Misouri, Milan        
Ed Nelson Pharmacist Milan Mo
{small} W.T. & Co. AH U.S.A.        
1895 Medical Herald - Volume 14 -
Page 630
Dr. J, E. Nelson, of Milan, Mo., secretary of
the board of pension examiners of this
county, who died November 28, was at one
time county collector. He had been a
druggist in this city for a number of years

1901 Meyer Brothers Druggist -
Volume 22 - Page 28
Ed. Nelson has bought out the Milan Drug
Co. at Milan
1898 The Pharmaceutical Era -
Volume 19 - Page 725
. Ed. Nelson, Milan, Mo., has completed his
new building and put in a fine new stock of
1905 Western Druggist - Volume 27
- Page 128
Q. P. Brown, who recently purchased the
Nelson drug store at Milan, has formed a.
partnership with W. L. M. Witter.