6th. And Monroe A Good Place To Trade Springfield Ill. Phone M315  {etched} {HA}
IL-Springfield        Stewart Broadwell Druggist Springfield ILLS {small}
IL-Staunton        Fritz The Druggist Staunton Ill. {etched} {T3}
Il-Stonington        J.T. Bauer Druggist Stonington Ill {large}
IL-Streamwood        Monaco Drugs & Liquors Your Rexall Store 237 Irving Park Road Streamwood ILL TE-2361 {ACL}{Hogs Men Ladies}
IL-Sycamore        P.K. Jones Druggist Sycamore {small}
IL-Taylorville        Lem Purnell Druggist Taylorville Il {small}
IL-Tonlon        Compliments Of C.D. McClenahan Ph.G. & R.P. {etched} {T3}
IL-Urbana        Knowlton & Bennett Prescription Druggists Cor Main & Race Sts. Urbana ILL {etched} {HA}
IL-Watseka        T.S. Arnold & Son Pharmacists Watseka Ill The Rexall Store {etched} {T3}
IL-West Aurora        Checkered Drug Store C.A. Goodwin  W. Aurora Ill. {small}
IN-Anderson        City Drug Store E.R. Gesaman Prop. Anderson Ind {small}
IN-Anderson        Wilson's Pharmacy 29th at Meridian Anderson Indiana Phone 643-3387 {blue ACL} {T9}
IN-Argos        H. E. Alleman Druggist The Rexall Store Argos Ind. {etched} {T1-2t-8t}
IN-Bluffton        Sturgis & Stout 203-205 Market St. Bluffton Ind. {etched} {T1-2t-8t}
IN-Brazil        Mendenhall's No. 1 Pharmacy Inc. The Prescription Store Brazil Ind. Phones 431- 432 {etched} {HA}
IN-Center Point        Cecil J. Pollum Prescription Druggist Center Point Ind. {etched} {T3}
IN-Columbus        Theo. E. Otto The Prerscription Druggist Columbus IN D {small}    
IN-Delphi        Compliments Of Lytle & Orr Co. Delphi Ind {etched}
IN-Evansville        Mendenhall's Chill & Fever Tonic "Brazil, Indiana"
IN-Evansville        Schlaepfer Evansville Ind. {conical}
IN-Evansville         W.F. Epmeier Druggist Evansville INd {small} C1003
IN-Fort Wayne        The Progress  Medicine Co.  Dr.J.J.Kerrs  Remedies  Ft Wayne Ind {large}
IN-Frankton        E.H. Phillips Leading Druggist Frankton Ind {small}
IN-Ft. Wayne        A.J. Keller Pharmacist Ft. Wayne Ind {spoon}
IN-Huntington        The Val Dona Store ..The Pioneer Drug Co. ..cor. Jefferson & Market St...Huntington {etched} {T1-2t-8t}
IN-Idaville        Compliments  Bryan's  Drug House {conical}
IN-Indianapolis        Baron Bros Druggists 703 Wash St Indianapolis {small}
IN-Indianapolis        Browning & Son Apothecaries Hall Indianapolis {small}
IN-Indianapolis        C.G. Mueller Druggist 667 Virginia Ave{spoon}
IN-Indianapolis        C.H. Schad. & Co.Druggists Indianapolis Ind. {small}
IN-Indianapolis        Dr. J.J. Kerr's Family Medicines Iidianapolis Ind. {large}
IN-Indianapolis        Frank H. Carter Druggist Indianapolis {small}
IN-Indianapolis        J. N. Hurty Druggist Indianapolis {small}
IN-Indianapolis        J. N. Hurty Druggist Indianapolis {spoon}
IN-Indianapolis        J.B. Dill Pharmacist Halcyon Block {small}
IN-Indianapolis        Jos M Dwyer Druggist Madison Ave & Morris {spoon}
IN-Indianapolis        L.H. Schulmeyer Druggist Virginia Ave. & South St. Indianapolis {etched} {T3}
IN-Indianapolis        L.S. Stockman Druggist 251 NO. Illinois St. Indianapolis {spoon}
IN-Indianapolis        Loaned By American Nut Company Indianapolis Ind. {large cup}
IN-Indianapolis        McSoley Pharmacy Your Pharmacy For Prescriptions 62nd & Allisinville Road Indianapolis Phone 255-2419 {ACL}
IN-Indianapolis        Sloan Apothecary Indianapolis {small}
IN-Indianapolis        W.W.Scott 667 Virg. Ave. Indianapolis {small}
IN-Jeffersonville        Hangers Drug Store 437 Spring St. Jeffersonville Ind.  Dial Bu 3-3591 {green ACL} T9}
IN-Knightstown        Jolly Rexall Drugs Knightstown Indiana Phone 5-7475{ACL] {T9}
IN-Knox        Evert's Prescription Store 772-3713 Knox Indiana {black ACL} {T9}
IN-La Porte        Meissner's Pharmacy 820 Main St. La Porte Ind. {small}
IN-LaFayette        Fishers's 146 La Fayette Ind Main Pharmacy {large}
IN-Lawrenceburgh        W.H. Jordan Druggist Lawrenceburgh Ind. {small}
IN-Madison        J.E.G.F. Harper & Co. Madison Ind {conical}
IN-Madison        W.G. Heberhart Pharmacist West End Drug Store Madison Ind {small}
IN-Martinsville        J.M. Carleton Druggist Martinsville Indiana {etched} {T3}
IN-Mishawaka        Mishawaka Pharmacy E.H. Longstreet Mishawaka Ind {small}
IN-Muncie        Rotz West Side Pharmacy 2903 West Jackson Muncie Indiana  Phone 288 3633 {ACL} {T9}
IN-Munster        Prompt Professional Service Temple Drive In Pharmacy Temple-6-6110 7005 Calumet Avenue Munster Indiana Use Our
Drive In Window {black acl} {T9}
IN-New Albany        Ed. F. Trunk Oak & Vincennes Sts. Druggist {small}
IN-New Albany        G.E. Trunk West End Druggist New Albany {small}
IN-New Albany        Oak Drugs Prescriptions Wh  5-7633 2255 Charlestown Rd. New Albany Ind With Accent On Service {blue ACL} {T9}
IN-Portland        Calhoun Drugs Across From The Hospital In Portland Indiana Phone 726 7660  {ACL] {T9}
IN-Richmond        Adam's Drug Store 601 Main St. Richmond Ind. {small}
IN-Richmond        Wampler The Druggist Richmond
IN-Ridgeville        Hiatt's Drug Store Ridgeville Ind. {small}
IN-Rockville        Dick H. Ott The Rexall Store Rockville Ind. Phone 89 {etched} {T1-2t-8t}
IN-Sellersburg        Walk's Drug Store Where Your Prescription Comes First Sellersburg Ind. {green ACL} {T9}
IN-Seymour        A.J. Pellens Druggist Seymour Ind {small}
IN-South Bend        Coonley Drug Co. South Bend Ind {conical}
IN-Terre Haute        Gillis Drug Co. Prescription Druggists Six Down Town Stores Terre Haute Ind. {etched} {HA}
IN-Terre Haute        New Central Pharmacy S.W. Cor. 6th & Wabask Ave. Terre Haute Ind. {spoon}
IN-Trerre Haute        Arthur Baur Your Reliable Druggist {etched} {HA}
IN-Wabash        Bradley Bros. Druggists Wabash Ind. {spoon}
IN-Wabash        E. Gackenheimer Druggist Wabash Ind. {small}
IN-Warsaw        Compliments of Ed Wahl The Druggist Warsaw {large}
IN-Warsaw        D. Webb Druggist Warsaw Ind. {conical} {minor flaw on edge}
KS-Abilene        Compliments Of John M. Gleissner Abilene Kas.{large}
KS-Antony        Irwin & Potter Drug Store.  J.M. Robinson Prop.  Anthony    Phone 25    Kansas. {T1}
KS-Arkansas City        City Drug Store W.H. Lightstone Prop. Arkansas City Kan. {etched}
KS-Belleville        Compliments  Of  J.A. Doherty  Belleville Kan. (large}
KS-Chanute        D.T. Kramer & Son Druggists Chanute Kan. {small}
KS-Chetopa        F.J. Cunningham Druggist Chetopa Kan. {small}
KS-Coffeyville        Geo. Slosson Druggist Coffeyville Kan. {small}
KS-Columbus        E.A. Scammon M.D. {mortar & pestle r} Columbus Kan.
KS-Concordia        Layton & Neilson Druggists Concordia Kan. (small}
KS-Effingham        Ebert Co. Your Druggist Effingham Kansas {etched} {T3}
KS-Emporia        D.W. Hainer {pic mortar & pestle r} Emporia Kan. {small}
KS-Emporia        Kraum's Rheumatism Remedy {etched}
KS-Emporia        Ryder & Protheroe Druggists Emporia Kan.  {conical}
KS-Fort Scott        Just Try Kurtz The Druggist Fort Scott Kans {white etched} {T1-2 2t-8t}
KS-Fredonia        Glen Wiggans Drug Store Phone 378-2874 {blue ACL} {T9}
KS-Hiawatha        Jesse Yates & Co. {pic mortar & pestler } Hiawatha Kan. {small}
KS-Hiawatha        Stevens The Druggist Hiawatha {conical}
KS-Hiawatha        T. Stevens Druggist Hiawatha Kan. {small}
KS-Holton        Beauchamp”s Pharmacy Holton Kan. (large}
KS-Horton        Pohls Pharmacy Horton Kan {small}
KS-Hutchinson        Dr.Roberds Druggist Hutchinson Kan. {small}
KS-Iola        W.L. Crabb & Co.Druggists Iola Kan
KS-Iola        W.L. Crabb Iola Kan. {conical}
KS-Kansas City        C.Q. Lake Prescription Druggist Kansas City Kan {etched} {T3}
KS-Kansas City        J.W. Giesburg Pharmacist Kansas City {small}
KS-Kingman        J.W. Cookson Prescription Druggist Kingman Kan {Large}
KS-Kingman        Tredick & Co. Cor. Drug Store Kingman KS {large}
KS-Leavenworth        C.L. Knapp & Co. Leavenworth {large}
KS-Leavenworth        Mehl & Schott Druggists & Chemists Leavenworth Kan. {small}
KS-Oswego        Kingsbury & Frick {mortar & pestle r} Oswego Kan. {small}
KS-Oswego        R.W. Wright M.D. Druggist Oswego Kan. {small}
KS-Parsons        M.K.T. Drug Store Wm. Sullivan Prop. Parsons Kan (small}
KS-Parsons        S.H. McKim Druggist {small}
KS-Pittsburg        Ash Drug Store Rexall 605 N. Bdwy. Pittsburg Kansas Ph. AD 1-0500 {blue ACL} {T9}
KS-Pittsburg        Crowell's Rexall Drug Stores Downtown On The Mall 231-0750 231-0500 Pittsburg Kansas (ACL T9)
KS-Pittsburg        Thos. Elliot Druggist Stationer Pittsburg Kans {small}
KS-Salina        Carlin's Pharmacy Salina Kans. {conical}
KS-Salina        Palmer's Opera House Pharmacy Salina Kan.
KS-Topeka        A.T. Waggoner Druggist Topeka Kan.
KS-Topeka        Holmes & Waggoner {pic mortar & pestle r} Topeka {small}
KS-Topeka        Petro & Woodford Druggists  {conical}
KS-Topeka        W. W. Gavitt's Medical Co. Topeka Kans. USA  {large}
KS-Topeka        W.H. Snyder & Co Pharmacist Topeka Kan
KS-Topeka        W.R. Kennady Druggist  4th & Kansas Ave  Topeka Kans. {spoon}
KS-Topeka        W.W. Gavitts Medical Co. Topeka Kan. U.S.S. {large}
KS-Wichita        Hettinger Bros. Druggists Wichita {small}
KS-Wichita        J.W. Cookson Drug Co. We Never Substitute Wichita Kan {etched} {T3}
KS-Wichita        Shoemaker & Miller Druggist Wichita {small}
KS-Wichita        South Lawrence Ave. Pharmacy The Reliable Druggist Gus. Saur Prop. Phone Mkt. 2748 Wichita Kans. {etched} {HA}
KS-Wichita        Wells Miller The Druggist 248 N. Main Wichita {large}
KS-Winfield        H.E. Steinhibler & CO. Druggist Winfield Kans. {small}
KY-Ashland        Ventura Drug Co. W Meinhart MGR Ashland KY {small}
KY-Augusta        L.P. Knoedler {mortar & pestle} Augusta Ky
KY-Bellevue        W. L. Foertmeyer Bellevue KY {conical}
KY-Bowling Green        James & Hogan Pure Drugs Bowling Green KY. {small}
KY-Bowling Green        T.H. Aull Opera House Drug Store Bowling Green KY {small}
KY-Calhoun        Calhoun Drug Co Prescription Work A Specialty {small}
KY-Covington         K.C. Zwick Successors To G.A. Zwick Apothecary Covington KY.{small}
KY-Covington        A.J. Doering Druggist 199 Pike St. Covington Ky. {small}
KY-Covington        G.A. Zwick Apothecary Covington KY {small}
KY-Covington        Pieck's Drug Store Covington Ky. {conical}
KY-Cynthiana        Colliers & Boyd Cynthiana KY {spoon} {lip Chips}
KY-Dawson Springs        Price & Clark Druggists Dawson Springs Kentucky {small}
KY-Dayton        A.F. Goetz Druggist Dayton Ky. {spoon} R3
KY-Frankford        W.H. Averill Druggist Frankfort KY {small}
KY-FRanklin        Arnold Drug Co. Prescriptions Pho. 586-5165 {ACL} {T9}
KY-Glasgow        Leech's Cash & Book Store Glasgow KY {large}
KY-Glasgow        Taylor's Prescription Service Inc. Glasgow KY Phone 651-5145 {ACL} {T9}
KY-Henderson        W.S. Johnson Druggist Henderson KY {small}
KY-Hopkinsville        H.B. Garner City Pharmacy Hopkinsville Ky {small}
KY-Hopkinsville        L.L. Elgin Druggist Hopkinsville Ky {spoon}
KY-Hopkinsville        We Use Only Pure Drugs L.L. Elgin Hopkinsville KY {large}
KY-Lexington        H.H. Barnes & Co. {pic monogram} Druggists {small}
KY-Lexington        Lee Cassell Lexington KY {conical}
KY-Lexington        Wheeler Pharmacy Phone 266-1131 336 Romany Road Lexington KY  {black ACL} {T9
KY-Lexington        Your Prescription Is Filled Right Why Not Take It Right  Lexington Drug Co. Prescription Specialist Lexington’s Best
PHONE 150 {white etched} {HA}
KY-Louisvile        Newman Drug Co. Louisville KY
KY-Louisvile        O E Mueller Highland & Baxter Aves
KY-Louisvile        Renz Drug Co. Louisville Ky
KY-Louisvile        T.P.Taylor & Co. Louisville KY
KY-Louisvile        Wm. Votteler Shelby & Oak Sts.
KY-Louisville        Albert A. Plock Druggist 12th. & Delaware Sts. Louisville Ky
KY-Louisville        B. Beckmann & Son Prescription Druggists Louisville KY {small}
KY-Louisville        C.L. Woodbury Druggist 1142 First St. {spoon}
KY-Louisville        Compliments Of E.G. Schweitzer Druggist 2000 Portland Ave Home phone 2062 Louisville KY {etched} {T3}
KY-Louisville        Dixie Drugs 1612 Dixie Highway SP. 6-7214. {red ACL} {T8}
KY-Louisville        Doerhoeffer's Pharmacy Prescription Specialists  34th and Market Sts.  Spring 2-1478 {green ACL} {T8}
KY-Louisville        G.J. Rosenham & Co. Pharmacy 4th. & Jefferson Louisville Ky. {small}
KY-Louisville        Geo. A. Newman-Pharmacists - Louisville KY {small}
KY-Louisville        Hall Pharmacy NE Cor 26th And Bank Sts Louisville KY Phones Spring 2-7311 The Prescription Store Of Portland
{ACL} {T9}C517-L14-6
KY-Louisville        John D. Jansing Pharmacist Louisville Ky {spoon}
KY-Louisville        KY-Louisville-D. Bouvier's Bucho Gin
KY-Louisville        KY-Louisville-Henry H. Nachand Druggist 1337 Story Ave.{spoon}
KY-Louisville        Magill's Chill Cure Louisville Ky . (non slug plate embossed inside)
KY-Louisville        Meyer's  Pharmacy  1335 Story Ave. Louisville Ky.  Phone JU 4-8646 {ACL} {T9}
KY-Louisville        Overstreet's Pharmacy 2300 West Oak St. Louisville Phone Shawnee 2450 {white etched} {T1-2}
KY-Louisville        P.G. Herman Pharmacist Louisville KY {small}
KY-Louisville        Phil. Heuser Pharmacist 12th & Delaware Sts. {small}
KY-Louisville        Robert D. Peyton Pharmacist 4th. Ave. & Hill St. Louisville Ky. {small}
KY-Louisville        Scott Bros. Pharmacy 24th & Chestnut Sts. Louisville KY {small}
KY-Louisville        Seiberz's Pharmacy Prescription Experts Shelby & Camp Sts. Louisville Ky {white ACL}  {T1}
KY-Louisville        Theo. Rectanus Pharmacist Louisville KY {small} W.T. & Co. AH U.S.A.
