Tampa, Florida
Foss, Oklahoma
Fort Towson, Oklahoma
Riverside, California
Reno, Nevada $750.00
Montrose, Colorado
Carson, Nevada
Augusta, Kentucky
Sheridan, Montana
Topeka, Kansas
These Minnesota that I know of to exist I still need for my home state collection.
MN-Blue Earth City        J.W. Kamrar Druggist Blue Earth City Minn. {small}
MN-Browns Valley        H.W. Barrett Druggist Brown's Valley Minn. {etched}
MN-Duluth        Boyce & Totman Druggists Duluth Minn. {small}
MN-Excelsior        A. S. Apgar Pharmacists Excelsior Minn.
MN-Forest Lake        Compliments Of F.C. Bergh Your Druggist  {etched} {T3}
MN-Frazee        Compliments Of W.O. Geisenheyner Druggist Frazee Minn {etched}
MN-Harmony        K.D. Olson Pharmacist Harmony Minn. {Small}
MN-Minneapolis        J.Frank Gould Druggist Lake & Lyndale Minneapolis
MN-Redwood Falls        H.M. Hitchcock & Co. Druggists Redwood Falls Minn
MN-Rochester        C.B. Stocking China Hall Rochester Minn
MN-Rochester        Weber & Judd Co. Druggists Rochester Minn. {large}
MN-Sherburn        Compliments Drs Farrish & Farrish Sherburn Minn {etched} {T3}
MN-Spring Valley        Petersen Drug Store Prescription Specialists 346-2977 Spring Valley  {red ACL} {T9}
MN-St. Paul        Compliments-Of-W.S. Getty-Pharmacist-St. Paul
MN-St. Paul        Gray's Drug Stores Where Spending Is Saving {red ACL}
MN-St. Paul        McColl Druggist St. Paul Minn. Drtugs With A Reputation {etched} {T3}
MN-St. Paul        Merriam Park F.B. Schultz druggist Pure Drugs Selby Ave. Cor. Fairview St. Paul Minn. {etched}
MN-St. Paul        Tyrol-For Mouth Nose & Throat-J.H. Tyrell Drugs-110 Endicott Arcade-Cedar 766 {etched} {T3}
MN-St. Paul        W.A. Frost & Co. Pharmacists {conical}
MN-Two Harbors        F.F. James Prescription Druggist Two Harbors Minn.  {etched}
MN-Winona        T. F. Leeb & Co. Prescription Druggists Winona (small)
MN-Winona        Wards Winona Minn. {inside bottom of glass} {etched}
My Mortar & Pestle
Crystal Springs, Mississippi
Seattle, Washington
Baker, Oregon
Sparks for Kidney & Liver
Denver, Colorado
New Orleans, Louisiana
Ballston, New York
Michael Miller
Dick Campbell
Tracy Gerkin
Donald Bergseng