Oregon, Astoria   
TH Olsen Druggists Astoria Ore
"Theo OLsen"
1895 Western Druggist - Volume 17
- Page 165
Oregon The Portland Retail Druggists
Association organized a movement against
the strict enforcement of liquor license law
which prohibits them from selling in any
form or in any quantity except on
prescription paying the full saloon license
of $400 a year An ord nance introduced in
the city council provides that may sell liquor
in original packages on payment of a year
license of $25 The saloon men are
opposing this Wisdom Drug Co s store at
Portland has been attached Five Portland
druggists have been fined for sellirg op
without a prescription and failing to keep a
register Tl Astoria Retail Druggists
Association has been formed the following
officers elected for the ensuing year
President Charles Rogers secretary NJ
treasurer Theo Olsen The following
agreement was entered into We the
undersigned druggists of Astoria do hereby
bind ourselves to sell all drugs and
medicines at the regular advertised price
from this date