KY-Louisville        Wintergerst Drug Store Beechmont Apothecary Phone Emerson7-7122 We Deliver 5105 S. Third St. Louisville KY
{blue ACL} {T9}
KY-Louisville        Wobbe's Pharmacy C.C. Wobbe R.Ph. W.B. Wobbe R.Ph. 2406 Frankfort Ave. Phone 893-5343 {plastic ACL} T9}
KY-Newport        Brown's Prescription Pharmacy Monmouth St. Newport Ky. {etched} {T3}
KY-Newport        Fred W. Kaufmann Newport Ky. {large}
KY-Newport        Jos. C. Feth druggist Newport Ky. {small}
KY-Newport        Wilhelm Newport Druggist 10th & Monmouth Sts. {etched} {T3}
KY-Richmond        Brooks & Middleton 202 W. Main St. Richmond KY  {small} C1031
KY-Somerset        C.S. Porter Druggist Somerset Ky. {spoon}
LA-Istrouma        Dunlap's Dixie Drug Store Prescriptions A Specialty Phone 994  Istrouma. La. {etched} {HA}
LA-Jena        Jenna Pharmacy Prescription Specialists Phone 2-5565 Jena La. {ACL} {T9}
LA-Jena        Jenna Pharmacy Prescription Specialists Phone 2-5565 Jena La. {ACL} {T9}
LA-New Orleans        Alex K. Finley New Orleans (morar & pestle)
LA-New Orleans        Compliments ot WM Graner Baronne & Felicity {New Orleans} {small}
LA-New Orleans        Compliments W.M. Levy Pharmacist New Orleans La {large}
LA-New Orleans        Eugene May Canal & Chartres New Orleans {small}
LA-New Orleans        Geo. D. Feldner {pic mortar & pestle r & monogram} Druggist 3218 Magazine St.  N. O. La {small}
LA-New Orleans        Otto's Pharmacy New Orleans La. {conical}
LA-New Orleans        P.L. Cusacks Ltd. Canal & Baronne Sts. New Orleans LA {small}
LA-New Orleans        Williams Pharmacy {pic mortar & pestle r & monogram} Open All Night Canal & Bourbon Sts {small}
M0-St. Louis        Wm .K. ILHARDT DRUGGIST- ST. LOUIS {spoon} 6 pieces $163.20
MA-Boston        A. Boyden & Son Drugists Joy & Myrtle Sts. Boston {small}
MA-Boston        Charles E.F. Clarke Druggtist Boston {small}
MA-Boston        Compliments Of Klein”s Pharmacy Boston {small}
MA-Boston        Cushing Medical Co. Cushing Process {etched} (T3} {2 7/8"}
MA-Boston        Hawthorne Pharmacy 2494 Washington St. Boston {large}
MA-Boston        J.H. Lakin & Co. Pharmacists Hotel Pelham Boston  {small}
MA-Boston        Jamaica Ginger Cordial G.D. Dows & Co.  Boston {small}
MA-Boston        Lady Grey Perfy. Co. {spoon}
MA-Boston        Liggett's Dose Measuring Medicine Spoon {metal}
MA-Boston        Melvin & Badger Co. 43 Temple Place Moston Mass. Established 1831 {etched} {HA}
MA-Boston        Metcalf's Water White Vanilla & Lemon {spoon}
Ma-Boston        Nichols & Co. Bark & Iron {etched}
MA-Boston        S.A.D. Sheppard  & Co. Pharmacists Boston Mass. {spoon}
MA-Boston        Theodore Metcalf Apothecaries Boston {spoon}
MA-Bradford        Colby Bros. Registered Pharmacists Bradford Mass {small}
MA-Danvers        F.P. Hayes Druggist Danvers Mass. {spoon}
MA-Dorchester        F.H. Talbott Druggist Dorchester Mass {spoon}
MA-Dorchester        J. F. Bourne Apothecary 90 Bird St Dorchester {spoon}
MA-East Somerville        C.W. Kendall Pharmacist Druggist E. Somerville Mass. {small}
MA-Essex        Nathaniel M.Quint Registered Pharmacist The City Drug Store in The Country Essex Mass. {white etched} {T1}
MA-Fitchburg        Frank H. Moore Pharmacist 145-147 Lunenburg Street Fitchburg Mass. {white etched} {T3}
MA-Greenfield        The Hovey Pharmacy {conical}
MA-Holbrook        Chas S, Reed Pharmacist Holbrook Mass {footed}
MA-Holyoke        C.E. Ball Drug Co. Holyoke Mass. {small}
MA-Hopkinton        Day”s Drug Store Hopkinton {conical}
MA-Hyannis        A.G. Guyer-Prescription Druggist Hyannis Mass {large}
MA-Lawrence        Belle-Isle Viger & Co. Druggist 47 Franklin and 66 Hampshire Lawrence {spoon}
MA-Lawrence        John H. Greer PH.G. Druggist Lawrence Mass {spoon}
MA-Lowell        Carleton & Hovey --- 1827 Lowell Mass. {spoon}
MA-Lowell        Fred Howard Drugs Lowell {conical}
MA-Lynn        James B. Small Apothecary Lynn {small}
MA-Malden        A.B. Morgan Ph.G. Druggist Malden. Mass. {spoon}
MA-Manchester        Chas R Leckie W. Manchester NH {conical}
MA-Milford        A.H. Sweet Co. Inc. Registered Pharmacists 164 Main St. Milford Mass {etched} {T3}
MA-Needham        Kinne's Pharmacy Inc. Friendly Service Phone 0981 Needham Mass {etched}
MA-New Bedford        C.H. Church Druggist New Bedford {small} C1003
MA-Northampton        W.E. Greene Druggist Bridge & Northampton Sts. Northampton Our Motto Courtesy Promptness Reliability
{etched} {T3}
MA-Orange        F.W. Fish Orange Mass {small}
MA-Pittsfield        The Wendell Pharmacy George A Malcuit Reg Phar Prescriptions 10 South Street Pittsfield Mass Tel 7212 {etched}
MA-Quincy        Sher Drug Co. 33 Washington St. 380 Granite Ave. Wuincy Mass. {etched} {T1}
MA-Salem        C. H. & J. PRICE  PHARMACISTS  SALEM MASS {Etched} {Footed}
MA-Salem        Eaton The Druggist Salem Clifton Marblehead Beverly and Swampscott {ACL}
MA-South Boston        Geo.H. Alexander Apothecary South Boston {spoon}
MA-South Framingham        C.L. Curtis Druggist 9 Hollis St. So. Framingham {spoon
MA-Springfield        Miller The Druggist Tel. 4-2080 298 Belmont Avenue Springfield Mass {blue etched} {T1}
MA-Springfield        W.P. Draper Pharmacist Springfield {small}
Maverick        Boxed Minimum Measure-Medicine Glass-S. Maw, Son & Thompson London England
Maverick        Call And See Us City Drug Store Phone 10 Cimarron {white etched} {T1}
Maverick        Compliments Of Williams Pharmacy
Maverick        Diamond Mark On Bottom  {large}
Maverick        Dr. Babbington & Co. Physician and Druggists {small}
Maverick        Dr. Fox's Sarsaparilla For The Blood {footed}
Maverick        Drink OKO etc. {stemmed}
Maverick        Frey's Store Warren & Barbara Gross {ACL} {T9}
Maverick        Fruit Rye Builds You Up So Fast Will Opren Your Eyes {etched}
Maverick        Get It At King's Prescription Druggists {etched} {T3}
Maverick        Glasco {large}
Maverick        H. Campbell Apothecary 21 & Locusts Sts
Maverick        Herbert's Drug Store  "metal dose indicator spoon"
Maverick        Iron Milk It Makes Blood {large}
Maverick        Maverick-Snake & Cadusa
Maverick        Pat. Oct. 1872 {large}
Maverick        Riviera Pharmacy Prescription Specialists Phone 375-3935 {ACL} {T9}
Maverick        Sunny Castle Kara Tonic
Maverick        Swinson Drug Store  {Metal Dose Indficator Spoon}
Maverick        Take Your Prescriptions T0 Findley's Corner Drug Store  {large}
Maverick        Take Your Prescriptions T0 Findly's Corner Drug Store  {small}
Maverick        Use Wencks Glycerole Of  Tar & Wild Cherry-For All Throat & Lung Affections {etched}
Maverick        Wine Of Po-Mel-O With Beef & Iron {etched} {T3)
MA-Waltham        Henry C. Hall Druggist Waltham Mass. {small}
MA-Ware        C.H. Lemaitre Druggist Main & Bank Sts. Ware Mass. {etched} {T3}
MA-Ware        Ware Drug Store 34 Main St. Ware Mass. {small}
MA-Warren        Harwood & Sons Pres'c'n Druggists Warren Mass. {small}
MA-West Gardener        Compliments of  G. W. Garland Pharmacist Garlands Block West Gardener Mass {etched} {footed w/spout}
MA-West Gardner        Chas A. Adams Reg Pharmacist Newtons Blv. W. Gardner Mass {small}
MA-West Upton        RX Wood's Pharmacy Route 140 W. Upton Free Parking {red ACL} {T9}
MA-Worchester        Brewer & Company Worcester Mass Perscription Druggists (etched} {T3}
MA-Worchester        Geo. E. Fairbanks Worchester Mass. {small}
MA-Worchester        J.P. Naughten M.D. Worchester Mass{small}
MA-Worchester        Richmond & Harris Inc. 13333 Main Street Worchester Mass. {white etched} {T1}
MA-Worchester        William S Flint Prescription Pharmacy 41 Park Cor. Portland Street Worchester Mass. {etched} {T3}
MA-Worchester etc        Compliments Of Green The Druggist Inc Prescription Department Worchester Springfield Holyoke Mass
{etched} {T1}
MD-Annapiolis        Worthington & Co. Pharmacists Annapolis {large}
MD-Annapolis        T. Kent Green Druggist Annapolis Md  {small}  
MD-Baltimore         Asbill & Austin Inc. Pharmacists Phone Towson 227
MD-Baltimore         In Complete Cooperation With Your Physician Rostov Pharmacy 1538 N Caroline St. Corner Federal We Deliver
Phone Vernon 7621
MD-Baltimore        Asbills Pharmacy Opposite Court House Phone Towson 2100 Etched} {T1}
MD-Baltimore        Broch's Pharmacy 398 Central Ave. {conical}
MD-Baltimore        Compliments Of C. Read & Co. XMAS 1907 {etched}
MD-Baltimore        Dr. Petzold German Bitters {stemmed}
MD-Baltimore        Frank H. Packard {conical}
MD-Baltimore        George Weller Sharp & Hill Sts Baltimore {small} C1003
MD-Baltimore        Henry H. Watchman Prescriptions a Specialty Greenmount Ave. & Preston St.{large}
MD-Baltimore        Hershimers Pharmacy York Road At Bellona Ave {{etched} {HA}
MD-Baltimore        Homeland Pharmacy J. Dorsey Atkins York Road And Homeland Ace. Phone Tuxedo 1700 {etched} {HA}
MD-Baltimore        In Complete Cooperation With Your Physician Rostov Pharmacy1538 N Caroline St. Corner Federal We Deliver Phone
Vernon 7621   {T1-2} C236T4-2
MD-Baltimore        J.F. C. Klepper Fischer's Pharmacy Fayette & Wolfe Sts. Baltimore MD {etched}
MD-Baltimore        J.F. Hershner Druggist York Road At Bellona Ave. York Road & Arlington Ave. {etched} {HA}
MD-Baltimore        J.F.C. Klepper Fischer's Pharmacy Fayette & Wolfe Sts. Baltimore MD {etched} {T3)
MD-Baltimore        JAMES ALLEN Practical Pharmacist BALTIMORE MD
MD-Baltimore        Kirson Drug Co. Prescriptions Gay St. And Central Avenue Phone Wolfe 8864 {red etched} T3}
MD-Baltimore        Klein's Pharmacy Prescription Specialist 1864 Smallwood Street {green etched} {T1}
MD-Baltimore        M. L. Stefanski Baltimore Md. {spoon}
MD-Baltimore        M.S. Fealy 11th & Penn Ave. S.E. {conical}
MD-Baltimore        McComas Pharmacy 701 Poplar Grove St. Phone Lafayette 4450 {blue etched} {T1-2}
MD-Baltimore        Moser's Pharmacy 2401 E. Federal St. Corner Woolford Ave. {white etched} {HA}
MD-Baltimore        Moser's Pharmacy 2401 E. Federal St. Corner Woolford Ave. {white etched} {HA}
MD-Baltimore        Muehlause Parkwood Pharmacy 4943 Belair Road Phone Hamilton 3026 {blue etched} {t3}
MD-Baltimore        Muehlause Parkwood Pharmacy 4943 Belir Road Phone Hamilton 3026 {blue etched} {T3}
MD-Baltimore        Otto Schmidt 617 S. Broadway {small}
MD-Baltimore        Peabody Pharmacy-Calvert & 30th Sts. Belmont 5318 {Metal Dose Indicator Spoon}
MD-Baltimore        Schulte's Up-To- Date DRUG STORE North  Fulton Aves. Baltimore MD {white etched} {T1-2}
MD-Baltimore        Swiss Pharmacy 3001 E. Monument St. Phone Wolfe 3387We Deliver {white etched} {T3}
MD-Baltimore        The Guilford Pharmacy Guilford Ave. & 26th. Street We Appreciate Your Patronage {etched} {HA}
MD-Baltimore        Thedore Hindricks Apothecary Baltimore MD {small}
MD-Baltimore        Thomas & Thompson Prescription Pharmacists Cor. Baltimore & Light Streets Baltimore {etched} {T3}
MD-Baltimore        Two Bromo Seltzer
MD-Baltimore        Voshell's Pharmacy Lakewood Ave. & Orleans St.Balto-Md- Phone Wolfe -2585 {etched] {T1}
MD-Baltimore        Williamson & Watts 3 Cut Rate DrugstoresIn Greater Baltimore Phone US {etched} {T3}
MD-Baltimore        Willow Pharmacy Phone University 4094 4439 Old York Rd. At Willow Ave. DR. Grothaus Jr. Ph-G. Prescription
Specialists {etched} {T1-2}
MD-Baltimore        Wylie Pharmacy 4601 Park Heights Avenue Liberty 3436 {white etcheD {T3}
MD-Baltimore        Your Prescription Filled Right Why Not Take It Right Schulte's Drug Store-North and Fulton Aves We Deliver Phone
Madison 0331 or 5197 {orange etched} {T1}
MD-Baltimore        Your Prescription Is Filled Right Why Not Take It Right Silverman's Highland Pharmacy Highland Ave. & Baltimore St.
Phonbe Broadway 8952
MD-Baltimore        Zentz The Druggist 2021 W. Pratt Street {etched} {T1}
MD-Chestertown        Sterling's Pharmacy The Rexall Store. Chestertown {blue etched} {T1}
MD-Cumberland        A.M. Lichtenstein Druggist Cumberland MD {small}
MD-Cumberland        C.H. Holtzman Prescription  Druggist Cumberland Md {small}
MD-Cumberland        Compliments Of W.E. Turner Druggist Cumberland MD {small}
MD-Cumberland        Lichtenstein's Pharmacies Cumberland Md. {small}
MD-Dunalk        Smulson's Pharmacy Prescription Specialist Willow Spring Rd & Patapsco Ave Dunalk MD Phone Dundalk 350 {etched}
MD-Dundalk        Smulzson's Pharmacy The Prescription Store Dundalk MD. Phone Dundalk-350 {red 8t 2t}
MD-Frederick        Steiner Bros. Druggists Frederick Md  {large}
MD-Frederick        Your Prescription Is Filled Right Why Not Take It Right Williamson's Drug Store Quality First Consideration 12 N.
