My Memories
International Falls, MInnesota  1947 "Age 15"  We moved from International Falls, Minnesota to Bend, Oregon
1947 Bend, Oregon "passed off to Mother & Stepfather Stanton Sherwood"  "Half Brother Stanton "Bucky"  Sherwood" "Step Sister
Geraldine Sherwood" "My father lived with brother Charles while building him a house"
Anchorage, Alaska "1950-1952" "Married Anchorage , Alaska June 4th 1952"
1963 Portland, Oregon 2214 N.E. 19th. Street "Daughter Dee Ann born 1963"
1980 Skamania, Washington  572 Beacon Highlands Rd. W.
Moline, Illinois Fruitland Addition 1957-58  "Son Donald Eugene born 1958"
2003 Vancouver, Washington 14916 S.E. Sun Park Ct.
1947 Ran away  "Age 15" "Re-Joined Carnival in Minnesota"   "1947-1948 Worked Scientific Supply Co. Omaha, Nebraska"
1949 Bend, Oregon Pilot Butte Inn "Age 17"  "Worked here short time as a dishwasher night shift"
Enlisted for Korean War "Age 18"  "Basic Training San Antonio, Texas" "Radio Technician Schooling Bellville, Illinois" "Stationed to
Anchorage, Alaska"
Gene & Mary Flowers  Daughter Jeannie "Best man at our wedding" Gene was an Indian from Atoka, Oklahoma
Norman & Janet Locke  "Columbia Coin Co. Partner 1963-1965"
Eric & Mary Harding "Had many children & were from Canada"
? Allison towing and wrecker service "Home on Little Deschutes River"
Cortland V. Hollis "best friend" Met him at our first coin shop in Bend, Oregon 1960
Cammeron Cliff "Belle A Ranch Burns, Oregon"
Roger Stillwagen "One Penny Short"  Truck Driver Canoga Park, Ca.
William & Kyoko  Kondo "Best friends"
Paul Ryan Construction "Bettendorf. Iowa" "Worked as Carpenter"
Strophe Electric "Worked as Electrician"
2000 Washougal, Washington 910 B Street
1951 Met Patricia Ann Congdon my future wife while home on emergency leave from Alaska
Bend, Oregon 1959-1963 "1959 Returned to Alaska for short time and worked for Bendix Aviation as a Handyman"
1952 Discharged in Moline, Illinois "Moved to International Falls, Minnesota worked in Paper Mill"  "Daughter Janet Lee born 1952"
"1953 Moved to Bend, Oregon"
"Worked for Jim's Electric as Electrical Apprentice" "James Newall"  1954 "Car accident on the job"  "Daughter Dawn Marie born
Bend, Oregon 1953-1956
1945   "Age 13 my first part time job at  Iltus Drug store earning enough to buy my first bicycle"     "Age 13 worked for Carnival"
"Worked for Emerick Construction Co.  Portland, Oregon 1956 as a laborer"
"Built home on Rt #3 1956 Bend, Oregon" "Daughter Linda born 1956"