Knoxville, Tennessee
Newcomer's Red Cross Pharmacy
N.A.R.D. Notes - Volume 9, Issue 6 -
Page 306

The entire stock of drugs of the
Newcomer Red Cross Pharmacy, of
Knoxville, has been purchased by
W. D. Kuhlman & Co.
Meyer Brothers Druggist - Volume
17 - Page 75

The Tennessee Board of Pharmacy
held its quarterly examination at
Memphis on January 15 with class
of eight Certificates were issued
to Claude and Perkins of Gnilatin
Geo Mahnke Chas and Hankenson
Burr M Overton of Memphis and
EJ Newcomer Of Knoxville
Name: Edward J Newcomer
Residence Year: 1897
Street address: 10 Hinton
Residence Place:
Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
Occupation: Druggist

Publication Title:
Knoxville, Tennessee, City
Directory, 1897
1880 Census:
Name:Edwin J . Newcomer
Age: 29
Birth Year: abt 1851
Birthplace: Virginia
Home in 1880:
Stevensburg, Culpeper, Virginia
Relation to Head of House:
Marital Status: Single
Father's Birthplace: Virginia
Mother's Birthplace: Virginia
Occupation: Pharmacist
Household Members:
Head:Joseph B. Gorrell  48
Spouse" Mary E. Gorrell  50
Son: Joseph N. Gorrell  21
Daughter: Rose Gorrell  19
Daughter: Sallie Gorrell  14
Son: Glenn Gorrell  8
Sister: F. R. Newcomer  54
Nephew: Edwin J. Newcomer  29
Niece: Nannie Newcomer  22
Sister in Law: Isabella Norris  60