Market St. Frederick Md. {white etched}
MD-Hagerstown        Compliments Of Claire's Diamond Apothecary Hagerstown Md. {small}
MD-Oakland        Harned's Drugs {metal dose Indicator {Spoon}
MD-Snow Hill        P.D. Cottingham Snow Hill Md. {conical}
MD-Towson        Asbill & Austin Pharmacists The phone number is Towson 227 {white etched} {T1}
ME-Auburn        Compliments Of Smith & Cook Auburn Maine {large}
ME-Auburn        Otis J. Cook Prescription Druggist Auburn Me {large}
ME-Augusta        C. B. Murphy Druggist {conical}
ME-Gardiner        Beane's Drug Store Gardiner Me. {conical}
ME-Hallowel        Heart Cure Co. Hallowel ME {small}
ME-Hallowell        Sample No.640 The Tibbett's  Pharmacy Where Quality Counts 152 Water St. Hallowell Maine {etched}
ME-Hallowell        The Tibbets Pharmacy Where Quality Counts 152 Water St. Hallowell Maine {Etrched} {T3} {HA}
ME-Houlton        Standard Liniment Depot H.J. Hatheway Houlton Me. {small}
ME-Kennybunk        Murdocks Pharmacy {Metal dose indicator  spoon}
ME-Lewiston        Apothecary Moulton Lewistown Me {small}
ME-Lewiston        D.W. Wiggins Beef Wine & Iron Lewiston Me {small}
ME-Lewiston        The Corner W.H. Teague Registered Druggist 40 Ash St Corner Of Park St Lewiston Maine {etched} {T3}
ME-Lewiston        The Echo Apothecary  Pharmacie Francaise Accurae  Prescription Work  366 Lisbon St. Lewiston Me. {etched} {HA}
ME-Lisbon Falls        Roberts Pharmacy {Metel Dose Indicator Spoon}
ME-Lisbon Falls        Roberts Reliable Remedies Realize Results Roberts Pharmacy Lisbon Falls Me. (white etched} {T1}
ME-Oakland        Samuel J. Foster Oakland ME. {conical}
ME-Old Town        Mutty The Drug Man Old Town Maine {etched} {T3)
ME-Old Town        Ph. 827-3554 Burnham Drug Your Rexall Store Charles E. King Reg. Pharm. Old Town Maine  {red ACL} {T9}
ME-Old Town        Ph. 827-3554 Burnham Drug Your Rexall Store Wilfred King Reg. Pharm. Old Town Maine  {Blue ACL} {T9}
ME-Old Town        W. Clement Mutty P.D. Druggist Old Town {small}
Me-Portland        C.E. Hawkins Pharmacy Monument Sq. Portland Me. {etched} {T3} {3"}
ME-So. Paris        Ernest P. Parlin Pharmacist So. Paris Me. {small}
ME-South Paris        Ernest P.Parlin Pharmacist So. Paris Me. {small}
ME-Waterville        Allen's Drug Store Where Quality Counts 118 Main St. Waterville Maine {etched} {HA}
MI-Adrian        Hart & Shaw Druggists Adrian Mi {large}
MI-Athens        A Square Deal Always With Doty & Snyder Athens Mich {etched} {T3}
MI-Coldwater        Dorrance Drug Store  {small}
MI-Detroit        A.E. Holt Pharmacist-Detroit {small}
MI-Detroit        Compliments Of Neuendorf & Schmeck Phrmacists 505 SO. Michigan Ave. 420 Aand 422 West Genesee Ave {etched}
MI-Detroit        F.W.R. Perry Druggist Detroit {small}
MI-Detroit        Frank Inglis Druggist Detroit {small}
MI-Detroit        Hogg The Druggist Detroit Mich. {conical}
MI-Detroit        Katus Duggist Detroit Mich. {conical}
MI-Detroit        Lambert & Lowman Chemists Detroit {conical}
MI-Detroit        Mich.Conf'g. Co. 27 & 29 E. Larned Dt. Detroit {large}
MI-Detroit        Sam's Highest Type Prescription Work For Less Two Grat Stores Detroit {white T1}
MI-Detroit        Standard Drug Store Detroit {conical}
MI-Detroit        William C. Marx. Pharmacist Cut Rate Prescription Druggist Two Stores Cor. Jos. Campau Ave. & Waterloo St. Cor. Mack
& Garland Aves. Detroit {etched} {T1-2t-8t}
MI-Grand Rapids        Compliments Of P.J. Haan Druggist 794 Grandville Ave. {large}
MI-Grand Rapids        Eaton Drug Co. 565 Cherry St. Grand Rapids MIch. {spoon}
MI-Grand Rapids        Muir & Company Druggists Grand Rapids {small}
MI-Grosse Pointe        Harkness Pharmacy 20315 Mack Ave. Grosse Pte. Woods 884-3100 Established 1945 {green ACL}
MI-Hastings        Compliments Of B.A. Lybarker's Prescription Drug Store Hastings Mich {etcehed} {T3} {HA}
MI-Howard City        Sid V. Bullock Druggist Howard City Michigan {etched}
MI-Imlay City        T.F.  Holden & Co. Druggists Imlay City Mich. {etched}  {T3)
MI-Lansing        Compliments Of C.D. Kirby & Co. Lansing {large}
MI-Marshall        Grove Green Your Druggist THe Rexall Store Marshall {white etched} {T1-2 8t-2t}
MI-Menominee        R.J. Sawyer Druggist Menominee {small}
MI-Montropse        John G. Fanner Druggist Montrose Mich. {etched}{T3}
MI-Mt Clemens        Schanher”s Central Drugstore Mt. Clemens Mich. {small}
MI-Otsego        From Eaton's Drug Store The Rexall Store Otsego MIch. {etched} {T3}
MI-Plainwell        H.J. Mesick Druggist Plainwell Mich. {etched} {2t-8T}
MI-Richmond        John W. Lutes Prescription Druggist The Rexall Store {etched} {T3)
MI-Sebewaing        Herman Clabusech Drugs & Stationery Sebewaing Michigan {etched}
MI-Sebewaing        Leiphart & Co. Druggist  {conical}
MI-Shelby        J. W. Runner Druggist & Stationer Shelby Mich. {small
MI-St. Johns        Travis and Shiley The Rexall Store St. Johns  Mich {Etched} {T3}
MI-Tecumsah        John J. Orr Druggist Tecumseh Mich {small}
MI-Three Rivers        Campbell's Drug Store The Rexall Store (etched T3}
MI-Traverse City        Nichols Drugs Prescriptions 8th & Garfield Traverse City Mich. Phone QI 7-8490  {blue ACL} {T9}
MI-Utica        The Central Drugs & Groceries Utica Mich. {etched} {T1-2t-8t}
MI-Whitmore Lake        J & S Pharmacy James H. Restorick R. Ph. Whitmore Lake Phone 449-2600 {A Pharmacy Scale Off To The
Side} {ACL} {T9}
MI-Wyanddotte        Dorrance and Garrison Druggists Wyanddotte. Mich. {small}
MN-Bemidji        Barker's Drug Store Bemidji Minn. {conical}
MN-Benson        When You Use This Think Of Keofod & Co. Prescription Druggists Benson Minn  {etched} {T3}
MN-Brainard        McFadden & Johnson Druggists Brainard Minn {small}
MN-Brainerd        M.L. Swartz Druggist Brainerd {small}
MN-Brainerd        N. Mc Faddden Druggist Brainerd Minn. {small}
MN-Crookston        A.G. Anderson Druggist Crookston Minn {small}
MN-Crookston        Crookston Drug Co. Prescriptions Carefully Compounded Crookston Minn {etched} {T3)
MN-Duluth        A. LE Richeux Pharmacist {Duluth}
MN-Duluth        From Max Wirth Druggist Duluth Minn. {small}
MN-Duluth        S.F. Boyce Druggist Duluth Minn. {small}
MN-Duluth        Wm. A. Abbett's Drug Store For Accuracy {small}
MN-Elgin        Elgin Rexall Pharmacy Phone 876-2191 Elgin Minn {red ACL} {T9}
MN-Evansville        When You Use This Think Of David L. Jacobson Dispensing Druggist Evansville Minnesota {etched} {T3}
MN-Faribault        A. B. Becker Faribault {etched} {T3)
MN-Fergus Falls        F. J. Kneeland City Drug Store Fergus Falls Minn.  {small}
MN-Fertile        Compliments Of Pioneer Drug Store THe Rexall Store Fertile Minn. {etched} {T3} {2 7/8"}
MN-Forest Lake        Compliments Of F.C. Bergh Your Druggist  {etched} {T3}
MN-Jasper        M.D. MARTIN PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST Jasper Minn. Drugs & Jewelery {etched} {T3}
MN-Le Sueur Center        Compliments Of City Drug Store Frank W. Rynda Prop. Le Sueur Center Minn. {etched} {T3}
MN-Little Falls        Chas. H.. Brown Registered Pharmacist Post Office Corner Little Falls Minn. {etched} {T3)
MN-Lowrey        C.C. Middents Prescription Druggist Lowrey Minn {etched} {T3}
MN-Luverne        H.F. Killgore Druggist Luverne Minn. {small}
MN-Mancato        J.R. Jones Pharmacist Mankato {small}
MN-Mankato        Nelson Weed Druggist Mankato Minn {large}
MN-Melrose        Kohls Drug Store A.J. Kohls Prop. Prescription Druggiost Melrose Minnesota {etched} {HA}  {T3}
MN-Minneapolis        C.A. Robinson Druggist Cor. Washington & 29th. Minneapolis {large}
MN-Minneapolis        Compliments Of Andrus Building Pharmacy Frank W. Peterspn Druggist Suite 833-834 Minneapolis {etched} {T3}
MN-Minneapolis        Compliments Of Geo. A. Rose DRuggist 303 Central Ave. {large}
MN-Minneapolis        Compliments Of J.R. Hofflin & Co. Druggists Minneapolis Minn {small}
MN-Minneapolis        Dr. LA Paul Physician & Surgeon Minneapolis {small}
MN-Minneapolis        F.W.Peterson Andrus Building {conical}
MN-Minneapolis        Gregg's Pharmacy 4313 1-2 Upton Ave  S  {conical}
MN-Minneapolis        John F. Danek Minneapolis {conical}
MN-Minneapolis        John F. Danek Pharmacist Minneapolis {small}
MN-Minneapolis        Olsen Drug Co. Quality Drugs & Liquors 49 So. Washington At Marquette AT 5700 Minneapolis {T1}
MN-Minneapolis        Oscar J.F. Sjoblom Druggist 14th. Ave. & Washington Minneapolis Minn. {etched ACL red} {T3}
MN-Minneapolis        Professional Pharmacy Regent 5246 Minneapolis {Metal dose indicator spoon}
MN-Minneapolis        Puritee Drug Company 100 Washington Ave. So. Minneapolis Complete Liquor Dept. Ma. 0927 {white etched} {T1}
MN-Minneapolis        St. Louis Drug Store Minneapolis {small}
MN-Minneapolis        Syndicate Building Pharmacy {conical}
MN-Minneapolis        Synicate Block Pharmacy {conical}
MN-Minneapolis        Use Rose”s-Geo. A. Rose-211 Cent. Ave.-Cough Balsam
MN-Minneapolis        Weinhold Druggist-Minneapolis Minn {large}
MN-Minneapolis        Wenhold Bros. West Hotel Drug Store Minneapolis {large}
MN-Minneapoplis        Compliments Of-Rose & Morgan-Druggists-303 Central Ave.-Minneapolis Minn. {large}
MN-New Ulm        Andrew J. Eckstein Druggist New Ulm Minn. {Small}
MN-New Ulm        W.G. Alwin Pharmacist New Ulm Minn. {small}
MN-Northfield        S. Finkelson Druggist Northfield Minn. {small}
MN-Olivia        The Becker-Pharmacy-Prescription Druggists-Olivia Minn. {etched}  {T3)
MN-Owatonna        W.C. Gausewitz Rx Druggist Owatonna Minn. {small}
MN-Pine Island        Compliments Of Jewell's Pharmacy Pine Island Minn. {collapsible cup}
MN-Pine Island        Compliments Of Jewell's Pharmacy Pine Island Minn. {etched} {T3}
MN-Redwood Falls        Sward Kemp Drug. Co. G.N. Nelson Ph.G. Redwood Falls Minn. {white etched} {T1}
MN-Rochester        Weber & Heintz druggists Rochester. Minn. {large} {W.T. Co. B}
MN-Rush City        Anderson Drug Co. W.F. Anderson Prop. Rush City Minn. {etched} {T3)
MN-St. Cloud        W.J. Huhn Druggist & Apotheker St. Cloud {small}
MN-St. Paul        Adlerika Natural Bowel Cleanser {large}
MN-St. Paul        Bodon-Sundberg Drug Co. St. Paul Minn. Prescription Work A Speciality  {etched} {T3}
MN-St. Paul        Bring Your Prescriptions ToThe Portland Pharmacy Props Funk & Whitlock Ninth & Broadway St. Paul Minn {etched}
MN-St. Paul        Jelineks-Reliable Drug Store 38th Anniversary {etched} {T3}
MN-St. Paul        McColl Druggist St. Paul Minn. Drugs With A Reputation {etched} {T3}
MN-St. Paul        North St. Paul Pharmacy We Deliver Cal Sp 7-2153 {orange ACL] {T9}
MN-St. Paul        Noyes Bros. & Cutler St. Paul {large}
MN-St. Paul        W.A. Frost & Co. Pharmacists {conical}
MN-St. Paul         Adlerika Natural Bowel Cleanser {large}
MN-St. Paul         Noyes Bros. & Cutler St. Paul {etched Beaker}
MN-St. Paul         Noyes Bros. & Cutler St. Paul {large}
MN-St. Paul         Noyes Bros. & Cutler St. Paul {large}
MN-St. Peter        The Old Reliable Drug Store J.A. Poetz St. Peter Minn. {small}
MN-Stillwater        Crandall & Barkley Stillwater Minn. {small}
MN-Welcome        Bernard Mamer PH G Druggist Welcome Minn. {etched T3}
MN-Winona        A.O. Slade City Drug Store Winona Minn {small}
MN-Winona        Eagle Drug Store Layer & Anding Winona Mn {small}
MN-Winona        J.W. Lauer Pharmacist Winona {small}
MO-Bolivar        Dan G. Farrar Druggist Bolivar Mo. {conical}
MO-Bolivar        The A. H. Lewis Medicine Co. Bolivar {large}
MO-Boonville        Wm. Mitelbach Pharmaciust Boonville MO {Large}
MO-Brookfield        Powers & Moore Druggists Brookfield MO {small}
MO-Brownsville        L. Kuntz {pic monogram} Brownsville Mo.{small}  {name changed to Sweet Springs in 1887]
MO-Butler        Dr. E. Pyle {pic paper fan with P monogram} Butler Mo. {small}
MO-Butler        H.L. Tucker Druggist Butler Mo. {small}
MO-California        CA-Missouri-Dr.F.W. Houser Druggist & Bookseller Near Depot California Mo {etched} {T3}
MO-Carrollton        G.W. Smith {Monogramed} Carrollton {small}
MO-Carthage         Frank Edel Druggist Carthage MO {spoon}
MO-Chillicothe        Beasley Williams & Co. Druggists Chillicothe MO. {large}
MO-Columbia        Tilley & Hatton {Purity Scales Accuracy} Hayden Bldg. Columbia {large}
MO-Doniphan        G.H. Martin Druggist Doniphan Mo. {small}
MO-Hannibal        Compliments Of A.L. Stewart Prescription Druggist 702 Broadway Phone 68-We Deliver Hannibal MO {etched} {HA}
MO-Independence        G. W. CLINTON and BRO. Druggists & Chemists Independence MO {small}
MO-Jasper        Compliments Of H.F. Pitts My Druggist Jasper Mo {etched}
MO-Jefferson City        G.A. Fisher Druggist Jefferson City Mo {small}
MO-Kansas City        E.S. Marshall Bonaventure Druggist {small}
MO-Kansas City        Ed. L. Marty Druggist Kansas City MO {small}
MO-Kansas City        Geo. Eyssell Union Dept Drug Store {small}
MO-Kansas City        Snodgrass 548 & 550 Main St K.C. Mo {large}
MO-Kansas City        Sodiphene & Alkaline Germicide {large}
MO-Kansas City        W.M. Federmann Druggist 11th and Grand Ave. Kansas City Mo. {etched} {HA}
MO-Kirkwood        L.P. Hemm Pharmacist Kirkwood Mo. {small}
MO-Lamar        Frank S. Van Pelt {pic mortar & pestle r] Lamar MO {small}
MO-Lexington        Crenshaw & Young Drugist Lexington MO {small}
MO-Manchester        Parkway Prescription Shop 201 Manchester Rd. Manchester MO Phone LA 7-4848 {red ACL} {t9}
MO-Manchester        Parkway Prescription Shop Prescriptions Exclusively 201 Manchester Roar Manchester Mo LA7-4838 {red ACL}
MO-Marshall        P.H. Franklin Druggist Marshall MO {small}
MO-Marshaltown        McBride & Will Druggists Marshalltown Iowa {large}
MO-Miami        Edmond's & Bure Drugs Paints Oils Books & Stationery {etched} {T3}
MO-Milan        Ed Nelson Pharmacist Milan Mo
MO-Moberly        Sparks & Coates Druggists 203 Reed St. Moberly Mo. {small}
MO-Nevada        From Ballach's Drug Store {conical} C1003
MO-Palmyra        Jno N Mitchell Druggist In Business For Your Health Palmyra Mo {etched} {T3}
MO-Paradise        E. P. Griffin Druggist Paradise Missouri {etched} {T3}
MO-Pleasant Hill        B.W. Hooker Pharmacy B.S. Ph.G. Pleasant Hill Mo. {etched} {T1-2}
MO-Potosi        Compliments Of S.W. Thurman & Co Prescription Druggist Phone 73 Potosi MO {etched} {HA}
MO-Prairie Home        Langkop's RX Drug Store Carl D. Langkop R.PH Phone 841  5252 Prairie Home MO. 40th Anninbersary {white
