New Jersey, Princeton
Marsh, Burke & Cox Druggists Princeton  N.J.
{small} B C8804S2-49
{small} B C6602S3-89
1882: Industries of New Jersey - Part 1 - Page 222
Marsh, Burke & COX, Druggists and Apothecaries, Nassau Street, next door to Post Office.

1910: Census: William E. Burke age: 59 born about 1851 in New Jersey.
Occupation: Druggist retired
Wife: Kate W. Burke Age: 57

1910: Census: James A. Cox age: 55 born about 1855 in Ireland.
Occupation: Druggist
Wife: Catherine C. Cox Age: 45
Daughter: Mary E. Cox Age: 30
Daughter: Katherine C. Cox Age: 24
Daughter: Anna M. Cox: Age: 11