Texas, Sherman
The Boss Pill
"A.C.S. Jr."
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Leslie's: Volumes 71-74 - Page 690
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The A.C. Simmon's Jr. Medicine Company
of Sherman, Texas and New York

Simmon's Liver Purifier
Simmon's Tasteless Chill Cure

The Boss Pill

Their Motto  is Medicine is "Purity" and the
greatest care is exercised in making all
their preperations.
One of the enterpising concerns of the city of Sherman, Texas is the AC Simmons Medicine Co of Sherman Texas
and New Their special lines are Simmon s Liver Purifier, Simmon's Tasteless Chill Cure,Azi Peptic, the Boss and the
Sanitorio Lotion "etc." There testimonials includes those from three States among which is one Superintendent WA
Kendall of the State Deaf Dumb Asylum at Austin Texas