etched} {T9}
MO-Rockville        The Druggist J.W.Anderson Rockville MO {large}
MO-Salisbury        Dr. J.D. Brummall & Bro. {Horsheshoe} Palace Drug Store Salisbury MO {Large}
MO-Salisbury        James & Welch Pharmacists Salisbury MO {Large}
MO-Savannah        J.P.Cooper Druggist Savannah Mo {small}
MO-Sedalia        Compliments Of Wm. E. Bard & Son Pharmacists Sedalia Mo. {small}
MO-Sedalia        Mertz & Hale Druggists Sedalia Mo {small}
MO-Shelbina        Compliments Of T.M. Sparks Druggist And Optician Shelbina MO. {Large}
MO-Springfield        Dalrymple {small}
MO-Springfield        Ryan's Drug Store Phone 2194 Springfield Mo. {HA}
MO-St Louis        H.F. Hassebrock 19th & Wright Sts {small}
MO-ST Louis        Knight Fills Rx's  Right  6th Floor Century Bldg. {small}
MO-St. Joseph        5th & Edmond The Striblen Pharmacy St. Joseph
MO-St. Joseph        Clark's Pharmacy Tel.75 5th. & Francis St.Joseph Mo. {small}
MO-St. Joseph        Dr. A.V. Banes  Mrd. Co. St. Joseph Mo. {small}
MO-St. Joseph        W.D. Webb & Co. {pic mortar & pestle r} St. Joseph Mo. {small}
MO-St. Louis        A.A. Kleinschmidt Apothecary Under Southern Hotel St. Louis {spoon}
MO-St. Louis        Alf. W Pauley Druggist 14th and Madison Streets  {spoon}
MO-St. Louis        Alf. W. Pauley Drug Co. 14th & Madison Sts. {conical}
MO-St. LOuis        Aufderheide's Pharmacy 3101 Arsenal St. N.W. Cor. Minnesota Ave {etched} {T1-2t-8t}
MO-St. Louis        Compliments Of Geo. L. Hirt St. Louis U.S.A. {etched} {T3}  
MO-St. Louis        Compliments of SALVAR King Of The Blood 1513 Olive Street St. Louis {etched} {T3}
MO-St. Louis        Des Peres Pharmacy 11778 Manchester Road St. LOuis MO 63131  YO 6-477 {ACL} {T9}
MO-St. Louis        Dr. Harter's embossed crescent moon & bottle  {stemmed}
MO-St. Louis        Dr. Turner's Shaker Medicine {large}
MO-St. Louis        Enderle Drug Co. 4 Stores St. Louis Mo {etched}
MO-St. Louis        Francis Sum Druggist 2847 Clark Ave {spoon}
MO-St. Louis        Geo C Paulus Druggist Pestalozzi and Indiana Ave St Louis  {small}
MO-St. Louis        Groves Tasteless Chill Tonic {red ACL}
MO-St. Louis        H.H.C. Co. St. Louis
MO-St. Louis        Hasserock Druggists St. Louis {small}
MO-St. Louis        J.B. Menkhaus Druggist 4584 Easton Ave. St. Louis Mo {spoon}
MO-St. Louis        John H. Hanneke St. Louis Mo. {conical}
MO-St. Louis        Kaltwasser Drug Co. Pharmacists St. Louis{small}
MO-St. Louis        Lauman's Drug Store 2101 S. Jefferson Ave. St. Louis Mo. {etched} {T3}
MO-St. Louis        Mallinckrodt Chemical Works Fine Prescription Chemicals {white etched} {T1}
MO-St. Louis        Mandrina-Natures Own-Dr. F.Anselme-St. Louis Mo {large} {no slug plate}
MO-St. Louis        Metropolitan Pharmacy N. Emery Williams Prop. 2nd Floor Metropolitan Bldg. N.W. Cor. Olive & Brand St. Louis
MO-St. Louis        Metropolitan Pharmacy St. Louis Mo. {etched} {T3}
MO-St. Louis        N. Cuhman Jr. Druggist St. Louis Mo. {small}
MO-St. Louis        Otto Sutter Pharmacist St. Louis {small}
MO-St. Louis        Paul M. Nake Druggist St. Louis {small}
MO-St. Louis        R. & F. Schweickhardt Druggists 2800 Olive St. St. Louis {small}
MO-St. Louis        Robert F. Miller 2000 So. Broadway St. Louis {small}
MO-St. Louis        Rudolph S. Vitt. PH.G. Pharmacist 3860 So. Broadway St. Louis  {small}
MO-St. Louis        Scheel & Crusius Druggists St Louis MO {small}
MO-St. Louis        Schreier Druggist Easton & Taylor Aves {small}
MO-St. Louis        Schreier's Pharmacy Virginia & Dakota {conical}
MO-St. Louis        Theo F. Hagenow Pharmacist 1500 Chouteau Ave ST. Louis Mo
MO-St. Louis        Theo. H. Wurme Druggist St. Louis MO {small}
MO-St. Louis        W.D. Temm Druggist 1926 N. Grand Ave St Louis {small}
MO-St. Louis        W.G. Graul Ph.G. 2801 Cherokee St. St. Louis Mo. {small}
MO-St. Louis        W.J.A. Kohrumel Prescription Druggist 4101 No. Broadway St. Louis {small}
MO-St. Louis        Wm .K. Ilhardt Druggist ST. Louis {spoon}
MO-St. Louis        Wm. Kempff  Druggist1501 Benton St. St. Louis Mo {small}
MO-St. Louis        Wolff-Wilson Drug Company St Louis  {white etched} {T3}
MO-Versailles        Compliments Of Hunter's Globe Drug Store Versailles MO. {etched} {T3}
MO-Webb City        Chas. L. Wright Druggist Webb City Mo {small}
MO-Webster Groves        Ambrose Mueller Pharmacist Webster Groves MO {small}
MS-Crystal Springs        Pure Medicines / Dampeer & Jones / Fair Prices (small}  
MS-Jackson        Harmon Drug Store Prescriptions. Free delivery FL. 5-2309 Jackson. Miss {T9}
MS-Natchez        F.A. Dicks Natchez Miss  {small}
MS-Natchez        Geisenberger Bros.  Druggists  Natchez Miss. {small}
MS-West Point        D.A. Meek & Co.  West Point {small}
MS-West Point        Walker Ellis West Point Miss {conical}
MT-Anaconda        Pure Medicines Sparrow”s Fair Prices {small}
MT-Bozeman        From Lee Warren Prescription Druggist Bozeman Mont. {large}
MT-Bozeman        Gallatin Drug Co. Where Quality Counts. Bozeman Montana
MT-East Helena        East Helena Drug Phone 227-6611 East Helena Montana {T9}
MT-Helena        Ward Drug Co. Cut Rate Druggist {small}
MT-Miles City        Your Prescription Is Filled Right – Why Not Take It Right? Foster Drug Co. Miles City. Mont. {etched} $125.00
MT-Roundup        Blair’s Drug Store Where Quality Counts  Blair Mont. {etched} {T4} {HA}
MT-Sheridan        Henry Elling & Co. Druggoists Sheridan Mont. {small}
NC-Ashegoro        Get It Right From Reaves Pharmacy Next To P.O. Asheboro N.C. Prescriptions Compounded Accurately From Pure
Drugs {etched} {HA}
NC-Charlotte        Compliments of Thomase Reese & Co. Druggists Charlotte NC {large}
NC-Gastonia        Smith's Drug Prescription Delivery UN 5-2354 Gastonia NC {green ACL] {T9}
NC-Gastonia        Smith's Walgreen Drugs 865-2354 Gastonia N.C. {green ACL} {T9}
NC-Greenville        Geo. F. Kamerer Druggist Opera Block Greenville {small}
NC-Halifax        Vinson’s Pharmacy  The Rexall Store  Where Quality Counts  Halifax North Carolina
NC-Leaksville        Have Your Prescriptions Filled At Chandler Drug Co. Ptrescrptions A Speciality Phone 339 Leaksville NC {red etched}
NC-Oxford        Williams Drug Co. Try Indigesto For Relief Of Gas And Heartburn Phone 2531 Oxford NC {etched} {T1}
NC-Raleigh        Capudine For colds gripp and headaches {etched} {T3}
NC-Reidsville        Purcell & Dudley Souvenir Reidsville N.C. {spoon}
NC-Southern Pines        Sandhill Drug Co. Inc.  Prescription Druggists Southern Pines 692-6663 We Deliver {ACL} {T9}
NC-Wilmington        Carter's Pharmacy Prescription Specialists 2001 Princess Place Dr. Ro 3-4656 {green ACL} {T9}
NC-Wilmington        Herbert L. Fentress Druggist 703 N. 4th St. Wilmington NC {small}
NC-Wilson        Tarkenton & Sessoms The Safe Druggists Wilson N.C. {etched} {T3}
ND-Bismark        Finney's Drug Store Grand Pacific Hotel Corner Bismarck N.D {etched}
ND-Fairmount        Mergens Pharmacy Perter Mergens Prop. Fairmount ND {etched} {T3}
ND-Fargo        Christianson Drug Co. 10 Broadway Fargo ND {etched} {t3}
ND-Grafton        Fleming & Leweaux Druggists Grfton No. Dak {small}
ND-Grand Forks        Lion Drug Store John H. Vold Prop Grand Forks {small}
ND-Grand Forks        Vold's  Drug Store  Grand Forks N.D {etched}
ND-Langdon        C. A. Spellman Prescription Druggist Langdon N. D {etched} {T3)
NE-Alliance        Fred. E. Holsten Druggist Alliance Neb.  {small}
NE-Blair        The Stewart Pharmacy Prescription Druggists Phone 87 Blair Nebraska  {etched} {T4} {HA}
NE-Bloomington        Dr. J.B. Sumner & Son Druggists Bloomington Neb {etched} {t3}
NE-Callaway        Callaway-Phone 79 Weaver's Pharmacy Drugs Sundries Confections Callaway Nebr {etched} {HA}
NE-Crete        NE-Crete-Get It At Plouzek-Pflasterer Drug Co The Drug Store Crete Nebraska {etched T3} {HA}
NE-Crete        Stahlhut Rexall Drugs Phone 41 Crete Nebr. {blue acl} {T9}
NE-Crete        Stahlhut Rexall Drugs Phone 826-2041 Crete Nebr. 68323  {blue ACL} {T9}
NE-Crete        Whittlesey & Kind {mortar & pestle r} Crete Neb.
NE-Fairbury        Globe Pharmacy {small}
NE-Fremont        Compliments Of Devries Pharmacy Perry D. Devries Prof. Prescription Druggist  544 Main St. Phone 553 Fremont Neb
{etched} {T3)
NE-Fremont        Perry D. Devries Prof. Prescription Druggist  544 Main St. Phone 553 Compliments Of Devries Pharmacy Fremont Neb
NE-Grand Island        Henry D. Boyden Pharmacist Grand Island Neb. {small}
NE-Herman        Complimentys Of D.W. Bell Druggist Herman Nebraska {etched} {T3}
NE-Hooper        Compliments Of L. E. Davies Hooper Nebr {etched}
NE-Lincoln        H.W. Brown Druggist Lincoln Neb. {small}
NE-LIncoln        J.H. Harley Druggist Lincoln Neb
NE-LIncoln        Rehlanders Drug Store Lincoln Neb {large}
NE-Lincoln        Riggs Pharmacy Lincoln {conical}
NE-Lodge Pole        Handley Drug Store Prescription Druggist Lodge Pole Nebr {etched} {HA}
NE-Minden        L.M. Copeland Drugs & Books Minden Neb. {small}
NE-Neligh        M.C. Remington & Co. Druggists Neligh Neb. {small}
NE-Neligh        Try The Corner Drug Store First F. E. Reynolds & Co. Phone 109 Neligh Nebr {etched} {HA}
NE-Nelson        Knapp & Davies Druggists & Jewlers Nelson Neb. Where Quality  Counts {etched} {T3}
NE-North Bend        J.S. Thompson The Druggist Phone Nos. 29 & 67. North Bend NE. {etched} {T3}
NE-Omaha        Cladish Pharmacy 12th & Dodge Omaha Neb. {small}
NE-Omaha        Hanscomb Park Pharmacy Prescription Druggist Phone Harney 1271 1501 Park Ave. Omaha Neb. {etched} {T3}
NE-Omaha        Whitehouses Pharmacy 16th Cor Webster Sts Omaha {small}
NE-Ravenna        C.N. Davenport The Leading Druggist Ravena Neb. {etched] {T3}
NE-Sumner        Gus Hald Druggist Sumner Nebr. {etched} {T3)
NE-Superior        Fisher's Drug Store Prescriptions Carefully Compounded We Deliver Phone 3
New Zealand-Port Chalmers        William Elder Dispensing Chemist Port Chalmers N.Z.
NE-Wahoo        B.D. Rupp Druggist Wahoo Neb. {small}
NE-Wakefield        Long's Drug Store Wakefield Neb. {conical}
NE-West Point        Kadish & Co. Apothecaries West Point Neb {small}
NE-Wilber        Smith's Pharmacy Wilber Neb. {small}
NH        New Hampshire State Board Of Health
NH-Concord        C.H. Martin & Co. Pharmacists Concord N.H. {small}
NH-Dover        Lothrops & Pinkham Co. Dover N.H. {conical}
NH-Franklin        C.L. Eddy Prescription Druggist Franklin N.H. Ober 21 years Experience  {etched}
NH-Gorham        Compliments Of Barrett Bros THe Rexall Store Gorham NH {etched}
NH-Gorham        Fred W. Noyes Druggist Gorham NH {small}
NH-Greenville        DR. C.E. Hall Druggist Greenville N.H. {conical}
NH-Keene        From F.G. Dort & Co. Druggists Head Of Central Sq. Keene N.H. {small}
NH-Manchester        Compliments Of Perry's Drug Store Manchester N.H.
NH-Manchester        Dunnington The Druggist {conical}
NH-Manchester        E.H. CURRIER APOTHECARY MANCHESTER  N.H {small}
NH-Manchester        Tebbets & Soules Drug Store Manchester N.H. {small}
NH-Manchester        Tebbets Manchester N.H. Drug Store {small}
NH-Manchester        The Precourt Drug Stores {conical}
NH-Tilton        C.P. Herrick Rexall Store  Tilton N.H. {etched} {T1-2t-8t}
NJ-Atlantic City        Rees C. Roberts Apothecary Chalfonte-Maddon Hall Atlantic City {etched} {T3}
NJ-Bernardsville        Hemmendinger Pharmacies {conical}
NJ-Bordentown        Geo F. Deacon Druggist  Bordentown NJ {small}
NJ-Camden        Pechin Camden {spoon}
NJ-Camden        Sparks Perfect Health For Kidney And Liver Disease {small}
NJ-Camden        Sparks Perrfect Health For Kidney And Liver Disease {Porcelain Platter}
NJ-Chatham        Compliments Of Chatam Pharmacy Chatham N.J. {small}
NJ-Dover        W. H. Goodale Co. Glass Dover NJ {conical}
NJ-East Orange        Clinton Pharmacy East Orange {conical}
NJ-East Orange        Nisselsons Drug Shop East Orange NJ {spoon}
NJ-Elizabeth        Compliments of E. Steeb druggist Elizabeth {small}
NJ-Flemington        Alex B. Allen Druggist Flemington N.J. {small}
NJ-Florence        Loring S.  Strang Pharmacist Florence NJ {etched} {T3}
NJ-Hackinsack        Compliments Of E.A. McFadden 153 Main St. Hackensack N.J. {small}
NJ-Hoboken        Willow Pharmacy 904 Willow Ave. Hoboken N.J. {Metal dose indicator spoon}
NJ-Jersey City        Atlantic Pharmacy Walter H Moessner 815 Ocean Ave. Jersey City NJ Phone Delaware 3-9076  {red etched} {T1}
NJ-Jersey City        Hancock Pharmacy J. De Martini PH.GF. 74 Bowers St. Cor. Sherman Ave. Jersey City {red etched} {T1}
NJ-Jersey City        Peckman's Prescription Pharmacy 441 Ocean Ave. Jersey City NJ {white etched}
NJ-Jersey City        R.E. Wilhelm Ph.G. Pharmacist & Chemist 310 Pacific Ave. Jersey City N.J. {small}
NJ-Keyport        W.E.Warn Keyport N.J.{conical}
NJ-Lodi        U.S. Pharmacy-Phone 563 WE Have It {etched} {T3}
NJ-Millville        Graduated NO {pic W.T. & Co.} 40 {spoon}
NJ-Morristown        Compliments Jas. E. Stiles Druggist Morristown N.J. {small}
NJ-Morristown        Henry M. Smith Druggist. Morristown N. J {etched} {T3)
NJ-Mt. Holly        Edward B. Jones Opp. The Fountain Mt. Holly N.J. {small}
NJ-New Egypt        Wm.C. Hall Ph.G. New Egypt N.J. {conical}
NJ-Newark        C. Roenbeck Cor. Springfield Ave. & Jones St. Newark {small}
NJ-Newark        Hemmendinger Druggist 210 Bank Street {spoon}
NJ-Newark        Henry A. Hotz Pure Drugs {conical}
NJ-Newark        William Henry Sayer Druggist Newark N.J. {spoon}
NJ-Newport        When Your Physician Gives You A Prescription Let Your First Thoughts Be William E. Warn Pharmacist Keyport NJ
NJ-Oaklyn        William F. Hart Prescription Pharmacist 513  White House Place Oaklyn N.J {etched} {T3}
NJ-Palisades Park        Kiss Ethical Rx Pharmacy 301 Broad Ave. Palisades Park N.J. Leonia 4-2139-0863 In Emergency Leonia 4-3153
{black etched} {T1}
NJ-Passaic        Compliments Of W.E. Shuit Passaic N.J. {spoon}
NJ-Patterson        Chas. T. Walters Patterson N.J. {conical}
NJ-Phillipsburg        NJ-Phillipsburg-When Your Physcian Writes The Prescription Let Your First Thought Be C. E. Griffin Druggist
Phillipsburg N.J. {etched} {T3}
NJ-Phillipsburg        When your physician writes The prescription let your first thought be C. E. Griffin Druggist Phillipsburg N. J.
NJ-Rutherford        Your Prescription Has Been Filled Right Your Doctor Wants You To Take It Right Harry W. Foeller 55 Park Ave. Opp.
