AL-Birmingham-Nabers & Morrow {mortar & pestle} Birmingham
1850 Cencus:                                                                          1900 Census:    
Francis D. Nabers Age 46 Born: about 1804               George W. Morrow Age: 54  Born: Aug. 1845
Wife: Matilda Mullins Age: 42                                        Occupation:
Son: James J. Nabers Age: 23                                         Wife: Susie Morrow Age: 44
Son: William F. Nabers Age: 18                                     Daughter: Lucy Morrow Age:24
Daughter: Sarah R. Nabers Age: 16                              Daughter: Anna Morrow Age: 22     
Daughter: Lucinda B. Nabers Age: 13                          Son: George Morrow Age: 17
Son: Samuel S. Nabers Age:10                                       Son: Frank Morrow Age: 10
Son: Francis D. Nabers Age: 5
"DR. F.D. Nabers wholesale drug bussiness of Nabers & Morrow Birmingham,
Daughter: Matilda Nabers Age: 2                                 
Daughter: Dorinda Nabers Age: 2                                
In 1902 the Doster Drug Company took over the business of the Nabers, Morrow & Sinnege Drug