Connecticut, New London
Starr Bros. Inc. Druggists. New London Conn. The Rexall Store
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1910 Census: Harold H. Starr qge 24 born about 1886 in Connecticut.
Not Married
Father: Charles S. Starr "Druggist"
Mother: Helen H. Starr
Son: Harold H. Starr Age: 24 "Manager Drug Business"
Daughter: Helen J. Starr Age: 18
HAROLD H STARR treasurer of Starr Brothers Incorporated druggists of New London Connecticut was born in that city November 8
1884 He was educated in the public schools of New London and after completing his studies in high school spent two years at Alfred
University Mfred New York Upon his return from the university he entered business life his first position being as clerk with the Frank
Munsey Company in the department store at New London Later in 1909 11 he was manager of Starr Brothers Drug Stores at Mystic
and Stonington Connecticut In 1911 13 he was associated with Dr Bilfinger of the Carolina Naval Stores Company Incorporated
carrying on experiments with turpentine and its products In 1913 Mr Starr entered the works of the New London Ship and Engine
Company his particular object being to perfect his understanding of the Diessel engine and submarine boat equipment He became a
qualified expert and during 1914 15 went out as one of a test crew of submarines In 191 5 he was sent to the Russian Government by
his company as tester and instructor in submarine operation In the latter part of 1916 Mr Starr returned to the United States and
bought an interest in Starr Brothers Incorporated becoming treasurer of the company as at present 1922 He is a member of all the
Masonic bodies up to the thirty second degree a member of Pyramid Temple Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine
Bridgeport Connecticut.