Franklin PL. Rutherford  N.J.Phone  2-2247 We Deliver {etched} {T4} {HA}
NJ-Salem        Frank  Luerssen Apothecary Salem NJ {spoon}
NJ-Salem        Wm.H. Andrews & Co. Salem N.J. {small}
NJ-Somerville        G.S. Cook Druggist Somerville NJ
NJ-South Orange        Feindt's Pharmacy So. Orange N.J. {conical}
NJ-Summit        Esidrix {hydrochlorothiazide} Just Enough Ciba {etched}
NJ-Trenton        W.H. Banes Apothecary Trenton N.J. {small}
NJ-Union        When Your Physician Gives You A Prescription Let Your First Thoughts Be F. Weismann 168 Bergenline Ave Town Of
Union NJ {etched} {T3}
NJ-Union City        Spiro's Drug Service 501 32nd st. Union City Phone Union 7-2754 {metal dose indicater spoon}
NJ-Vineland        Joseph A. Conwell Prescriptions A Specialty Vineland N.J. {small}
NM-Albuquerque        Pillsbury & Walton  City Drug Store  Albuquerque N.M. {large}
NM-Carlsbad        MacDonald Rexall Pharmacy We Give Blue Chip Stamps Carlsbad 729-2308 {T9}
NM-Deming        Specializing In Prescriptions Fred Seely Drugs Inc. 208 So. Gold Deming New Mexico PH. 546 8811
NM-Demming        Compliments of Rx Fred Seely Drugs Inc. Ph. 546-8811 Deming N. Mex. (green ACL} {T9}
NM-Roswell        Zipp's Pharmacy Specializing In Prescriptions Phone 622-2521 {black ACL] {T9}
NV-Carson        C.L. Kitzmeyer Drugs Opp. Capitol Carson-Nev {small}
NV-Reno        Mays Drug Store Metal Spoon
NY-Albany        A.D. Warner Inc. "Albany's Quality Drug Store" 446 Broadway Albany NY {etched} {t1}
NY-Albany        Chas. H. Gaus Apothecary Albany N.Y. {small}
NY-Albany        Compliments Of Franklin I. Knowles Cut Price Druggist Corner Of Broadway & Clinton Ave Albany N.Y {etched} {T3)
NY-Albian        The New Drug Store Compliments Of Bates & Clark Albian NY {Large}
NY-Altamont        Davenport & Fredrick Druggists Altamont N.Y {small}
NY-Amsterdam        Bradford & Lindsay Druggists Amsterdam N.Y. {small}
NY-Auburn        W.J. Sutton's Medicine Glass Auburn NY {small}
NY-Ballston        W.J. Redmond (pic mortar and pestle r) Ballston {large}
NY-Binghamton        E.L. Ostrom Druggist Chenango St. North R.R. {small}
NY-Brooklyn        D. Aisman 713 Decatur St. Brooklyn NY {spoon}
NY-Brooklyn        Hollywood Pharmacy Frank J. DiBenededetto Prop. 7701 New Utrecht Ave. Brooklyn NY Phone Bensonhurst 7381
{etched} {T3}
NY-Brooklyn        L. Conrad Apothecary 169 South 4th ST. Brooklyn E.D {small}
NY-Brooklyn        M. Goldberg Ph.G. 757 Dekalb Ave. Bklyn. N.Y. {conical}
NY-Brooklyn        Nathan Vasar & Sons Prescription Specialists 64-20 Pond Road Brooklyn Hegeman 3-2860 {etched} {T1-2}
NY-Brooklyn        Navarre Pharmacy M. Moskowitz PH. G. 3002 Ave. M at Nostrand Avenue Navarre 6-2610 {white etched} {T1}
NY-Brooklyn        Nevens Pharmacy Brooklyn N.Y. {conical}
NY-Brooklyn        St. George Pharmacy-Hotel St. George  73 Clark St. Brooklyn N.Y. Phones Main 1-3161 3162 Open ALL Night {white
etched} {T1}
NY-Brooklyn        Wald Pharmacy Prescriptions Accurately Compounded 847 Knickerbocker Ave.  Brooklyn NY Tel Jefferson 3-8940
NY-Buffalo        A.E. Romer Druggist 437 Genesee St. {small}
NY-Buffalo        Compliments W.J. Johnson {conical}
NY-Buffalo        Criterion Drug Co. Buffalo N.Y. {conical}
NY-Buffalo        D.A. Darlington Druggist Buffalo{error backward N's}
NY-Buffalo        Dr. Capias Herb Bitters {etched} {ACL white} {stemmed}
NY-Buffalo        Gregory's Genesee Pharmacy 530 Main St. {small}
NY-Buffalo        J.A. Darlington Druggist Buffalo {spoon}
NY-Buffalo        Kingston & Coetz Pharmacists Buffalo N.Y. {small}
NY-Buffalo        L.E. Bapst Pharmacist 1427 Main St Buffalo  NY
NY-Buffalo        R.S. Fowler Auburn Pharmacy Buffalo {spoon}
NY-Buffalo        Thomas Drug Store 169 Allen Str. Buffalo {spoon}
NY-Buffalo        World's Dispensary Medical Association {small}
NY-Cloversville        J.B. Stone Druggist Cloversville NY {small}
NY-Clyde        Williams Central Pharmacy Clyde NY {small}
NY-Corning        Compliments Of R.W. Terbell Pharmacist Corning N.Y {small}
NY-Cortland        Brown & Maybury Druggists Cortland NY {small}
NY-Cortland        Sager & Jennings Druggist Cortland NY {small}
NY-Dansville        Compliments Of F.J. Nelson Druggist Dansville N.Y.  {small}
NY-Deposit        Compliments Of Smith's Pharmacy Deposit NY {etched} {T3}
NY-Deposit        S.D. Smith Druggist From Deposit N.Y. {small}
NY-East Branch        J.W. Hall & Co. Druggists East Branch N.Y {small}
NY-Ellicottsville        H.B. Drown Druggist Ellicotsville NY {small}
NY-Elmira        Van Nort Pharmacy Elmira N.Y. {conical}
NY-Fort PLain        Compliments Of H.G. Martin & Co. Druggists Fort Plain NY {small}
NY-Fort Plain        E.S. Gregory Medicine Glass Fort Plain NY {small}
NY-Fredonia        Compliment's Monroe's Pharmacy {spoon}
NY-Fredonia        F.C.F. Sievert Fredonia N.Y. {conical}
NY-Fredonia        From Sievert-s Drug Store  Fredonia N.Y {small}
NY-Fredonia        Hop Compound Howard Bros. Fredonia N.Y.  {large}
NY-Fultonville        Compliments Of Chas. Rickard Fultonville N.Y. {small}
NY-Garden CIty        Val-Pin {ACL red}
NY-Hamburg        Young's Service Quality {pic mortar & pestle r} Young's Drug Store 52 Main St. Hamburg New York Phone 145
Prescription Specialists {HA} {etched} {T4}
NY-Herkimer        Compliments Of Prowse & Thomson Druggists Herkimer NY {small}
NY-Hornell        Steuben Sanitarium Co. Hornell N.Y. {small}
NY-Huntington LI        Bruno Heck Half Hollows Huntington L.I. {small}
NY-Jamestown        Jamestown Pharmacy Thompson And Merideth 4 East Second Street
NY-Johnstown        Compliments Of  D.N. Van Huesen Druggist Johnstown NY {small}
NY-Johnstown        Compliments Of  W.B. Van Vliet Apothecary Johnstown {large}
NY-Johnstown        Eagle Drug Store F.D. Mulligan Prop.Your Satisfaction Is Our Sucess Phone 20 133 West Main SAt. Johnstown N.Y.
{etched} {t3} {ha}
NY-Johnstown        Frank J. Palmer Johnstown N.Y. {conical}
NY-Liberty        Milspaugh & Co. Liberty N.Y. {conical}
NY-Little Falls        Compliments H.G. Babcock Druggist Little Falls {small}
NY-Lowville        Horace Rush Druggist Lowville N.Y. {small}
NY-Lyons        Compliments Of G.W. Gettman Druggist Lyons N.Y. {small}
NY-Lyons        Getman's Drug Store Lyons NY {large}
NY-Lyons        M.H. Dillenbeck Druggist Lyons N.Y {small}
NY-Malone        R. MC G. Miller Druggist Malone NY {small}
NY-Middletown        Compliments of The Olney & fuller Drug Co. Middletown {small}
NY-Mohawk        Geo. N. Graves Prescription Druggist 26 Main St. Mohawk NY {etched} {T3}
NY-Mongaup Valley        W.G. Steele M.D. Mongaup Valley N.Y. {conical}
NY-Neponsit        Benno H. Mark Pharmacist 145-01 Neponsit Ave. Neponsit Long Island NY {etched} {T1}
NY-New Brighton        William D. Hill New Brighton NY {conical}
NY-New Rochelle        James L. Coutant Druggist New Rochelle {small}
NY-New York        Bendiner & Schlesinder Pharmacists 47 Third Ave. N.Y. {small}
NY-New York        Breitenbach's Measure For 9 1895 Cough Mixture  {small}
NY-New York        Cas-Car-Ria  cures Nervousness Liver and Kidney Diseases {NY-NY Manhatten Therpeutic Co.} {large}
NY-New York        Elixophyllin {red ACL}
NY-New York        Ewin McIntire & Son Chemist 922 6th Ave {spoon}
NY-New York        Meinecke & Co. Graduated Medicine Spoon New York {spoon}
Ny-New York        Meinecke & Co. New York 10 48 {large}
NY-New York        Neoferrum The Maltine Company New York {large}
NY-New York        P. Hoykendorf Apothecary {pic mortar & Pestle r} 50th st. & 3rd. ave. N.Y. {small}
Ny-New York        Riker-Jaynes Drug Store Drugs With A Reputation U.S.A. {etched} {T1-2t-8t}
NY-New York        Thorner Bros. 140 5th Ave. New York {large}
NY-New York        Use Burnham's Beef Iron & Wine {small}
NY-New York        Zonite
NY-New York         C.O. Bigelow Apothecary 102 Sixth Ave NY {spoon}
NY-New York         For Accurate Prescription Service Go To Anselmo's Pharmacy 598 10th Ave. N.Y.C. 1 Door Above 43rd St {white
etched} {T1}
NY-New York         J. Jungmann 428 Colombus Ave. 1020 Third Ave N.Y. {spoon}
NY-New York         Lord & Eely Druggists New York {small}
NY-New York         Medical Pharmacy Prescription Specialist  Max Siegel PH.G. 331 E. 184th st. Cor. Tiebout Ave. N.Y.  Phones Fordham
4-8607 8687 {white etched} {T1}
NY-New York         P. Hoykendorf Apothecary 3rd Ave Cor. 67th St {spoon}
NY-New York         Riker Jayne Drug Stores New England {etched} {T3}
NY-New York         Riker's Drug Stores U.S.A. {etched} {T3}
NY-New York         Ward's Drug Stores 2 Columbus Ave. At 59th St. 22 Amsterdam Avee. At 60th St. New York Open All Night Cut Prices
NY-New York         Waterburys New York Des Moines Toronto Cod Liver Oil {small}
NY-New York         Zonite {conical}
NY-Newburgh        J.A. Joslin Medicines 73 Waster St. Newburgh NY {large}
NY-Niagra Falls        C. O'Loughlin Niagra Falls NY {small}
NY-Norwich        T.D. Miller Druggist Norwich N.Y {small}
NY-NY        Breitenbach's Measure For 9 1895 Cough Mixture  {small}
NY-NY        German Poliklinik 78-80 Seventh St New York City {small}
NY-NY        NY-NY-Albert W. Schaefer 343 East 10th st. New York {spoon}
NY-NY        PAREMYCIN-Elixer
NY-NY        Wasterbury's New York Dews Moines Toronto Cod Liver Oil {small}
NY-Olean        J.B. Black Pharmacist Olean NY {small}
NY-Oneonta        E. R. Ford Drug Oneonta N.Y. {small}
NY-Orangeburg        BELL-ANS (for INDIGESTION) {etched}
NY-Ovid        S. Norten Druggist Ovid NY {small}
NY-Owego        Kenyon's Tonic J. C. Kenyon Owehgo NY {small}
NY-Plattsburg        Connor's Pharmacy {metal dose indicator spoon}
NY-Poukeepsie        Dr. Wilson's Glass Cover
NY-Poukeepsie        Dr. Wilson's spoon
NY-Pulaski        E.J. Brownell Pharmacist Pulaski N.Y. {conical}
NY-Richfield Springs        A.J. Smith & Son Druggists Richfield Springs NY {large}
NY-Rochester        Compliments Of O.J. Bryan Druggist Rochester N.Y. {small}
NY-Rochester        Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey A Medicine {spoon}
NY-Rochester        E.A. Cowley Druggist Rochester N.Y. {small}
NY-Rochester        Henry Aman Druggist 139 E. Main St. Rochester NY
NY-Rochester        Hyde's Quality Drug Stores {Etched T3}
NY-Rochester        J.K. Post & Co. Druggists Rochester NY {spoon}
NY-Rochester        Louis Klinzing Pharmacist Rochester NY {small}
NY-Rochester-Newark        Hyde's Quality Drug Stores "Rochester & Newark" Circa:1907-1919
NY-Rome        Compliments Of Graves & Reifert Druggists Rome N.Y. {small}
NY-Salamanca        The Krieger Drug Co. Salamanca NY  {conical}
NY-Saranac Lake        L.F. Miller Pharmacy 4 Broadway Corner Main St. Saranac Lake NY (etched} {T3}
NY-Schenectedy        Prescription Expert Hall's Drug Company 233 State Street Schenectedy New York {blue acl}
NY-Sea Cliff        Schmitt's Reliable Prescription Pharmacy Aea Cliff NY {white etched} {T1}
NY-Staten Island        Edger Wiegen Druggist New Brighton & Stapleton Staten Island {spoon}
NY-Syracuse        H.D. Dwight & Co. Syracuse {small}
NY-Syracuse        Reifert & Kimmey Syracuse N. Y.  {large}
NY-Syracuse        Reifert & Kimmey Syracuse N. Y.  {small}
NY-Troy        A. M. Knowlson Apothecary Troy N. Y. {small}
NY-Troy        H. Gnademdorff Pharmacist Troy N.Y. {small}
NY-Troy        Moncrief & Francis Troy N.Y {small}
NY-Troy        Wiberly & Teal Troy N.Y {small}
NY-Truxton        J.C. Wiegand 1876 Pharmacist 1906 Truxton New York  {large}
NY-Utica        John H. Sheehan Druggist Utica N.Y. {small}
NY-Utica        Ray's Drug Store Utica N.Y {small}
NY-Utica        W.A. Teachout Druggist Utica NY {small}
NY-Waddington        Bower Brothers Waddington New York {small}
NY-Warsaw        Frank Wilson Druggist Warsaw NY {small}
NY-Watertown        F.W. McCullough Pharmacist 121 Main St. Watertown N.Y {small}
NY-Watkins        Compliments of Dr. J.F. Barnes Watkins NY {small}
NY-Westfield        Fenner Medicine Co's Dose Glass Westfield NY {small}
OH[-Cincinnatti        H. Fred Oehlschlaeger Druggist McMickrn Ave. & Mohawk PLace Cinnatti O {small}
OH-Ada        Kemp's Drug & Book Store Ada Ohio {conical}
OH-Ada        Kemp's drug & book store Ada Ohio {conical}
OH-Akron        Dr. Grams Medicine Grandmother's {large}
OH-Akron        For Health Use Root-Tea-Na Root Tea Na Herb Co. Akron Ohio  {large}
OH-Akron        Geo.C. Himmelman Pharmacist Akron {small}
OH-Akron        Himmelman Pharmacist Akron Ohio {small}
OH-Akron        Metzger Drug Store Prescription Phone SH5-4914 Akron {black ACL} {T9}
OH-Akron        S.E. Allen Pharmacist Akron O. {small}
OH-Akron        The Harper Drug Co. 8 E. Market St. 59 So. Howard St. {small}
OH-Alliance        Garrett Fogle Established 1869 Alliance O {small}
OH-Ashland        John F. Zwerner Druggist Marysville O {large}
OH-Ashland        S. G. Wiest  Druggist  Ashland O {small}
OH-Athens        Cline Druggist Athens
OH-Athens        Medical Center Pharmacy Phone 593-3773 Free Delivery {orange ACL} {T9}
OH-Bellafontaine        Frank Butler Druggist Bellefontaine Ohio {small}
OH-Bellaire        J. E. Blackburn Druggist  Bellaire O. {small}
OH-Bellville        Abraham Hare Practical Druggist Bellville O. {small}
OH-Belpre        Belpre Rexall Drug Filling Prescriptions Is Our Business Phone HA 3-7376 {red & blue ACL} {T9}
OH-Brooklyn Village        Carl Schmitt Eagle Pharmacy Brooklyn Vill. O {small}
OH-Brookville        Brookville Prescription Pharmacy Phone 833-2174 119 Market St. Boonville O. Free Delivery {ACL} {T9}
OH-Chillicothe        W. W. Steele Druggist Chillicothe Ohio {small}
OH-Cincinatti        F.L. Crotre Pharmacist Cincinatti O  {conical}
OH-Cincinnati        A. Fennel & Son Apothecaries Cincinnati O.
OH-Cincinnati        A.O. Zwick Apothecary 76 Broadway Cincinnati {small}
OH-Cincinnati        Blumenthal Walnut Hills Cincinatti O. {small}
OH-Cincinnati        C W Phillips Druggist  454 Eastern Ave. {spoon}
OH-Cincinnati        C. Wittstein-s Pharmacy Main & Woodward Sts. Cincinnati {small}
OH-Cincinnati        Chas. A. Apmeyer Apothecary Avondale  Cin.O {small}
OH-Cincinnati        Consolidated Hopewell Co. High Grade Wines And Fruit Brandies Eastern Depot 30 Main St. Cincinnati rim of the cup
it is stamped Exquisite Pure Wines For The Home And Physician {metal cup}
OH-Cincinnati        Dorsey C. Ross Pharmacist 1434 Eastern Ave. Cincinnati O {small}
OH-Cincinnati        Dow's Pharmacies Cincinnati O. {small}
OH-Cincinnati        Dr. Burkharts Vegetable Compound 224 Main St. {large}
OH-Cincinnati        Dr. T.W. Graydon Cincinnati O {large}
OH-Cincinnati        Edward Kipp 3000 Colerain Ave. {spoon}
OH-Cincinnati        Edward Kipp 3000 Colerain Ave. {spoon}
OH-Cincinnati        H. Fred Oehlschlaeger Druggist McMickrn Ave. & Mohawk PLace Cinnatti O {small}
OH-Cincinnati        H.G. Schmuelling Cut Rate Druggist Elm & Findlay Sts {spoon}
OH-Cincinnati        H.W. Stegemiller John & Liberty Sts. {spoon}
OH-Cincinnati        Herman H. Koehnken 4th & Mill Sts Cincinnati O {small}
OH-Cincinnati        John C. Otis & Co. Druggists Cincinnati O. {small}
OH-Cincinnati        John Darragh Jr. MUM Richmond Cor. Cenral Ave. Cincinnati O. {small}
OH-Cincinnati        Joseph Blaeszer Druggist Harrison & Queen City Aves {small}
OH-Cincinnati        Kotte's Pharmacy Cincinnati O. {small}
OH-Cincinnati        L.C.F. Cramer Pharmacist 4028 Eastern Ave. Cincinnati
OH-Cincinnati        M.M. Yorston {pic mono MYM} Druggist 429 Cent. Av. Cin. O {small}
OH-Cincinnati        M.R. Hamilton Pharmacist Avondale Cin.O {small}
OH-Cincinnati        Philip Miller Druggist Fairmount Cincinatti {small}
OH-Cincinnati        Sciarrino Pharmacy Prescriptions Pleasant Ridge  Ph 731-3151 or 731-3152 Free Delivery Service {blueACL} {T9}
OH-Cincinnati        Sofge's Pharmacy Linn & Findlay Sts {conical}
OH-Cincinnati        The Alpha Medical Institute Cincinnati Ohio {large}
OH-Cincinnati        The Alpha Medical Institute Compound Inhaler Cincinnati Ohio {very large}
OH-Cincinnati        The Melva Medicine Co.
