Pennsylvania, Pittsburg  {only known frontal InscriptiomConical}
Klavon Pharmacy Hygienic Dispensaries {conical}  C5963    $75.00
Pennsylvania, Centralia  {Ghost Town}            
Gwinners Pharmacy  {conical}  C1002        $40.00           
Illinois, Chicgo  {1900 Paris Exposition}
Wahl's Bouillon Better Than Beef Tea  {Stemmed} C1332    $80.00
New York, Syracuse      "special"
Moore & Boldry Druggists 233 So Salina St  {small} C4803-S8-94  $100.00
Ohio, Cumminsville, "special"
Chas D. Bristle Druggist Cumminsville  {small} C6771-S8-8    $100.00
Indiana, Goodland        
Cookes Pharmacy The Rexall Store Goodland Ind {etched} C5952-SC-436  $40.00
Apple's Drugs Prescription Specialists Phone  236 {T9}   
Mexico: Tepozoyuca Hacienda F.P. Tagle Historical Albumen Pictures     $1,500.00
Wisconsin, Milwaukee
F. H. Donnelly Druggist Milwaukee {small} C4375-S8-78  $160.00
New Jersey, Camden
Sparks Perfect Health For Kidney And Liver Disease  C10563   $500.00  Platter & Glass