OH-Cincinnati        W.H. Grothaus Druggist Cincinnati Ohio {small}
OH-Cincinnati        Wm. Vieth-s Pharmacy Cincinnati O {small}
OH-Cincinnati        Zwick Apothecary Mt. Auburn & Vine {small}
OH-Cincinnati & Hyde Park        Otto E. Betz Pharmacist Cincinnati & Hyde Park {small}
OH-Cincinnatti        Meininger's/Pharmacist/North Side/Cin. (small)
OH-Cinncinati        Dr. T.W. Graydon Cincinatti O.  {large}
OH-Cleveland        Emrick's Drug Store Cleveland {small}
OH-Cleveland        Frank Stewart Apothecary Cleveland {small}
OH-Cleveland        George L. Drach Druggist 1829 Broadway {small}
OH-Cleveland        H. Kuhlmeier Druggist 528 Pearl St. Cleveland {small}
OH-Cleveland        H.D. Flandermeyer Druggist Cleveland O {small}
OH-Cleveland        Hellwig & Co. Pharmacists Hough Cor. Crawford {small}
OH-Cleveland        M. Abl's Pharmacy Cleveland O.  {conical}
OH-Cleveland        Martin H. Schmidt Pharmacist Cleveland O {small}
OH-Cleveland        Meyer & Gleim Druggists Cleveland O. {spoon}
OH-Cleveland        Normadex Cleveland Ohio {green etched}
OH-Cleveland        Normadex Cleveland Ohio {white etched}
OH-Cleveland        Otto Zickes Druggist Cor. Clark Av. & Milford St. {large}
OH-Cleveland        Rigelhaupt's Drug Store 137 Woodland Ave {small}
OH-Cleveland        Standard Drug Co.Cleveland Ohio {conical}
OH-Cleveland        Strong Cobb & Co. # 199 Superior St. Druggists & Apothecaries Cleveland O {small}
OH-Cleveland        The H.W. Dicker Drug Co. 2802 Lorain Ave {conical}
OH-Cleveland        The Melva Medicine Co. Cleveland Ohio Adult Dose Of Malva {etched}
OH-Cleveland        W.T. Hart & Co. Euclid Cor. Fairmont {small}
OH-Cleveland        Wild Cherry Great Appetizer {etched}
OH-Cleveland        Wm. Dice Druggist 358 Beaver Ave. {small} C1003
OH-Cleveland        Wm. Handler & Co. 1897 Pearl St. {small}
OH-Cleveland        Zwick Apothecary Mt. Auburn & Vine {small}
OH-Cleveland        Zwick Apothecary Mt. Auburn & Vine {small}
OH-Collinwood        Compliments Of Dr. J.S. Wood & Co. Collinwood O {small}
OH-Columbus        Ask Druggists For Bassetts Native Herbs Guaranteed Cure In Three Months Cost One Dollar {large}
OH-Columbus        Fahrbach Prescription Druggist High & Fulton {small}
OH-Columbus        Grant Hospital {conical}
OH-Columbus        South American Compound Jackson Mfg. Co. Columbus  O. {large}
Oh-Columbus        The Citizen's Wholesale Supply Co. Columbus O {large}
OH-Cumminsville        J.F. Kutchbauch Apothecary Cumminsville {small}
OH-Dayton        H. A. Tressler Pharmacist Dayton O. {small}
OH-Dayton        Use Weusthoff's Vegetable Liver Regulator {small}
OH-Delphos        Wahmhoff's Drug Store Delphos Ohio (small)
OH-East Liverpool        C.G. Anderson Druggist "East Liverpool Ohio {conical}
OH-East Liverpool        Herche”s Drug Store East Liverpool Ohio {white etched} {T1}
OH-East Palestine        J.M. Hartford The Leading Druggist East Palestine Ohio {etched} {T3}
OH-Elmwood        Fred Schanzle Jr. Druggist Elmwood Place Ohio {small}
OH-Elyria        The Temple Drug Store Elyria Ohio {conical}
OH-Fairfield        Fairfield Prescription Pharmacy L.W Schlemann 5165 Pleasant Ave Fairfield Ohio Phone 893-0251 {green ACL} {T9}
OH-Fremont        McCulloch's Drug Store Fremont O {small}
OH-Gahanna        Martin's Pharmacy 78 Mill St. Gahanna Ohio Phone 471-0962 For Prompt Delivery {green ACL} {T9}
OH-Jackson        Compliments Of Lewis The Druggist Jackson {small}
OH-Jefferson        Adelbert K. Hawley Pharmacist Jefferson O. {small}
OH-Jefferson        C.H. Case Drugs Jefferson O. {large}
OH-Lancaster        Compliments of L. E. Eyman Lancaster O {small}
OH-Liverpool        W.O. Hamilton Druggist E. Liverpool O.{ spoon}
OH-Lynchburg        In Business For Your Health Meyer's Drug Store Lynchburg Ohio {etched} {T1-2t-8t}
OH-Marietta        W.H. Styer Leading Druggist Marietta O {spoon}
OH-Marion        The Doctor C.E. Sawyer Sanatorium Marion Ohio {small}
OH-Monroeville        A.L. Lane Druggist Monroeville {small}
OH-Mowrystown        M.F.Funk MD. DRUGGIST Mowrystown {etched} {2T-8T}
OH-Mt. Vernon        G.R. Baker & Son Pharmacists Mount Vernon Ohio {small}
OH-Napoleon        T.J. Humphrey Druggist Napoleon O {small}
OH-Newcomerstown        Lawler Reg. Ph. Phone 498-8381 Night Service Phone 498-8568 Newcomerstown. Ohio Free Delivery {red
ACL} {T9}
OH-Niles        D.J. Finney Druggist Niles O {small}
OH-Norwalk        D. Benedict M.D. Druggist Norwalk O {small}
OH-Paulding        T.R. Dunathan Druggist Paulding Ohio  {large}
OH-Piqua        E. Johnson Druggist Piqua O {small}
OH-Pomeroy        F.A. Roush's Pharmacy Pomeroy Ohio {small}
OH-Portsmouth        Dale's Pharmacy Prescription Store Phone EL 3-1147 12th & Offnere Portsmouth O {red ACL} {T9}
OH-Portsmouth        Fisher & Streigh The Leading Druggists Cor. 6th. & Chillicothe Sts. Portsmouth Ohio {small}
OH-Ravenna        Hart THe Druggist Ravenna {small}
OH-Sabina        Ton-Jon The 1-2-3 Way To Health {clear} {T1}
OH-Salem        Flodings Pharmacy THe Rexall Store Salem Ohio {etched} {T1-2t-8t}
OH-Sandusky        Melville Bros. Druggists Sandusky {small}
OH-Sandusky        Park Pharmacy Wm. Schade & Son Sandusky O {small}
OH-Sharonville        OH-Sharonville-Zinnecker Creek & Reading Rds Rexall Pharmacy Phone 771-6087 Sharonville O Serving You Our
Aim {ACL blue T9}
OH-South Brooklyn        F.H. Bader Druggist So. Brooklyn O {small}
OH-Springfield        Frank H. Coblentz Druggist Springfield  O. {small}
OH-Springfield        Schmidt's Drug Store {Metal dose indicator spoon}
OH-Springfield        V.& S. Coblentz Mfg. Chemists Springfield O {small}
OH-Stowe        Stow Pharmacy - Prescriptions-Phone 688-4668-Stow Ohio {green ACL} {T9}
OH-Toledo        Allen's Pharmacy Toledo Ohio {small}
OH-Toledo        C.E. Spayd Druggist Toledo O {small}
OH-Toledo        Compliments Of  Dr. Geo. Silver Toledo O
OH-Toledo        Goldbach's Pharmacy Toledo O. {conical}
OH-Toledo        John Goldbach Druggist Toledo O {small}
OH-Toledo        R. Gysel Druggist Toledo O {small}
OH-Toledo        T.B. Huston Druggist Toledo O. {large}
OH-Toledo        The University Of Toledo College Of Pharmacy {large}
OH-Willoughby        G.F. Law & Co.Druggists Willoughby O {small}
OH-Wooster        Laubach & Boyd Druggists & Chemists Wooster O. {small}
OH-Youngstown        C.H. Krauter Druggist Youngstown Ohio {spoon}
OH-Youngstown        McBride's Parlor Drug Store Youngstown Ohio {small}
OH-Youngstown        The Averbeck Drug Co.-14 W. Federal St.- Youngstown O {small}
OH-Youngstown        Wick C. Gans Prescription Druggist Youngstown O {small}
OK-Calvin        J.A. Carter Calvin Okla. {conical}
OK-El Reno        Sombart's Drug Store El Reno Okla. {small}
OK-Enid        New York Brokers Sell Everything Enid Okla. {etched} {T3}
OK-Foss        G.C. Mayer Pharmacist Foss Oklahoma {large}
OK-Ft. Towson        Compliments Herb-O-Tone Med. Co. Ft. Towson Okla {large}
OK-Guthrie        F.B. Lillie & Co. {pic monogram} Guthrie OK. {small}
OK-Guthrie        Wallace & Muller {pic mortar & pestle r} Guthrie OK. {small}
OK-Hobart        Get It Right-Take It Right From Hobart Drug Phone 86 {etched} {HA}
OK-Muskogee        A.R. Pharmacy 1601 E. Okmulgee Pho. MU 2-3394 {red ACL} {T9}
OK-Norman        Sooner Discount Pharmacy 225 W. Lindsey-Ph. 329-6001 Norman Okla. {red ACL} {T9}
OK-Oklahoma City        Wick”s Medical Arts Drug Shoppe Another Real Drug Store A.W. Wycliffe Mgr. Lobby-Medical Arts Bldg Phones
3-1471  3-1472  3-1473 Oklahoma City Okla. {white etched} {T1}
OK-Sayre        Russell Drug Store "We Do Not Substitute" Phone 22 Sayre Okla. {etched} {HA}
OK-Seminole        Get It Right and Take It Right From Seminole Drug CO. Prescription Specialist Where Service Is More Than A Motto  
{etched} {HA}
OR-Astoria        T.H. Olsen Druggists Astoria Ore {small}
OR-Astoria        W.E. Dement & Co. Druggists Astoria {small}
OR-Baker        N.A. Muegge The Druggist Baker Ore. {small}
OR-Cottage Grove        Compliments Of Morgan & Brehaut Cottage Grove {small}
OR-Cottage Grove        Your Prescription Is Filled Right-Why Not Take It Right Cottage Grove Pharmacy Brown's Drug Store Phone 244
632 Main Cottage Grove Ore {white etched} {T1}
OR-Dallas        When You Use This Think Of Fuller's Pharmacy Dallas Ore. (etched} {T3}
OR-Eugene        Sherwin Moore Drug Co. Eugene Ore. {conical}
OR-Mount Angel        Your Prescription Is Filled Right-Why Not Take It Right Fisher Pharmacy Prescriptions Drugs Phone Black 11 Mt.
Angel Oregon {etched} {T1-2}
OR-Portland        Aldrich & Weidler Druggists Washington & 6th Portland Ore.  {large}
OR-Portland        Dr. O. P. S. Plummer Druggist Portland Or. {small}
OR-Portland        F. Nau Portland Hotel Pharmacy {small}
OR-Portland        John M.A. Laue The Reliable Druggist Portland Ore. {large}
OR-Portland        John O. Golden Inc.  Goldens Products Portland Ore. {footed}
OR-Portland        Laue Davis Drug Co Reliable Druggists Portland Or. {small}
OR-Portland        Nue Ovo For Rheumatism {red ACL}
OR-Portland        Nue Ovo Treatment For Reumitism  Portland Ore {red ACL} 3"
OR-Portland        Powers & Estes Morgan Bldg. Phone AT. 2341 Open All Night Portland, Ore. {white etched} {T1}
OR-Portland        S.G. Skidmore & CO. Druggists Portland OR {small}
OR-Portland        Wisdom Drug Co. J. Heubner Mgr. Portland Oregon
OR-Portland        Woodard Clarke & Co. {pic mono woodlark } Portland {small}
OR-Portland        Woodard Clarke & Co. {pic mono Woodlark} Portland {large}
OR-Portland        Woodard Clarke & Co. Chemists Portland Ore. {red ACL}
OR-Portland        Woodard Clarke & Co. Druggists Portland Or {small}
OR-Portland        Woodard Clarke & Co. Druggists Portland Ore. {etched} {T3}
OR-Portland        Woodard Clarke & Co. Woodlark Bldg. Alder St. At West Park Portland Ore. {red ACL} {t5}
OR-Portland        Woodard Clarke and Co. Chemists Wood-Lark Bldg. Alder St. At West Park Portland Ore. {red acl} {T5}
OR-Roseburg        A.C. Marsters & Co. Druggists Roseburg Ore. {small}
Or-Salem        Capital Drug Store  Z. J. Riggs Salem Oregon.  {spoon}
Or-Salem        Dan”l J. Fry Druggist Salem Ogn. {small}
OR-Salem        Lunn & Brooks Capitol Drug Store 122 State St. Salem Ore. {small}
OR--Salem        Capital Drug Store  Z. J. Riggs Salem Oregon  {spoon}
OR-Salem         Schaefer's Drug Store {conical}
OR-The Dalles        Blakeley & Houghton The Dalles Ore
PA-Allentown        Aug. Weber Eagle Drug Store Allentown {large}
PA-Allentown        Liberty Pharmacy Cut Rate-We DEliver Liberty & 7th Str's Allentown PA {red etched} {T1}
PA-Allentown        You Can Get it At Keiper's Allentown PA {small}
PA-Altoona        Dr. Bunn Office 1421 11th Ave Altoona PA {Large}
PA-Altoona        Harvey B. Eyer Prescription Druggist 1613 11th Ave. {small}
PA-Altoona        W.H. Irwin Druggist Altoona PA {small}
PA-Ambler        Rees C. Roberts Apothecary Ambler PA {small}
PA-Ambler        Robert's Apothecary Ambler Pa. {conical}
PA-Ashley        J.C. KLine Pharmacist Ashley PA {small}
PA-Beaver Falls        From Paff's Drug Store Beaver Falls PA. {small}
PA-Bellwood        Bellwood Pharmacy N.A. Grauer Ph.G. Bo0th Phones Belwood PA {etched} {T3}
PA-Bethleham        Robt. M. McCleath Woodland Ave. Pharmacy 198 Woodlawn Ave {small}
PA-Bloomsburg        Compliments Of J.H. Mercer Druggist Bloomsburg PA. {small}
PA-Boyertown        Edgar S.Nyman PH.G. 42 E. Philadelphia Ave. Boyertown Penna {etched} {T1-2}
PA-Braddock        S. Hollander & Co. {pic pic mortar & Pestle r} Braddock PA {small}
PA-Brownsville        J.D.Armstrong Druggist Brownsville PA {small}
PA-Cannonsburg        J.B. Donaldson Druggist Cannonsburg Pa. {small}
PA-Carbondale        A.W. Reynold's Druggist Carbondale Pa {small
PA-Centralia        Gwinners Pharmacy {conical}
PA-Chambersburg        Cressler Drug Store Chamr'g Pa. {conical}
PA-Clairton        Southwick's Pharmacy Walter Southwick Ph. G. 5465 Millere Avenue Clairton PA {T1}
PA-Clarks Summit        George R. Barber Pharmacist The Rexall Store Clarks Summit Pa. {etched} {T3}
PA-Claysville        From B. Minton's Drug Store Claysville PA (small}
PA-Coatesville        Wm. C. Thompson prescription druggist Coatesville Pa. {small}
PA-Columbia        Boucher's Drug Stores Columbia PA {spoon}
PA-Dallastown        Geo. A. Meyers Druggist Dallastown PA {etched} {T3)
PA-Downington        Our Druggist H. B. Sides Dowington {small}
PA-Duquesne        Eagle Drug Store B.Z. Kalstone PH.G. The Rexall Store Cor. Grant and Duquesne Aves {etched}
PA-Erie        Mackintosh's Prescription Drug Store Erie Pa. {spoon}
PA-Everson        In Business For Your Health Everson Drug Store Everson Pa. {white ACL etched}
PA-Germantown        Smith's Pharmacy Germantown {large}
PA-Germantown        W.H. Poley {Mortar & Pestle}Germantown  {large}
PA-Greencastle        Always The Best Of Everything J. Bowman Metz Cor. E. Baltimore & Washington Sts. Greencastle PA. {etched} {T3}
PA-Greensburg        Harry Thomas Druggist Grennsburg PA {spoon}
PA-Hanover        Smith's Drug Store 100 Broadway Hanover Pennsylvania  {red etched} {T1}
PA-Harleysville        Drs.Groff & Keeler {pic monogram} Harleysville Pa. {small}
PA-Harrisburg        Chas. T. George Harrisburg Pa. {conical}
PA-Harrisburg        J.H. Boher Druggist Harrisburg PA {small}
PA-Harrisburg        Markley Opera House Pharmacy Harrisburg Pa {small}
PA-Harrisburg        Weills Druggest 332 Broad St. Harrisburg PA. {large}
PA-Harrisburg        When Your Physician Gives You A Prescription Let Your First Thought Be Goodyears Drug Store The Nyal Store 19th
& Derry Sts. {etched} {T3}
PA-Honesdale        Chambers' Pharmacy Honesdale Pa. {conical}
PA-Honesdale        Jadwin and Spencer Honesdale Pennsylvania  {small}
PA-Jeanette        Phone LA 7-7211 {pic mortar & Pestle r}Aleo's Professional Pharmacy 601 Michigan Ave. Jeannette PA. Casper J.
Aleo R.Ph. {green ACL} {T9}
PA-Johnstown        Harry F. Decker- Pharmacist-111 Market St.- Johnstown PA (Etched) {T3}
PA-Kennett Square        Chandler Druggist Kennett Square {small}
PA-Kingston        Cooks Pharmacy-Dial 7-2512 785 Wyoming Ave-Kingston PA {metal dose indicator spoon}
PA-Kingston Luzerne        Lynn's Pharmacy {metal dose spoon}
PA-Kittanning        W.J. Sturgeon Druggist Kittanning Pa {small}
PA-Lancaster        H.B. Parry {pic monogramed} Druggist {small}
PA-Lancaster        Longenecker's Phone EX 4-4013 {green ACL} {HA} "Lancaster PA"
PA-Lebanon        Compliments of J. F. Loehle Druggist Lebanon PA {small}
PA-Lebanon        Dr's Krum & Krum  {small}
PA-Lebanon        From Lemberger's Drug StoreLebanon. PA {small}
PA-Lewisbourg        Dr. E.S. Heiser Druggist Lewisburgh PA {small}
PA-Luzerrne        PA Kingston Luzerrne-Lynn's Pharmacy {metal dose spoon}
PA-Lykens        Compliments Of Dr. A.G. Stanley Druggist Lykens PA {small}
PA-Mahanoy City        Central Pharmacy Dr. S. E. Wertman Prop. Mahanoy City Pa. {blue ACL etched} {T1}
PA-McKees Rocks        V.A. Sandles THe Druggist  1000 Charters Ave. Cor. Park Way McKees Rocks Pa. {etched} {T3}
PA-Meadville        J.C. Lindeman Druggist Meadville Pa. {small}
PA-Meadville        P.H. Utech Ph.G. 209 Chestnut St. Meadville Pa. {small}
PA-Meadville        P.Henry Utech Ph.G. Meadville Pa. {conical}
PA-Millersville        Dr.M.T.Reeder Druggist Millersville PA. {small}
PA-Minersville        Complimjents Of M.R. Stein Druggist Minersville PA {small}
PA-Mt. Pleasant Mills        Marand Rothrock M.D. Druggist Mt. Pleasant Mills Pa. {small}
PA-Myerstown        L.H. Bixler Greble Merchant R.D. No. 3 Myerstown PA 1935 Greetings {red ACL} {T9}
PA-Nazarath        Paul W. Heckman Prescripotions {blue etched} {T1}
PA-New Berry        Always The best of everything let us fill your prescriptions W. H. Kunkle & Co. Prescriptions Pharmacists New Berry
Pa. {etched}
PA-New Castle        James G. Hutton Apothecary Cor. Washington & Jefferson  Sts. New Castle Pa. The Modern Pharmacy {etched}
PA-New Castle        McKinley & Frantz {pic mortar & pestle r} New Castle Pa {small}
PA-New Kensington-Natrona        Valley Prescription Shop {white etched} {T1-2}
PA-Norristown        Streeper's Pharmacy Norristown Pa. {small}
PA-North York        Souvenir Wm. J. Hiffmeyer's North York Pharmacy {small}
PA-Olyphant        J.H. Kelly Prescription Druggist Olyphant Pa. {spoon}
PA-Philadelphia        A.R. Hesske PH. G. Apothecary Philadelphia PA {etched} {T3)
PA-Philadelphia        Brookshire Pharmacy 2720 Briggs Rd. We Deliver RX Phone 274-2324 {ACL} {T9}
PA-Philadelphia        Charles T. Norris Phila. {conical}
PA-Philadelphia        Compliments of J.A. Cantrell Pharmacy. 1000 So. 2nd St. W.T. & Co. AB U.S.A. {small}
PA-Philadelphia        Dependable Prescription Service Sun Ray Drugs
PA-Philadelphia        East Falls Pharmacy 34th & Queen Phila. {spoon}
PA-Philadelphia        Eberly Bros. Pharmacists 2500 Oxford St. 2601 Columbia Ave. Phila. {small}
PA-Philadelphia        Evans Phila. {small}
PA-Philadelphia        Geo. B. Evans Apothecary 1104 Chestnut St. {small}
PA-Philadelphia        Gracey Drugs Philadelphia Pa. {conical}
PA-Philadelphia        H.A. Laessle Apothecary N.E. Cor. 31st  & Berks Sts. {small}
PA-Philadelphia        Harbison's Mayfair Pharmacy 6222 Wayne Ave. Vic. 91-99 Vic. 91-99 {blue etched} {T1}
PA-Philadelphia        Harry Swain Ph.G. Druggist S.E. Cor. 13th. & Lombard Sts Philadelphia {etched} {T3)
PA-Philadelphia        Heintzelman's Pharmacy Philadelphia Pa {small}
PA-Philadelphia        J.F. Strawinski The Rexall Store etc. {etched}
PA-Philadelphia        Jacob Bros. 1015 Chestnut Street Philadelphia {spoon}
PA-Philadelphia        M.S. Apple 5th & Cambria {PA-Phila}{small}
PA-Philadelphia        Maust Apothecary 1916 E. Washington Lane Liv. 0345 Phila {etched} {T1-2}
PA-Philadelphia        Morrisons Pharmacy Roxboro Phila. {spoon}
PA-Philadelphia        Orthopedic Hospital Philadelphia {large}
PA-Philadelphia        PA-Philadelphia-A. Curtis Schofield PHILA PA PHARMACIST
PA-Philadelphia        Prescription Department Sun Drug Store {metal dose indicator spoon}
PA-Philadelphia        Radefeld”s S.E. Cor. 4th & Lombard Sts. {small}
PA-Philadelphia        Smigel Pharmacy 30th Anniversary Thank You For Your Patronage FI2-9310 {red ACL} {T9}
PA-Philadelphia        Theodore Campbell Apothecary  63rd & Overbrook Greenwood 2100 Cynwyd 2020 {blue ACL} {T1}
PA-Philadelphia        W.B. McMechen Prescriptionist & Manufacturer Of Choice Pharmaceutical Preperations 3740 Lancaster Ave.
Philadelphia {Etched} {T3
PA-Philaderlphia        Upsal Gardens Pharmacy A.S. Rathhill P.D. 246 W Upsal St Victor 7800 Phila PA {etched} {T1-2}
PA-Phillipsburg        City Pharmacy W.M. Melick Phillipsburg PA {small} C1003S5-97
PA-Pittsburg        Christy's Drug Store  4th Ave. & Smithfield St. Pittsburg {small}
Pa-Pittsburg        E.E. Eble's Pharmacy Pittsburg {conical}
PA-Pittsburg        J. C. Griesemer Prescription Druggist Cor Ninth & Penn {small}
PA-Pittsburg        Klavon Pharmacy Hygienic Dispensaries {conical}
PA-Pittsburg        L.H. Vogel Druggist 291 Webster Ave. Pittsburg Pa {small}
PA-Pittsburg        Richard Mierzwa Prescription Druggist 4724 Liberty Avenue {etched} {T3}
PA-Pittsburg        Sun Drug Stores Modern Prescription Service red silk screened {HA} C345
PA-Pittsburg        The Village Drug Store-402 Bigham Cor Virginia Pittsburg PA Phone Everglade 6666
PA-Pittsburgh-E.E.        Eble's Pharmacy E.E. Pittsburg {conical}
PA-Pottsdtown        Binder's Drug Store Prescription Druggists 807 High St. Pottstown PA. Phone 160 {T1}
PA-Pottstown        Ashenfelter & Shuller's Palace Of Pharmacy Pottstown {small}
PA-Pottstown        Binder's Drug Store 307 High St. Pottstown PA Fa 6-1255 {black ACL} (T9}
PA-Pottstown        The Beshore Drug Co. Pottstown Pa. {conical}
PA-Pottsville        The Geo. W. Kennedy Pharmacy Pottsville PA {etched} {T3}
PA-Quakertown        Dr. O.H. Fretz Pharmacist Quakertown Pa {spoon}
PA-Reading        Compliments Of R.W. Madeira Druggist Reading Pa.
PA-Reading        W. B. Boyer Inc. Drugs that are 601 - 03 &1005 N. 9th St. 1500 N. 13th St. Reading Penna. {ACL orange}
PA-REading        William H. Raser Druggist 6th & Walnut Sts. Reading PA The Largest Drug House In Reading {etched} {T3}
PA-Rochester        Shallenberger Fever & Ague Antidote {2 1/4 inch tall by 1 inch wide}
PA-Royersford        If Its Drugs Go To Bailey's Central Drug Store Royersford Pa. {etched|} {T3}
PA-Schuykill Haven        Downs THe Druggist Schuykill Haven {etched} {T3}
PA-Scranton        Chamberlain Chemical Co. 1206 Cedar Ave. Dial 41600 {metal Spoon}
PA-Scranton        Compliments Of Sanderson's Pharmacy Scranton PA {small}
PA-Scranton        F.L. Terppe Apothecary Scranton Pa. {small}
PA-Shamokin        C.A. Barron Druggist Shamokin PA {etched} {T3}
PA-Shamokin        Compliments Of Shissler's Pharmacy Shamokin PA {small}
PA-Slatington        Compliments Of Dr. Mack Slatington PA {small}
PA-St. Clair        Smith's Pharmacy  St. Clair Pa. John W. Smith Ph. G. 221 S Second Street St. Clair Pa. {etched} {T3} {3"}
PA-Stroudsburg        Complentary From Le Bars Drug Store Stroudsburg PA {small}
PA-Susquehanna        Compliments Of H.E. Outwater Druggist Susquehanna PA {small}
PA-Towanda        Dr. H.C. Porter Son Apothecaries The Old Reliable Drug Store Cor. Main & Pine Sts. Towanda Pa. {etched} {T3}
PA-Washington        Hazel Atlas Glass Co. {large} {HA}
PA-Washington        NO {pic HA 20} 3 3/4" {Hazel Atlas}{Washington, PA} {HA} {T4}
PA-Waynesboro        D.L. Miller Druggist 1887 20th Anniversary 1907 {conical}
PA-Waynesboro        Forthman And Miller {pic monogram} Waynesboro Pa. {spoon}
PA-West Chester        J.S. Evans Druggist West Chester {large}
PA-West Chester        S.K.Hammond fan West Chester {small}
PA-West Reading        West Reading Drug Store 598 Penn Ave West Reading PA {white etched} {T1}
PA-Wilkes Barre        Armstrong's Pharmacy Wilkes Barre Pa {small}
PA-Wilkes Barre        Dr. Spayd's Pharmacy 39 E. Market St. Wilkes-Barre Pa {small}
PA-Wilkes Barre        Take your prescription to Kuehn”s Pharmacy 258-260 Scott St. Wilkes-Barre PA {etched} {T3}
PA-Wilkes-Barre        Shovlin Pharmacy Prescriptions VA 3-3491 E. Northhampton St. Wilkes-Barre PA. {blue ACL}. {T9}
PA-Wilkinsburg        Bell's Drug Store A.K. & J.H. Prescription Druggists Wilkinsburg PA {white etched}
PA-Williamsport        Breon Drug Store{metal regulator spoon}
PA-Williamsport        Drorbaugh Druggist Williamsport {small}
PA-Williamsport        Duble & Cornell Pharmacists  {small}
PA-Williamsport        Get It At Holmes 3 Pharmacies 5 E. Market Square Branches 4th and Market Sts. 877 Franklin St. Williamsport PA
{etched} {T3}
PA-Williamsport        J.B. Duble & Son {pic Mortar & Pestle L} Williamsport PA. {small}
PA-Williamsport        Justin L. Hill {pic monogram JLH} Williamsport PA. {small}
PA-York        Compliments Of Hodnett The Druggist York PA. {small}
PA-York        Dale & Co. Pharmacists York Pa {red ACL}
PA-York        Dale & Hart Druggists York Pa.  {small}
PA-York        Everhart's Drug Store Cor. {Opposite City Market} Duke & Princess Sts.  York Pa {etched} {T3}
PA-York        Patton's City Drug Store York PA {small}
PA-York        Smyser Druggist Market & Newberry York PA {small}
RI-Hope Valley        G.E. Greene Druggist And Pharmacist Hope Valley RI {stemmed & etched}
RI-Knightsville      A. Saccoccia Phar. D. Prescription Pharmacist1723 Cranston St. Knightsville R.I Phone We.4068  {white etched}  {T1}
RI-Natick        Natick Rhode Island J.A. Bernard Cathedral Sq. {conical}
RI-Newport        Chas. M. Cole Pharmacist Newport R.I {small}
RI-Newport        David J. Byrne 128 Broadway Newport {conical}
RI-Newport        It Pays To Trade At Powell's The F.L. Powell Pharmacy 270 James St. Newport RI {white etched} (T1-2}
RI-Pawtucket        Harrop's Pharmacy 244 Mineral Sring Ave. Pawtucket Perry 3309-8808 Prescription Service {T1}
RI-Pawtucket        Lalonde Pharmacy Edgar J. Lalonde PH G. B. SC. Reg. Pharm. 286 Main St. & Junction Park Place Pawtucket R.I.
Perry 2564-2566 {white etched} {T1}
RI-Pawtucket        Oconnor & Wilbur Pawtucket {conical}
RI-Providence        Anthony Pharmacy 178 Angell St {conical}
RI-Providence        Anthony's Drug Store Angell And Thayer Sts Gaspee 2512 {etched} {T3}
RI-Providence        Baldwin & Northup Co. Sick Room Supplies Providence R.I. {spoon}
RI-Providence        Byron A. Smith Druggist Olneyville Square {etched} {T3}
RI-Providence        Compliments of Paola's Pharmacy James Paola Prop.605 Douglas Ave. Providence R.I {white etched} {HA}
RI-Providence        Frank E. Crawford Pharmacist {conical}
RI-Providence        Hall's Drug Store 149 Elmsgrove Ave Prescriptions Compounded Reg. Pharmacists  {etched} [T1}
RI-Providence        W.H.Hinds Providence {small}
RI-Providence        Wm. R. Greene Apothecary 1 Westminster St. Providence R.I. Open All Night {etched} {footed}
RI-Providence & Waltham        Hall & Lyon Waltham & Providence {small}
RI-Tiverton        Dr. E.P. Stimson Tiverton R.I. {small}
RI-Westerly        Bannon's Drug Store 26-28 Main St. Westerly RI Branch Store Watch Hill RI {etched} {T3}
RI-Woonsocket        CVS {etched} {black ACL} {T9}
SC-Laurens        The Palmetto Drug Co. Drugs Books Stationary {trees} Laurens S.C
Scotland-Elgin        Thomson Cod Liver Oil
SC-Union        It Pays To Have Your Doctor's Prescriptions Filled At Palmetto Drug Co. Union S.C. {etched} {T3}
SC-Wagener        Wagener Drug Co. {metal dose inducater spoon}
SD-Alexandria        Drs. Conlin & Maytum Alexandria S.D. {small}
SD-Canton        I.M. Helmey & Co.  Corner  Drug  Store  Canton SD {small}
SD-Elk Point        Dr. Talcott Pharmacist Elk Point So. Dak. {small}
SD-Faulkton        Turner Mv Dowell Drug Co. Prescription Druggists Faulkton So. Dak. {etched} {T3}
SD-Hot Springs        Hargens Hot Springs S.D. {small} $325
SD-Huron        H.A. Perriton Prescription Druggist Huron SD {etched} $150.00
SD-Pierre        Black Hawk Medicine Co. Pierre S.D  {small}
SD-Platte        Eastman Drug Store {metal dose indicator Spoon}
SD-Rapid City        C.D. Matteson City Drug Store Rapid City So. Dak.
SD-Rapid City        W.L. Gardner Druggist {pic mortar & pestle r} Rapid City SD {small}
SD-Sioux Falls        P. Bernhart Sioux Falls S. D. (conical}
SD-Sisseton        From M.E. Crockett Your Druggist Red Cross Drug Store Sisseton So. Dak {etched} {t3}
SD-Tyndal        SD-Tyndal-Compliments Of L.F. Chladek Pharmacist Prescription Specialist Tyndal S. Dak {etched} T3}
SD-Vivian        A Remembrance  Frick The Druggist  Try The Drug Store First The Nyal Store Prescriptions Radios and Jewelry Vivian
So. Dak {etched} {HA}
SD-Wall        Wall Drug Transfer Glass
TN-Athens        Your Prescription Is Filled Right Why Not Take It Right Heird Drug Store H.E. Heird Druggist Phone 33 Grand Bldg. Athens
Tenn {etched}  {T1}
TN-Bristol        Homagenets-The Homogenized Vitamins-Pediatric-S.E. Massengill Co. Bristol Tenn {milk glass} {small}
TN-Bristol        Livitamin Liquid Capsules {etched}
TN-Brownsville        Bradford Square Pharmacy Brownsvilole Tennhessee Phone 772-4940 {green ACL T-9}
TN-Bulls Gap        Worth's Drug Store {Metal dose indicator spoon}
TN-Chatanooga        Allen Bullards Annex Drug Co. 1718 Bailey Ave. Chattanooga TN 622-3182 {black ACL} {T9}
TN-Chatanooga        RX Moore & King Prescriptions {green ACL} {T9}
TN-Clarksville        Clarksville Drug Co. 116 Franklin St {small}
TN-Knoxville        Newcomer's Red Cross Pharmacy {conical}
TN-Lenoir        Lenoir Drug Co. Your Rexall Store Prescription Specialists Lenoir City Tenn. Phone 986-7526 {red ACL] {T9}
TN-Manchester        Ragsdale Pharmacy We Are In Business For Your Health {{T9}
TN-Memphis        Robinson Apothecary Memphis {small}
TN-Nashville        Compliments Of E. F. Trolinger Druggist Phone 1213 831 Second Ave S Nashville Tenn {Etched}
TN-Nashville        David J. Kuhn/ druggist/ 12 AVE N.& CEDAR ST
TN-New Tazewell        Cunningham Drug Co. Phone 626-3151 or 626-4912 New Tazewell Tenn. We Deliver {blue ACL} {T9}
TN-Union City        Martin-Allen Drug Co. Union-City-Tenn {small}
TX-Athens        Rexall Drugs Your Prescription Store Since 1888 Stirman Drugs Phone 10-25 Athens Texas {Blue ACL]
TX-Austin        Alexander & Cornwell Druggists 219 E. 6th Street. Austin Tex {small}
TX-Austin        Parkfront Pharmacy 420 N. Park Ave. Austin Phone Austin 77-Austin 184 {etched} {T3}
TX-Austin        Tobin's Drug Store Open All Night 700 Congress Av {small}
TX-Bryan        M.H. James The Leading Druggist Bryan Texas {small}
TX-Dallas        Britton's Drug Store {pic mortar & pestle r} {monogram} Dallas Tex. {small}
TX-El Paso        Peoples Drug Store Inc. 327 E. San Antonio St. El Paso Texas  Lewggaly Registered Pharmacists Free Motor Delivery
Phones M.161-162 "Our Store Is THe Doctors Store} {etched} {HA}
TX-Farmersville      Established 1886 Compliments Of Rike & Holloway Registered Druggists Cor Square Farmersville Tex {etched} {T3}
TX-Fort Worth        Smallwood & Anderson  Pharmacists 7th. & Main Sts {large}
TX-Galveston        Chas. E.  Witherspoon  Galveston {small}
TX-Galveston        J.J. Schott Druggist Open All Night {small}
TX-Gladwater        Ballard Drug Company Prescription Druggists Phone 150 Gladwater Texas {etched} {T1-2}
TX-Houston        Lesley's Pharmacy Savory Flats Houston Texas {small}
TX-Jacksonville        Johnson Drug Co The Rexall Store  Jacksonville  Texas  {etched} {T3}
TX-Kerrville        Pacheck's Kerrville {large ACL} {T9}
TX-Longview        Longhorn Drug Store Kilgore Texas Phone 250 Longview Texas Phone 6 {white etched}
TX-Lufkin        Thompson's Prescription Pharmacy Phone 605 Lufkin Texas Service Quality Accuracy {etched}
TX-Marble Falls        Dr. Michels All Herb Tonic Purifing And Invigorating {white etched} {T3}
TX-New Braunfels        Compliments of B.E.Voelcker & son pharmacists New Braunfels {small}
TX-New Braunfels        H.V. Schumann Druggist & Pharmacist New Braunfels Texas  {small}
TX-Palestine        Bratton Drug Co. {pic mortar & pestle r & monogram} Palestine Tex. {small}
TX-Paris        F.J.G. Zethraeus Druggist Paris Texas {small}
TX-Pasadena        Fisher's Pharmacy Prescription Specialists 2504 Southmore GR 7-1446 Free Delivery {blue ACL} {T9}
TX-San Marcos        Funks Drug Store San Marcos Tex {conical}
TX-Schertz        Cotham Drug CO.S.G. Vordenbaumen Registered Pharmacist Schertz Texas {etched} {HA}
TX-Sherman        B.H. kimbrough Sherman Tex. {small}
TX-Sherman        Craycroft & McKinstry Sherman Texas {small}
TX-Sherman        Take Prescrptions To Skillerns 205 N. Travis {large}
TX-Sherman        The Boss Pill {pic monogram} {footed}
TX-Sweetwater        Davis Drug Co The Careful Druggist Phone 711 Sweetwater Texas {white etched} {T3} {HA}
TX-Sweetwater        Davis Drug Co The Careful Druggist Sweetwater Texas {white etched} {T3}
TX-Terrell        Liquid Salito Quinine  Bass & Bro. Terrell Tex
TX-Trinity        Post Office Drug Co. Inc.Prescription Pharmacy Telephone No. 37 Trinity Texas {T1-2}
TX-TYler        Warren's Pharmacy Phone 478 Tyler Texas (T1-2}
TX-Waco        H.C. Risher & Co. {pic mortar & pestle r monogram} Druggist Waco Texas {small}
TX-Waxahachie        B.W. Fearis {pic mortar & pestle r} Waxahachie {small}
TX-Waxahachie        Cohen's B.C.B. For Coughs & Colds Waxahachie Tex.  {small}
TX-Weimar        E.R. Willenberg Prescription Druggist Weimar Tex.  {large}
TX-Weimer        E.R. Willenberg Druggist Weimar Tex  {conical}
UT-Salt Lake City        A.C. Smith & Co. Druggist Salt Lake City Ut. {Large}
VA-Harrisonburg        Williamson Drug Co. Phone 168 Harrisonburg VA. {metal Dose Indicator Spoon}
VA-Harrisonburg        Williamson's for Drugs of Quality Scientifically Compounded We Save You Money {etched} {HA}
VA-Leesburg        Purcell & Littlejohn Druggists Leesburg Va. Opposite Court House {etched}
VA-Lexington        J.T. McCrum & Son Pharmacists Lexington VA. {small}
VA-Lynchburg        Claiborne Drug Co. Drise Bldg. Lynchburg VA {small}
VA-Lynchburg        Fleet glass 3 1/8"
VA-Lynchburg        Fleet Phospho-Soda
VA-Lynchburg        Phospho-Soda Fleet 3 1/2"
VA-Norfolk        Masters Pharmacy Colley Ave. & Princess Ann ROad Phone 22598 We Try To Give THe Best Service In THe City
{etched} {T3}
VA-Petersburg        E.R. Beckwith Pharmacist Petersburg Va {large}
VA-Petersburg        Lum Bros. Pharmacists Petersburg VA {small}
VA-Petersburg        Robert N. Partin Druggist Petersburg Va {2"} (Small)
VA-Purceville        Compliments Purcellville Pharmacy Purcellville VA.
VA-Richmond        Eclectic Medical Company Richmond Va {footed W-Spout}
VA-Richmond        Eclectic Medical Company Richmond Va. {footed} {no pour spout}
VA-Richmond        Valentine's Meat Juice  Will Nourish  When  OTher Foods Fail
VA-Roanoke        Melrose Drug Shoppe Phone 342-1867 {blue ACL] {T9}
VA-Roanoke        Use A Safe Measure By Trading With S.H. Hierommus Co. Roanoke VA {etched} {T3) {HA}
VA-Staunton        Dr. N. Wayt & Bro. Staunton {small}
VA-Stauton        Dr. N. Wayt & Bro. Staunton {small}
VA-Troutdale        Compliments of Troutville Drug Co. Troutville {etched} {T3}
VT-Brandon        Geo. A. Crossman Brandon VT  {large}
VT-Brattleboro        Brattleboro Retreat Brattleboro VT. {large}
VT-Brattleboro        C.F. Thomas Ph.G Pharmacist Brattleboro Vt {etched} {T3)
VT-Bristol        Compliments Of South Side Drug Store Bristol VT.W. W. WIilson Mngr {etched} {T3} {2 3/4"}
VT-Derby        Witch-Hazel Velvet Cream Alma A. Heath & Co. Derby VT. Agents Wanted (spoon}
VT-Enosburgh Falls        Dr. Green's Blood Purifier And Nerve Tonic {small odd}
VT-Manchester Depot        Manchester Depot Pettibone & Co. Druggists Manchester Depot Vermont {small}
VT-Rutland        Compliments F.H. Chapman & Co. Pharmacists Rutland Vt. {etched} {footed}
VT-St. Albans        Colomb's Pharmacy St. Albans Vt {conical}
VT-St. Albans        Smith's Green Mountain Renovator {small}
VT-White River Junction        O.W. Daley Druggist White River Junct'n. Vermont {small}
WA-Asotin        Compliments of I.N. Brazeau The Druggist Asotin {metal cup}
WA-Centralia        L.E. Morris North Tower Druggist Centralia Wash {small}
WA-Kelso        Abbott's Pharmacy Kelso Wash. {etched}
WA-Omak        Bring Your Prescription To Ballard Drug Store For Accurate Filling Joel T. Ballard Druggist Phine 181 Day And Night
Omak {etched} {T1}
WA-Pasco        The Crescent Drug Co. Inc. Prescription Specilists Phone 232 Pasco Wash {etched}
WA-Seattle        Copeland Medical Institute Seattle Wash. {small}
WA-Seattle        Crescent Maplein {ACL white} {bottom L}
WA-Seattle        G.O. Guy PH.G. Leading Druggist  Seattle {small}
WA-Seattle        H.Dubbs & Son Druggists Seattle Wash. {small}
WA-Seattle        Max Ragley Drug Co. 1405 2nd Ave Seattle Wash. {spoon}
WA-Seattle        R.B. Leithead Druggist Seattle Wash {small}
WA-Seattle        Stewart & Holmes Drug Co. Seattle Wash. {small}
WA-Seattle        The Quaker Drug Co. Incorporated 1013-1015 First Ave.Seattle Wash. {small}
WA-Seattle        The Quaker Drug Co. Incorporated 1013-1015 First Ave.Seattle Wash. large}
WA-Spokane        Spoon Allegheny Metal {Spokane WA}
WA-Tacoma        Nick Kent Prescription Specialist Tacoma Wash. {small}
WA-Tacoma        Tacoma The Bonney Pharmacy Tacoma {conical}
WA-Wapato        Your Prescription Will Be Accurately Filled At The Wapato Drug The Rexall Store Phone 1225 {white etched} {T1}
WA-Wishram        Shorts Drug Store Prescriptions & Sundries Wishram Wash {etched}  {HA}
Wewoka        Get It Right And Take It Right From Norman-Self Drug Co. Prescription Specialists Phone 345 Wewoka Okla. {etched}
WI-Algoma        V. Kwapil The Druggist Algoma Wis. {etched} {T3}
WI-Antigo        John McCarthy City Drug Store Antigo Wis. {etched} {T3}
WI-Appleton        Compliments Of Schlintz Bros. Drug Store Appleton Wis. {red etched} {T1}
WI-Bayfield        The Bayfield Pharmacy The Corner Drug Store Bayfield Wis {etched} {T3}
WI-Burlington        Prasch Bros. Pharmacy Burlington wis {small}
WI-Clintonville        Kalmes Drug Store Where Quality Counts Clintonville Wis {etched} {T3}
WI-Columbus        Swarthouts Drug Store Columbus Wis. {small}
WI-Dodgeville        Jas. Roberts & Son Druggist Dodgeville Wis. {small} Damaged
WI-Eau Claire        Lars L. Urheim Druggist  Eau Claire Wis. {small}
WI-Eau Claire        Will C. Johnson Druggist Eau Claire Wis. {spoon}
WI-Fifield        Compliments WF Atwell Fifield Wisconsin Wis. {small}
WI-Fond Du Lac        Compliments of Leading Druggist J.T. Dana {large}
WI-Fond Du Lac        Go to Huber Bros. For your Drugs – Fond du Lac Wis. {etched} {T3}
WI-Green Bay        Kersten's Professional Drug Store S.M. Kersten PH. GB. R. Ph. Prescription A Speciality 221 Cherry St. Green Bay
Wis Tel Adams 1081 [Etched} {T1}
WI-Greenbay-Oconto        Luckenbach's Pharmacies Green Bay Occonto {small}
WI-Hartford        Central Drug Store Schmidt & Mertes The Rexall Store Hartford Wis {etched} {T3}
WI-Horicon        Chas Luedtke The Druggist Horicon Wis. {etched}
WI-Jefferson        Bachmann's Iceland Moss Pectoral {small}
WI-La Crosse        Cargen & Young La Crosse Wis. {small}
WI-La Crosse        T.H.Spence Druggist LaCrosse Wis.{small}
WI-Madison        The Williams Pharmacies Madison Wis. Luckenbach's- Green Bay {small} R2
WI-Manitowac        J.E. Barnstein Druggist Manitowoc  {small}
WI-Manitowoc        Buerstatte Drugs 8th & Jay Streets Jim Powers R.Ph. Jim Fuhs R Ph. Free Delivery 684-6789 {blue ACL} { T9}
WI-Manitowoc        J.E. Barnstein Druggist Manitowoc {large}
WI-Mauston        Comer's Drug Store Mauston Wis {white etched} {T3}
WI-Merrill        C.A. Norway & Co. Druggists
WI-Milwaukee        A. C. Weissenborn Pharmacist of Milwaukee {small}
WI-Milwaukee        Alter Bismarck Magen Bitters For All Complaints Of THe Stonack Liver And KIdneys Berdie & Zien Wilwaukee
WI-Milwaukee        Arthur H Neumann Inc. Professional Pharmacists 4821 North Ave. Milwaukee Wis. Phone Kilb 1066  {white etched}
WI-Milwaukee        Arthur H. Cohn Pharmacist Milwaukee {small}
WI-Milwaukee        Bruegger's Pharmacy A.H. Bruegger R.Ph.101 E. Keefe Ave. Milwaukee Wis.Tel. Locust 5069 {white etched} {T1-2}
WI-Milwaukee        Dietz & Kruse Druggists Milwaukee {small}
WI-Milwaukee        Enno Dorestan And Son {small}
WI-Milwaukee        Geo. A. Kremers Druggist Milwaukee {small}
WI-Milwaukee        Geo. H. Kesten Pharmacist 502 State St (small}
WI-Milwaukee        H. Lambeck & Son Druggist Milwaukee {small}
WI-Milwaukee        H.D. Humell Druggist Milwaukee {small}
WI-Milwaukee        Henry G. Ruenzel Pharmacist Milwaukee {small}
WI-Milwaukee        J.H. Tesch & Co. Pharmacists Milwaukee {small}
WI-Milwaukee        James A. Schuck Prescription Druggist Milwaukee Wis {etched} {T3}
WI-Milwaukee        Marquardt's Pharmacy RX Phone HI 5-9664 No. 53rd & Burleigh Streets
WI-Milwaukee        Max Bartel Druggist Milwaukee {small}
WI-Milwaukee        Meissner Bergwall Co. {beaker}
WI-Milwaukee        Otto A. Thiel Pharmacist Milwaukie {small}
WI-Milwaukee        Strohmeyer & Co. Druggists  565 Third Street {small}
WI-Milwaukee        Teich & Freischmidt Pharmacists {spoon}
WI-Milwaukee        The Dieken Pharmacy The Rexall Store Cor. Center & Teutonia Ave. Milwaukee WS {etched} {T1}
WI-Milwaukee        Walter's Pharmacy W.J. Schultz R. Ph. 832 East Clarke Street Milwaukee Wis. Locust 1362  {etched} {T1-2.25}
WI-Milwaukee        Weigle & Kraenzlein Co. Pharmacists Milwaukee W.T. & Co. AC U.S.A.
WI-Milwaukee        Will Ross Inc. Milwaukee Wis. {large}
WI-Milwaukee        WM. A. Goes Pharmacist Milwaukee Wis. {small}
WI-Mineral Point        J. H. Vivian M.D. Pharmacist - Mineral Point Wis. {small}
WI-Monroe        W.F. Trunkenbrod-Pharmacist Monroe Wis. {small}
WI-Neenah        Elwers Drug Store Established 1861 Your Pharmacists To Serve You PA 2-2112 Neenah Wis. {black ACL} {T9}
WI-Neenah        M.E. Barnett & Co. Neenah {conical}
WI-Oshgosh        Mueller Potter Drug Company Phenes 413-275 Oshgosh Wisc. Four Friendly Stores We Deliver {yellow etched}
WI-Oshgosh        Mueller's Drug Store Prescriptions Phone 413 Cor. 10th & Oregon Sts {etched} {T3}
WI-Oshgosh        N.C. Werbke Druggist {conical}
WI-Oshkosh        Bauman's Drug Store Oshgosh
WI-Palmyra        Presented By Heimstreet The Druggist {small}
WI-River Falls        Dr. Cairns River Falls Wis {etched} {T1-2t-8t}
WI-Shawano        Williams Drug Store Drug Supplies-Nyal Remedies-Camertas and Fishing Tackle The Place Where $1.00 Buys Its
Value Shawano Wis. {etched} {T3}
WI-Sheboygan        M.R. Zaegel & Co. Druggists Sheboygan {small}
WI-Sparta        Compliments Of Gross & Schaller Sparta WI {large}
WI-Sparta        Compliments Of Gross & Schaller Sparta WI {large}
WI-Sturgeon Bay        10th Anniversary H.A. Stiles Drug Co. The Rexall Store Sturgeon Bay Wis {etched} {T3}
WI-Watertown        H.T. Eberle Pharacist Watertown Wis {small}
WI-Waupaca        Hockings Pharmacy Waupaca Wis {small}
WI-Wausau        G.Naffz Druggist Wausau {small}
WI-Wausau        H.E. Flatter Prescription Druggist 1508 6th St. Wausau Wis {etched} {T3}
WI-Wausau        W.W. Albers Pharmacist Wausau Wis. {small}
WI-West Ellis        Compliments Of Edwin F. Flintrop Druggist N.E. Cor. 51 st And Burnham WEst Allis Wis. Tel. Orchard 4029 8066
{etched} {T4} {HA}
WI-West Superior        Somerville & Dear Druggists 1001 Tower Ave. W. Superior Wis {large}
WI-West Superior        Superior-Somerville & Dear Druggists 1001 Tower Ave. W. Superior Wis {large}
WS-Berlin        Britton's Berlin Drug Store{small}
WV-Bellington        Grant Graham Belington W. VA {conical}
WV-Cameron        Harry H. Howard Druggist Cameron W.VA The Rexall Store The Store Physicians Recomend {etched} (T3}
WV-Charleston        Shotwell & Fife Pharmacists Charleston W. VA {large}
WV-Huntington        J.L. Crider Druggist Third Ave. Huntington W. VA {small}
WV-Huntington        Vaughan's Pharmacy T.G. Williams Ph.G. Prop. Phone 7044 Prompt Delivery Service Huntington W. VA {etched}
WV-Middlebourne        Compliments Of Chas. D. Eastman Druggist Middlebourne West VA {etched} {T3}
WV-Newmartinsville        Hornbrooks Drug Store Hornbrook & Black Props New-Martinsville-W.VA {etched} {T1)
WV-Piedmont        H. Clay Shaw Pharmacist Piedmont W VA {small}
WV-Weston        M. B. Ralston  The Rexall Store  Weston W. VA.  {small}
WV-Wheeling        Alex T. Young Model Drug Store Wheeling W.Va. {small}
WV-Wheeling        C.Menkemeller Druggist Wheeling W. Va {small}
WV-Wheeling        Geiger's Elite Pharmacy 1034 Main St Wheeling W.VA. {small}
WV-Wheeling        John Coleman Company Druggist Wheeling W. Va {small}
WV-Wheeling        McClure House Pharmacy Wheeling W.VA {small}
WV-Wheeling        Schnepf's Pharmacy Wheeling W.Va. {small}
WV-Wikel        Compliments of the Broyles Co. Wikel W. Va.{etched} {T3}
WY-Laramie        Frank H. Eggleston Pharmacist Laramie Wyo {small
      Waterbury's Cod Liver Oil Comp. New York Des Moines Toronto New Orleans {small} (4 cities}